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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Election 2014 Results

Obama this morning?

He's suffering from electile dysfunction (hat tip to Western Hero for that term):

(hat tip to FreeThinke for the above graphic)


  1. I wonder what Hillary's reaction is? The Dem candidates for whom she campaigned didn't do well in yesterday's elections.

    1. I'm actually not too upset that Coakley lost.

      It was definitely a election about Obama.
      Jeanne Shaheen is a brilliant campaigner and kept the election about New Hampshire. Did us a further service by ending Scott Brown's political career.

    2. Scott Brown lost in Massachusetts because there is essentially no difference between him and his communist rival, Pocahontas Warren. He lost in New Hampshire because there is essentially no difference between him and the rabid leftist Jeanne Shaheen. But tell you what Ducky, continue to indulge yourself.

    3. Sam, calling Shaheen a Communist marks you as a fool.

      You realize that, no?
      I'm really surprised you're not embarrassed.

  2. Greg Abbot left tread marks on Wendy Davis with his wheelchair sprint to the governor's mansion.

    It was not any one thing. It was everything, that caused the map to bleed arterial red and not venous blue. It is about preserving the heart, the core of our nation.

    Was the tipping point the POTUS unwillingness to stop processing visas from West Africa? Australia and Canada have moved in protective manner for their citizens. We don't count for much.

    What about the beheading of a middle-aged American woman in Oklahoma? The president did not condemn the atrocity in bold terms. Nor did he travel to the region to bring comfort to those that mourn.

    Was it the K Bar right into the gut when feckless Bowe Bergdahl was traded for five men with Islamic State leanings and strategic capabilities? That was FUBAR.

    Lois Lerner still free and walking her dog in the neighborhood? The IRS with abuse of official capacity issues? Would you persecute anyone who hands you money every single year?

    Enterovirus D68 and alarming spikes in measles in our schools because of a flood of unvaccinated children (from 18 nations) welcomed with open arms and open wallets?

    The Benghazi cover up?

    Fast and Furious cover up?

    Put on your Democracy party hat and sing along! Let the Munchkins rejoice!



    1. Tammy,
      You are absolutely correct. It was a firestorm of matters that caused these 2014 Election results.

      And let's not forget the ObamaCare roll out and subsequent problems with ObamaCare.

      The consumers' regulations for prescriptions are surreal: doctor sends in a digital prescription to the approved mail order pharmacy, and every time the prescription needs filling or refilling, a phone call must be made to the patient or to the medical proxy to verify the medication -- even something as routine as metformin or Lisinopril.

      The medication will not be mailed until the verification! I have to go through this over and over again since January 1. On one round, Mr. AOW almost ran out of his medication. Sheesh.

    2. Expect the poor and working class to lose more ground and radicalize further.
      I would expect more violent incidents rather than few but nobody has ever said the right is clear headed.

    3. Ducky,

      Given that the poor and working class have been losing ground over the past six years of the Obama economy, what makes you think that would have changed and the senate remained in Democrat hands?

    4. Ducky is the last person in our solar system that should be talking about clear thinking. The guy is a walking repository of Marxist talking points. I’m actually surprised Ducky doesn’t have his own blather hour on MSNBC: the Mad Duck.

    5. Got anything substantive to say?

      Something that expresses your, "ideas"?
      I know, because freedom ...

    6. Silverpiddler: The Obama economy which created more jobs in his first two years than Bush did in eight? The stimulus which prevented a depression but since the GOP cut it in half made the economic recovery much slower while average Americans suffered? GDP growth each month consecutively since the stimulus? Unemployment down from 7.8 tp 5.9% since 2009? Consumer confidence at an all time high? Cut the Deficit and Slowed Spending to Lowest Level in 50 Years?

      The GOP screwed the middle class to make Obama look bad but he still succeeded. And wingnuts still buy the lies from the right and voted the GOP back in. Fools.

    7. This One,
      Cool your jets. You will address friend Silverfiddle properly as "Silverfiddle" or "SF" -- or you're gone.

      Get it?

      PS: I'm onto your IP address, and my record of IP addresses goes waaay back.

    8. AOW,

      No worries. I got crocodile skin.

      More important than this one's name calling is her lying and distortions.

      We have indeed experienced negative GDP growth, and all that has saved unemployment from staying in double digits are the tens of millions of frustrated job seekers who gave up.

      Our workforce has shrunk to what it was in Jimmy Carter's 1978. Disco anyone?

      The deficit cut was a cut from unprecedented astronomical levels never seen before in the history of the nation, and Obama's "recovery" is the absolute worst on record.

