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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

As you head to the polls on November 4:

Ronald Reagan's "A Time for Choosing" (October 27, 1964):


  1. From Politico yesterday:

    Barack Obama is antsy. His aides can see it when he alights from Air Force One from the all-too-occasional campaign trips he has taken this fall. There’s a sigh, an unhappy-camper body language when he finds himself back in the depressing slipstream of Ebola confabs and national-security-crisis-of-the-day meetings....


    Obama, for so long the man with the bright future, has hated being relegated to a sidelined pariah in the midterms...

    Obama doesn't suffer pariah status well at all.

    So, what will be his reaction if the Dems suffer significant losses tomorrow at the November polls?

    1. His reaction? Pouting, tantrum..."they don't like me because I'm black"?

  2. Too bad we can’t vote for a new president , and get rid of Obama this week.
    After all what the hell has this man REALLY accomplished?
    Lets, see now, he was able to bring rare deadly diseases into the USA, infecting people and starting a panic.

    he was able to get an Ambassador murdered.

    Obama successfully outspent and created more debt than any other President in history, while not wasting money on two wars? Now that is a curious, not wasting money on two wars and outspending Bush?

    Obama reigned over the highest Energy prices for the longest time in history.

    Obama lost more jobs than any other President in history.

    Obama gave homosexuals the right to adopt heterosexual Children.

    Obama was the first President to create an Industry, Renewable Energy, which will only cost us 40$ trillion dollars to finish.

    Obama is literally the first President to dictate what kinds of jobs Americans will do.

    the list goes on forever it seems

    Also, I do think that we need to get rid of John Bohener, I never liked the guy.

    I hope the American people deliver the ass whooping that the democrats deserve considering the last 8 years.

    1. Obama gave homosexuals the right to adopt heterosexual Children.

      Obama is literally the first President to dictate what kinds of jobs Americans will do.(?)
      This is why you get laughed at when you use the "low information" meme.

    2. Obama was the first President to create an Industry, Renewable Energy, which will only cost us 40$ trillion dollars to finish.
      I can't put a propositional calculus on that train wreck of an expression but it appears yu aren't even wrong.

  3. Politicians and political parties are all but irrelevant. The central bankers have the real power.

  4. How do you like this one!

    ""Talk to everyone you know -- your friends, your neighbors, that cousin you haven't seen in a while, that student sitting next to you in class. You know he's kind of a knucklehead. You know the one.Tap him on the shoulder. Be nice. Don't call him a knucklehead. Not to his face. You just want to encourage him to get to the polls" --Michelle Obama

  5. The liberal street parasites who have nothing to do but harass women. "War on Women" Are you kidding? . Why does the media ignore this.

  6. Crusader Frank is a very tough act to follow. I would, however, add ObamaCare to the list. This may well prove to be the most insidious of his efforts to destroy America!

    1. Nothing gonna happen on the Obamacare front. Not a damn thing.

      In fact, there isn't going to be much change at all.

      The drive to suppress voters will continue.
      Regressive states will continue to try to limit abortion.
      The fringe has lost the gay marriage fight and that won't be revived.
      Obama gets his Keystone pipeline and gets to try to con the base that it's the right's fault.
      Rethugs reduce taxes on the upper decile, deficit rises and the wealth transfer continues.
      Immigration policy static.

      Nothing much changes and the suckers get hosed.

    2. Duck,

      You are correct. Left alone obamacare will go away. We are seeing that with the lack of enrollment and renewal.

  7. When you go to vote on Tuesday, ask yourself this question:
    Am I more likely to be broke, infected, or beheaded
    than I was six years ago?

  8. How much more likely to be beheaded

    ... depends on how close you are to a sociopath. Still unlikely.

    The risk of Ebola infection remains the same, infinitesimal.

    1. Duck.

      Note that this blog post bears the label "wry humor." The poster is a play on words.

      However, a few months ago we Americans believed that there would never be any danger from beheading or Ebola here in the homeland. There now is a risk -- albeit for us as individuals, a small one. Right now, that is.

  9. Duck,
    Nothing gonna happen on the Obamacare front. Not a damn thing.

    I agree.

    I've angered some of my conservative friends that the chances of ObamaCare ever being repealed are nil.

    That said, tweaking will occur. Such is the nature of every government program.


    I see the trolls have already appeared to pollute this thread.

    Those of you who are not trolls should ignore them. Don't feed the trolls!