      Also, she ascribes so much power to the GOP. They can wreck the economy, stop people from getting jobs, blow money, all on their own, even while Democrats control the Senate and the Executive branch.

      What power they have!

      The hopium-fill delusion bubbles are fun, but I see tears ahead when they burst.

    9. AOW I know who the "ONE" is without the IP address . A tiger never changes its stripes

    10. The GOP crashed the economy in 2008. They will make every attempt to do so once again. Not to mention get us into a few new wars in the process. That's all they can do. Oh, that and take away critical social programs for average Americans-you know, the one's who still vote for them while they lose big.

    11. ...and the dems were all just sitting innocently at home, never taking any Wall Street money... *eye roll*

      Dealing with hopium smokers is worse than dealing with small children

    12. SF,
      Dealing with hopium smokers is worse than dealing with small children

      Hopium smokers are addicted to the Cult of Obama.


    One of the Regulars from the Shore Whore's Lair accused Republicans of "destroying" Obama at Who's Your Daddy? earlier.

    This was my response:

    If this president has been destroyed, -- a big if considering the powerful array of largely unknown, unseen nefarious internationalist forces who effectively put him in office -- he destroyed himself simply by being who he is -- an avowed crypto-Marxist born and bred, determined to bring about a fundamental change in the nature and character of our nation, its culture, and its prescribed method of governance by boldly assuming the role of a quasi-monarchical dictator.



    Obama has said in effect,

    1. "I will mentally thumb my nose at the Constitution."
    "I will ignore and circumvent congress, and thwart them with my phone and my pen whenever congress fails to accommodate my wishes and accede to my demands. And Harry Reid shall protect my agenda by refusing to permit a vote on any legislation passed by the House that might get approved by the Senate if said legislation appears contrary to my express wishes and demands. The beauty of this simple measure lies in the ease with which we will be able to blame "those willful, woefully ignorant Tea Party Republicans" for stymying the business of government by producing permanent GRIDLOCK just to make ME, America's First Black President, look bad."

    3. "I am determined to ignore and show profound disrespect to The Will of the People, because I know far better than they what is good for them, and what they truly need."

    4. "I will break any law, ignore every known code of ethics, indulge constantly in shameless self-serving mendacity, while ordering the nation to bow to my will on every issue. Because I am considered an African-American, no one will DARE speak out against me for fear of being called a RACIST."

    5. "I will do whatever I like, and NO ONE can STOP ME, because I and my family belong to a PROTECTED SPECIES....


    1. GOP on the very night of Obama's inauguration (TRUE); "We will do all we can to make Obama a first term President." And they tried by screwing you and your family. Now you want to give them carte blanch to continue screwing us all. Unless you're one of the 1%, you're a fool.

    2. True, the GOP failed in their quest, but Obama did succeed in going down as the absolute worst president ever, and after Jimmy Carter, that's saying something!

      Maybe the Nobel committee will award him another medal


    Obama's implied "confessiin" concludes:

    "I have learned invaluable lessons in the arts of Self-Protection, Self-Promotion and methods of gaining ascendancy from Jewish Intellectuals, as well as Jewish News and Entertainment moguls who have acted both consciously -- and unwittingly -- as my mentors and the guiding genius behind my success."

    As we've been told for countless centuries:


    There's no joy in Casablanca.
    Mighty Barry has struck out.

    We on the Right should feel no urge to start dancing in the streets, however, because the awesome task of clearing away the rubble and rebuilding all this bastard president and his cohorts have damaged and destroyed lies before us -- a humbling, frankly terrifying prospect. We will need every patriot’s most earnest prayers, and the approval of Almighty God, who has this day handed us this great victory and awesome responsibility to make good use of the advantages we now have at our command.

    Let us pray for WISDOM -- and for the COURAGE to DO what we KNOW to be RIGHT regardless of what it might cost us PERSONALLY.

    We must gird up our loins and earnestly pray that we are up to the task that now lies before us.

    1. I've never seen it to fail. They say they want substance, so you give them substance, and except for a catcall or two from the occasional leftist troll, they completely ignore it.

      Walter Dingleberry

  6. My question of the day is: will the Republicans go to war with Obama or with each other?

    1. Jim,
      That's a good question.

      But if WE THE PEOPLE are fed up enough, intra-fighting won't matter.

    2. So riddle me this, AOW.

      With all the dark corporate money funding the most expensive election in history are the bought and paid for legislators going to be looking after your interests or maybe they'll be looking elsewhere?

      Careful what you wish for because you just got it.

      Do you know what's in the TransPacific Parnership? Hint: It ain't lower drug costs.
      Better get ready to be satisfied by a few hearings on Benghazi because that's all the middle class is getting. Yet you talk about We the People.

    3. AOW,

      I apologize for cutting and pasting this comment I authored at another blog, but it is my material, and it addresses the Beantown Quacker's tired old aria that he continues to belt out, like an old Diva past her prime, sitting at home and reliving old memories...

      Still blabbering on about the Koch brothers? Ever heard of Tom Steyer, Michail Bloombergovich, and everybody's favorite billionaire commie, George Soros?

      For every scary rightwing billionaire you huff and puff about, there is an equally rich and scary leftwing one, so give it a rest already.

      What you need to learn is that ExxonMobil and the hedge fund managers get what they want from both parties.

      Demican and Republicrat are just two factions of the same DC criminal gang.

      Obama and the progressive Pelosicrats overreached, and they got whacked for it.

      Blue Colorado is sending a Republican to the Senate, the GOP has taken back the Colorado Senate, and may also win back the statehouse.

      About the only thing that can save us is that the Progressive Long Marchers always go too far. So keep it up, keep showing the kook fringe left with money and encouragement.

      Elizabeth "Shops at Whole Foods" Warren and Bernie Sanders (Communist - Kookville) 2016!

    4. Kapital is kapital, Silverfiddle and kapital gets what it wants.

      You get to continue to complain.

      To her credit Elizabeth Warren has tried to be a voice for the middle class.

      By the way, Soros has an article in last week's New York Review of Books. Rather conservative position but you should read it and get a little better developed world view.

      But we got to choose Coke or Pepsi. We chose Coke and you damn fools think that will make a difference.
      It is intensely sad that you sold out American democracy for NOTHING. For freakin' NOTHING. And you give me the tone?

    5. Voice for the middle class? Please.

      Pocahontas' hero, Thomas Picketti, of Capital in the 21st Century fame, isn't going to tax the middle class into prosperity, like she thinks.

    6. We need to bring back the Trustbusters!

      But of course today, the biggest "restrainers of fair trade" in the world is the US Government.

    7. Liz & Tom need to stop affiliating with "Patrioticmillionaires.org" is they want to develop ANY kind of genuine "rapport" with the MIDDLE Class.

    8. I sold out American Democracy?

      OK, I'm certain of it now. You're unhinged.

      And, like your putrid ideology, you are intellectually bereft. I ask you again...

      Given that the poor and working class have been losing ground over the past six years of the Obama economy, what makes you think that would have changed had the senate remained in Democrat hands?

      Answer the damned question for once.

    9. SF - Ducky has to be unhinged, if he thinks his Liberals/Progressives aren't 50% of the problem in being able to choose Coke or Pepsi.

  7. The biggest losers are average Americans who were fooled by the lies of right wing media and risk losing more than they realize. With the help of the SCOTUS, the Koch Brothers finally succeed in buying our Democracy.

    Your vague comment about 'Obama's Overreach' is an example of a catch phrase with no substance.

    The GOP cant help themselves but to screw things up again. The Dems will take it all back, including the Presidency, in 2016

    1. things are screwed up now which is the reason. Face up to it sock puppet.

      What a joke

    2. AMEN, Lisa! "This One" has also been known as "Lester" and "Liberalmann."

      I use this stock response whenever he appears:

      Living loosely, tilting to the left,
      Eager to condemn with sneers and taunts,
      Sarcastic always right wing blogs he haunts
      Trolling for attention he is deft ––
      Excellent in fact –– like no one who since
      Rose of Tokyo fouled GI’s air
      Eroding confidence at morale she’d tear ––
      An eloquently evil bloody nuisance.
      Termite-like this slimy creature chews
      Steadily besmirching others’ views.
      Snotty, sullen, he will not relent
      Harbingers of malice don’t repent.
      Instead, they thrive as they forever choose
      To propagate and spread their septic views.

      ~ An FT Original

      PS: Don't miss the acrostic. It maybe naughty, but it's oh-so apt. };-)>

    3. Lisa. Really?You post me a link trying to show the Dems outspent the GOP....by FOX NEWS? Wow. WOOOOW! LOl!

      The Koch Brothers can buy and sell Soros a hundred times over and they've already written legislation to thwart our Democracy. Idiot.