    A blog administrator will weed out the comments when a blog administrator has time to do so.

  11. Check this out....

    New York Times: Cancel The Midterms.

    As Pastorius commented in his blog post:

    The New York Times is for Democracy except for when the Democrat Party is losing. Then they are for canceling elections.

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  13. what's the point? Good luck, America; maybe the Right's got its problems, but it remembers what America IS, it respects the Constitution, and it isn't into such race hate and name calling and it's not busing into town college girls to vote, with bare chested hunks on board. You won't find magazines like Cosmopolitan telling young girls to vote like Beyoncé on the Right, either...and then (hilarious) Cosmo shrieks when FOX calls young girls "Beyoncé Voters"...that is SO classic liberal BS. Funny, isn't it? Fingers crossed but I don't see us making the Senate.

    1. Just what IS America, z and why do you feel you have the touchstone?
      That's the issue, isn't it?

      The right isn't into name calling?
      Have you read, Imp, kid, Fredd and the other purveyors of "libtard" slobber on your blog?

      If it's any comfort, a Republican Senate is a virtual lock.
      Although I don't have a good idea what you expect to change.
      It does seem that you are unlikely to be satisfied since virtually anything which you disapprove of is the fault of the left. It's an easy catch all which obviates the need for any serious analysis.

  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2818443/James-O-Keefe-s-video-shows-North-Carolina-poll-workers-offering-ballots.html

    AOW..........and the fun continues. but, because it's O'Keefe, the Lefties will scoff. And this is very serious stuff and it's so sad it's the British press that's covering this stuff and not so much us.

    Ducky...glad you asked. The Constitution's observance is AMERICAN. I'm not sure I have the 'touchstone' but I think when fewer people are on WELFARE (Why the lefties convinced anybody it should be called ENTITLEMENTS is beyond me, but it's worked), when fewer people need food stamps instead of it growing SO much... when we're working hard and we're not indoctrinating to the left in our schools; when we stop the race baiting we're seeing on the left...you know>>.that kind of stuff isn't the America we grew up in. We were a country once which honored legal immigrants and helped as well as we could legitimate asylum seekers...we never were a country which welcomed and even paid for law breakers like illegal immigrants, ...legal immigration is important for the health of any country. But these things are all nuanced and I'm not going to reopen those cans of worms with you, trust me. But, you asked...or rather, you insulted, so I like to chime in a bit.

    Thankfully, the race problems were starting to subside some years back, but Obama and HOlder have convinced Americans it's back...um..only from the Right, of course :-)

    No, the right isn't name calling. I'm not talking about bloggers, Ducky, I'm talking about MSNBC's perfect NUTS "slobbering on television".
    But thanks for keeping in touch with my blog.

    I expect more movement in Keystone, I expect a possible budget, I expect our military to become effective again, etc etc.

    You're wrong again: I highly disapprove of several Republicans; (I thought you were reading GeeeeZ?) ...I have never been unable to stomach Boehner, I'm not an Issa fan at all, and I would rather stay home than vote for Pat Roberts..for example.
    And I highly disapprove of hearings and investigations being held and none of the information acted upon to better things; Bettering things: that's what America was. Today, it's nothing but infighting, greed and lies....and Republicans aren't immune to that. But on the whole? I'm very proud to be a small gov't person who honors laws and doesn't respect people who apologize for America.
    Serious analysis can't be done anymore, Ducky, and I think you realize that. Until the Leftwingers stop insulting as horribly as they do, until we have a media which actually respects all Americans' politics, we cannot have serious analysis.
    That's as silly as saying "Republicans have no ideas". It really is.
    have a nice night. Don't bother to write ; we've covered all this before, you've never quite let it sink in and you write comments STILL like the one above, so...why bother? thanks.

    1. Well if you want fewer people on welfare then why are you voting Republican.
      One thing that will probably occur if there is a Republican Senate is approval of trade fast track and the Transpacific Partnership.
      What this will do is further allow American corporations to take advantage of the global labor surplus, lower American wages and continue the income shift upwards.
      It will seriously impact on the middle class and what we will get from the right is blabber about job creators.
      Remember, it was NAFTA which disrupted the Mexican economy and started the rush of Mexican immigration. Or do you believe it took place in a vacuum?

      Just how will Benghazi hearings better anything. I'm fascinated.

      Look for the "grand bargain" on Social Security and Medicare(aid) to go through. This is going to hurt people like AOW but my right wing brethren are fine with it.