    4. Well don't expect MSNBC to disclose it

  8. So the GOP owns both houses now, albeit with the likes of Boehner and McConnell likely at the helm(s). So the question is, will they govern like Conservatives...or govern as they have in the past? Is it too much to ask, to have them govern on a campaign of "hope and change", to "radically transform" the nation into one where individual liberty and fiscal sanity is paramount?

    And finally, will they actually govern as if they control the House and the Senate, as opposed to allowing the Executive Branch to usurp their enumerated authorities?

    1. Well Ducky, an actual Conservative [not your average Republican] governs by asking two pertinent questions when considering any bill or policy: Does said effort fall within the scope [enumerated powers] of the Constitution [State or Federal]; and does said effort protect or restrict the liberty of the American citizen.

    2. ....and you forgot....will it line my pockets? That's the true Conservative modus openandi.

  9. This is a resounding rejection of Obama. Remember Obama said this election was about HIS POLICIES.

    Well, the American people heard that loud and clear and said they are SICK of Obama and the Democrats policies.

    It's time for some real hope and change ladies and gentlemen.

    And Scott Walker WON Wisconsin., aint that a kick in the Progressives head?

    LOL I love it

    1. Wrong. The GOP won becasue that's what happens in second term mid term elections, they gerry mandered districts, Citiziens United enabled them to allow corporations buy their politicians...and our democracy, the right wing media lied about the constant obstruction of the GOP and the progress Obama has made with the economy.

      Oh, and they're mostly pretty stupid, too. Why would four states vote in favor of raising the minimum wage and at the same time vote in the Republican who will prevent it from happening?

    2. Funny how a "regional party" can jerrymander so many districts in purple and blue states...

      The hopium smoke is getting thick in here.

  10. You should be seeing your health insurance costs going down now, right?

    There was so much dark money in this campaign that the upward transfer of wealth is going to slow, right?

    Nothing much going t change except the hardening of the right's myopia.

    1. Health care costs will explode now. We all knew that. Obama can only threaten doctors and insurers for so long.

      We know the GOP will not approve the government bribes Obama dreamed of handing Big Med

    2. Yeah, it's Obama who started surrendering our health insurance system to for profit, antitrust exempt insurers.

      Go to your room.

    3. A single payer health care system wouldn't be the governmental equivalent of a corporate "trust"? Who knew?

    4. Hey Ducky, why don't you go *Quack* yourself.

      Both of these articles say the corridors are not bailouts, then go on to explain how the government takes taxpayer money and hands it to the insurance industry.

      Only our feral government could completely wreck a market and then hand out money to try to 'fix' it. A simple program to directly pay the medical bill of the uninsured would have cost less than 10% of what the bloated Obamacare monster gobbles up.


      Think Regress tries to say it's not an insurance company bailout, but then goes on to state:

      "In 2014, the ACA sets aside about $10 billion that will be used to help insurers pay out claims for particularly expensive patients enrolled in marketplace plans, thereby also keeping down these policies’ premiums."


      "Insuring the insurers," "Bending the cost curve" "Risk adjustment" "Reinsurance"...

      No matter what you call it, it's still quacking out of both ends.

  11. That graphic is terrific...good find, FT.

    Let's hope that people get to work now. The Leftwing meme on TV this morning is "let's see if they'll compromise" when absolutely ZERO compromise was implemented by their side. If only Reid had allowed some of those bills Republicans wanted at least an up/down vote on could have happened. You know, those things the Republicans were 'saying NO to' :-)

    Watch MSNBC and CNN today; it's eye opening. CBS Morning News was bemused. It reminds me of "Gee, how could THIS have happened? Everyone I know is a liberal!"

    1. What bills?

      You mean if only Reid had done what the Teabags wanted?

      You aren't strong on specifics, z. Just what bills?

      Maybe what bothers me most about this election is how it was bought.
      First the dark money flooded in to ensure that the economic structure continues its present course. But that's been going on to some extent for almost 40 years.

      Then the voter suppression kicked in under the guise of eliminating voter fraud.
      Please tell me how cutting early voting eliminates fraud. Come on, let's discuss something substantive.
      Texas passes a voter law that the lower court declares unconstitutional. SCOTUS essentially agrees but rules that the law can't be changed so close to the election.
      Next thing you know you'll tell me that Fox covered that issue in depth.

      We were bought and sold, American democracy was subverted and you cheer. Pretty perverse that you won't even go into detail why.

    2. What bills?

      Reid could have passed at least a few of the House bills sponsored by Democrats. What chutzpah!

    3. Bills, "What bills?"

      *quack, quack, quack, quack*

    4. Lynn Jenkin, (R) KS

      The president is fond of referring to the House as the ‘do-nothing Congress.’ But we have 352 reasons why it’s a ‘do-Nothing Senate.’

      "352 bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, awaiting action.

      "98 percent of them passed with bipartisan support -- Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation.

      "50 percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition.

      "70 percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support in the House.

      "And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats.

      "352 bills. Why won’t Harry Reid act? These are good bills; bills that put the American people back to work, put more money in hardworking Americans pockets, help with education, and skills training. We call upon Harry Reid to get to work before he adjourns in August to pass some of these bills. The American people deserve better."

    5. The Blaze? Please tell me you've got more than that.

      Exactly as I say, the Senate is "do nothing" because it didn't fellate the Teabags.

      Please stop.

    6. You really need to stop shooting the messenger, ducky.

      "There was a time that if the oaks themselves spoke the truth, men would believe" Dodona resident.

    7. Thersites, you keep forgetting that ducky is a freaking idiot. I mean that with all sincerely. He's made it through far too many duck seasons, if you ask me.

    8. @SH

      The duck may be many things, exasperating, rude, opinionated, obtuse, etc., but he is no idiot.... else he wouldn't have survived all those duck seasons. And -ps, much as others may hate his presence, he does raise the temperature (and general iq level) of every room he walks into. ;)

  12. We live to fight for another day. Just when it seemed the darkest. Great night.

  13. Love it! Z is so right about the compromise meme... where was the left when it was their turn... *crickets chirping*

  14. Get this BATSHIT CRAZY Communist OUT of our midst. NOW.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. The First Wookie Said to Go out and Eat Some Fried Chicken after Voting Democratic, Well I Hit KFC and Got Me a 2 Piece Meal in Celebration Of The Ass Whipping the Libies Took !
    I Think I Will Have a Chicken Dinner After Voting from Now On ! Nov 4th Should Be National Fried Chicken Day !

    Now That I Think about It, the Chicken Must Have Tasted like Crow

  17. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/reid-laughs-prospect-bringing-gop-bills-votes-senate

    Ducky, you should be better informed. Was your implication Reid HAS allowed all Republican bills to get an up or down vote? This article is 2012, by the way....two years ago. Plenty more. YOU look it up, I haven't the time to educate.

    I'd tell you about the fraud in N. Carolina, but you'll deny it with no information; I'd tell you about the computer screens where one votes Republican and it automatically goes to Democrat..... you need to know this and you won't learn it at The Nation or MSNBC. Trust me.
    So, instead it's voter suppression because Republicans trust Americans enough to get a stinkin' piece of ID on their own before VOTING. We think voting is more important than the Left, apparently....Years ago, even Democrats agreed that you registered up till a certain date, then if you couldn't figure THAT out, you don't vote. It was legal voting then....you registered, you had ID and showed it... even Democrats like O'Neil and Moynihan and Kennedy actually put country before the promotion of lies about racist division back in the day.
    Republicans now are doing all we can to get back to believing "even those Black Americans the Left thinks so little of" deserve to be treated with respect and have the best expected of them. That's part of the AMERICA you quizzed me about the other day.

    1. Well, it's a new day, z.
      Since it's AOW's blog I'll give you an example of how it's going to go.

      The talk now is about passing a budget (Hint: Dog whistle for cutting Social Security and Medicare(aid)). Not Obama will be happy to cut those programs and maybe cut Mr. AOW's benefits in the process.

      Careful what you wish for. And be certain you understand what's being held up an why.

      During his press conference Obama talked about trade. He's referring to fast tracking the TransPacific Partnership. Do some research on what that will do to drug prices and tell me Reid's a villain.

      By the way, do not assume to tell me where I get my news.

    2. "don't assume?" Right. You never assume anything.
      Ducky, you can be outright hilarious!

      Pssst....things won't go PERFECTLY well with Republicans in charge, either; I hate to break it to you. But maybe the goals will be a bit more fair to ALL Americans and don't tell me you listen to enough MSNBC to have bought into THEY WANT TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY? That's PRE election BS...looks like it didn't work.

    3. Really? That's your reply to Ducky's post? You really are in GOP denial, aren't you? Hope you don't have a terminally ill family member when the GOP repeal Obamacare.

    4. Oh Ducky,Ducky ,Ducky . Look at the republicans cutting. medicare

    5. No Lisa, that was an attempt to revoke a program that outsourced Medicare payments to for profit insurers who turned out to be more expensive and less efficient.
      The money was to be managed through the normal Medicare channels. No benefits were to be cut, just costs.