      Don't accuse the left of being the cause of insults from the likes of kid, Imp, Fredd and others. You regularly complement their blather.

      Yeah, don't bother to reply. Let, z, go off and turtle.

      What are the Republican ideas?

    2. I'm only responding because I HONESTLY don't get what you can't understand? What is the matter with you? I compliment their 'blather'? I SAID I'm not talking about bloggers. If you don't read my comments, do NOT COMMENT, OKAY? I don't have time to think about this stuff twice.

      You REALLY think replying to you is helpful?
      For instance, did you see the Republican ideas I listed above? I don't have time to do it again and add more, but ya.........READ, Ducky, this is exhausting.
      Do you understand that we don't HAVE more money? And that giving to the poor is a wonderful thing until EVERYBODY has almost nothing:? What part of that do you miss?
      And what part of lowering taxes on corporations and business making for more jobs do you miss?
      Heck, I went to a Shriver event a month ago and HE is for lowering taxes and cutting red tape. A KENNEDY SHRIVER.

      man, Ducky.

      And you mention FOX above criticism? Are you KIDDING ME? So the LOGIC I'm accusing Cosmo of lacking didn't make sense to you?
      Fox News should be criticized when it needs criticism.
      Again, maybe you're not reading, but maybe you're just plain not understanding. WHY?

    3. Z,
      Is Duck trying to ignite a feud between the two of you?

      Both of know Duck well enough to know that he refuses to accept (can't understand?) any of the ideas that you posited. Stalemate.

      PS: I don't fault you for answering back.

    4. AOW, you know I love to spar with Ducky. "ignite a feud?" like this is NEW? You KNOW that's funny, AOW.

      That he refuses to accept is one thing; and even to understand....but to attack with questions that are clearly answered in my previous comments has me a little worried. Or to attack on subjects we've sparred about AD NAUSEUM and expect another answer is new and a little odd. That's all....not sure what's going on there...but it's pretty clear from this exchange that maybe he's running out of arguments and just has to attack for attack sake.

    5. Z,
      "ignite a feud?" like this is NEW? You KNOW that's funny, AOW.

      I was playing the wag.

      I think that Duck is frustrated that he's locked out of some Wordpress sites -- yours in particular.

      Glad that you love to spar with Ducky. I do, too, but no longer have much time to do so.

    6. No, AOW, it bugs me that I'm talked about on a site that has banned me.

    7. Duck,
      I'm talked about on a site that has banned me

      You're famous!

      Well, notorious is the better word.

      I doubt that you're the only one excluded.

      Also, if you were running your own blog, you might gain a bit of perspective as to what the task is like.

    8. "......it bugs me that I'm talked about on a site that has banned me."

      Don't feel blue...even limited government Libertarians have been denied the ability to comment there. Why do you let it bother you? If their carping bothers you, it could be illustrative of deeper issues......

  15. Oh, and regarding the BEYONCE VOTER? Your link did nothing to negate the truth. Cosmo pushes girls to vote like Beyoncé then slams FOX for suggesting there are people who vote like Beyoncé. Get used to it; that's your new America.

    1. Ducky, you're going to get as much criticism of Fox from the right, as you will of MSNBC from the left. In Z's defense [IIRC], she rightly considers foreign news reporting head and shoulders above the infotainment outlets we labor under here.

    2. I have never shirked from criticizing FOX. And I have lately...and am planning a discussion of Megyn Kelly soon which isn't flattering...
      And very few on the Right won't criticize when it's warranted.. I have not seen it from the Left but I don't hang at Leftwing blogs much.

      What many don't understand is that shows like O'Reilly and Hannity are not billed as NEWS..they're editorials and should be viewed with that knowledge. There are also non-Rightwing hosts on FOX like Shepard Smith and Bob Beckel....far FAR more than MSNBC or CNN.

    3. Z,
      What many don't understand is that shows like O'Reilly and Hannity are not billed as NEWS..they're editorials


      I occasionally watch the talking heads on Fox News. What I'm looking for, of course, is news stories that the mainstream media do not cover. After I watch the talking heads, I head to the computer to do a Google search.

    4. "What many don't understand is that shows like O'Reilly and Hannity are not billed as NEWS..they're editorials....."

      I agree, which is why I find it ironic that criticisms of MSNBC from the right are usually directed at Matthews, Maddow, Sharpton, etc.