      You must get you news the same place as z.

      Remember the left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

    6. OMG, really now. How can you argue with someone still using outdated and thoroughly debunked information? It's hopeless and Fox News is seeing to this.

  18. Isn't it funny how the Democrats are always for bipartisanship and working together after they've lost an election.

    1. You say the with a straight face after nothing but GOP obstruction for 6 years all the while allowing the middle class to suffer? Really? Oy vey!

  19. You mean bipartisan like the Teabags?

    Are you on dope?

  20. A lot of incumbent Democrats did not keep their seats. In contrast, quite a few incumbent Republicans did get re-elected.

    More importantly, Senate bills will come to the floor, and Senators will have to go on record with their votes. That record of votes will be something tangible for the electorate to see in 2016 when we vote in the National Election.

    1. Right, and lets see the GOP publicly vote down jobs bills as they have been all along. Let's wait and see all those bills the GOP supposedly have on Reid's desk giving the wealthy and corporations more tax breaks and loopholes.

      Yes, lol. Let's get it all out in the open. I can't wait. The GOP are cooked no matter what they do now.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. 1. In 2008 and 2012, WE THE PEOPLE voted for change.

    2. WE THE PEOPLE voted for change yesterday.

    The first is a-okay, but the second isn't? Does that make sense? Nope!

    Obama is going to double down, maybe even triple down. How's that gonna play in 2016? Hmmmmm?

    1. AOW...did you hear him today? He hit hard on the "2/3 of people who DIDN'T vote"..."I hear you" OH! And he "hears" those who DID vote, too!
      The guy is truly living in an egomaniacal cocoon of Valerie Jarrett and his wife. Got to break out and smell reality a little more.
      I'm not a huge McConnell fan, but his speech today was excellent....

      If ONLY we can work together......HOW many times do all of us write here and STILL leftwingers don't listen? Oh, but they'll DEMAND your links and details while ignoring your questions. Every time.
      It's almost like Congress in session, come to think of it.

    2. And yes, WE THE PEOPLE are FINE as long as the WE agrees with HE.

    3. No, we the aged, Fox watchers voted against their better interests, once again. And Obama's right, the GOP can't win unless they prevent millions from voting with draconian regulations our 'founding fathers' would cringe at.

  23. Check out these maps. A sea of red! Look at it!

    This is the reality right now.

    1. No, right now it's just a map of goobers. Wait for the real map in 2016.

  24. I listened to part of Senator Mitch McConnell's interview today on my lunch break at work. I was very impressed with him. The common thread was that there was a need to rectify some deep wrongs against the American people. He spoke of Obamacare and how it has destroyed the forty hour work week for the American worker, the need to confront and adjudicate the wrongs committed by the IRS, the need to deal with an illegal Senate voting maneuver in 2013 to make sure that it never happens again.

    Time to cleanse the House..... and the Senate.

    Meanwhile, the POTUS acts like the Tsunami vote against his administration and its policies is an illusion. Question: Has anyone ever seen this President show contrition for anything? Of course not. He is a self-styled Messiah.

    Tammy Swofford

    1. Forty hour week is generally code for union busting but let that go.

      A corporation like Walmart can reduce their costs by hiring part time.
      ACA or no ACA , they save on health insurance.
      They save on unemployment insurance, vacation etc.
      I get it, they willingly reduce profits, right?

      What does McConnell suggest will convince them to switching to full time employment?

      What illegal Senate voting maneuver?

  25. The Obamanuts are restless tonight...

    I suggest they go home, turn on a state-approved program like Jon Stewart or Girls, fire up the hopium hookah, and kick back. It'll all be ok, Uncle Sam's check will still be in the mail.

  26. Ducky,

    Yeah, it was all good until the GOP caught on to the game...

    Somebody call the old folks home.

    Ducky's cheese has slipped off his cracker.

  27. Silverfiddle...good one....it's really 'tough to argue' that Democracy stinks if Republicans win, right? :-)
    so so sad...this poor country; what amazing 'logic' we see above. And facts out of SOMEWHERE?

  28. Tammy,

    Thank you for being you. It's so refreshing to hear from someone who is a [real] professional. I look forward to your comments.

    1. Jon,

      Just be glad that I don't come and camp out in your spare bedroom. When AOW and I get together she has that coffee perking at four-thirty and by five a.m. our political yodeling is in full gear. The three cats hide while we shred their scratching post, Mr. AOW ignores us..... you get the picture.



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