      Editorials are not egregious in and of themselves, political theater is drowning out reporting in the US cable "news" business model. What I find much more disconcerting, is the use of the regular, partisan stable of pundits ["experts"] called in during "hard" news segments. In this regard, Fox outweighs the others as far as I can tell. As one example, there are more experts on ISIS besides John Bolton and Jack Keane...but they seem to appear on nearly every "news" segment. I've seen MSNBC do much the same on matters of race, but don't watch nearly enough to make an accurate comparison.

    5. CI,
      I know many Leftists who believe that the word of Matthews, Maddow, Sharpton, etc. is gospel. In general, those on the Right seem to understand that O'Reilly and Hannity and Beck are political theater; some on the Right, of course, don't understand the concept of political theater.

    6. In fairness Z, MSNBC does not promote any of it's shows as "news" choosing instead to label them all as opinion, in the mode of Hannity and O'Reilly.

      You make that distinction often when referencing FOX News, but I've never seen you make such a tempering remark about MSNBC.

      CNN of course has a mix of both "news" and opinion.

    7. Dave, sorry. . I think MSNBC has about the same amount of news and same amount of editorials as FOX does. I've always been aware of that....don't mean to sound unfair not mentioning it.
      I just get real tired of leftwingers slamming editorialists at FOX when even CNN is doing so much of that these days.
      I think too much editorial is unhealthy.
      And I think too much news ..24/7 , is not healthy, too.
      I liked the "news at 5, film at 11" days........
      And, of course, the networks are now going mostly 'Renee Zellweiger's eyes and Miley Cyrus' pasties"....on ABC NBC and CBS!
      Sharyl Attkisson credits the hideous treatment she got after 20 years at CBS (just for really digging into Benghazi and about to expose stories about it) not only to the Obama-connections with CBS but also the fact that hard news doesn't sell.
      That is a very scary thing...Americans are literally too dumbed down by indoctrination and not learning enough about the Constitution; not CARING about the country anymore.

  16. Obama's reaction if the Dem's loose their britches tomorrow? He will sign about one hundred executive orders in the next two years that will erode Constitutional rights. The man is vindictive.

    Trotting on to another subject:

    Speaking of ZeroCare and its impact.... I worked with a nurse on Saturday whose mother is enrolled in ZeroCare. Not only is her mother NOT covered for the primary hospital where the nurse is employed, but she has limited options for care. The nurse took her mother to see the only rheumatologist who is available with her ZeroCare and noted that not only was the office dirty, the doctor looked unkempt and dirty and he did not even shake hands with his new client.

    Answering the blog question as to infection or beheading? You might get a raging infection going to a ZeroCare physician who trained in Uzbekistan and who doesn't have staff privileges at any hospital. And then you might be beheaded by an ax wielding Muslim who has a love affair with a doctrine of jihad.

    My voter registration certificate is on my desk and I am gazing at it lovingly. Off to the elementary school tomorrow to expose myself to Enterovirus D68, measles and tuberculosis. Hopefully, that nitwit Democrat Clay Jenkins will be out of a job. And hopefully, Liar Liar Pants on Fire Wendy Davis gets run over by Greg Abbot's wheelchair.


    1. The Ebola epidemic never showed up did it, Ground Zero?

    2. I see the trolls have already appeared to pollute this thread.

      Those of you who are not trolls should ignore them. Don't feed the trolls!

      I'm sure that includes Ducky!

    3. Jon,
      Those who consider Duck may certainly ignore him.

      However, if he is a troll, many of the other trolls are in a different classification of troll (the take-a-pot-shot type or the drive-by-copy-and-paste-spam type). Know what I mean?

    4. Duck,
      Careful there!

      The 1918-1919 flu virus disappeared in the spring of 1918, then reappeared in the summer of 1919 -- with a killing vengeance. Most of those who died were between the ages of 20-35.

      Fact: viruses mutate and "learn" how to better destroy the human host when viruses spread to as few as 100 human hosts.

      Please note this recent article from Reuters. Excerpt:

      ...[T]he possibility of such "subclinical transmission" remains very much open, said Dr. Andrew Pavia, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Utah.

      Nor do experts know whether the infectious dose of virus depends on how it enters the body, Pavia said.

      Also unknown is whether the time between exposure to Ebola and the appearance of symptoms depends on which bodily fluids someone contacted. If it does, then someone exposed through, say, saliva rather than blood might incubate the virus for longer than the 21 days officials have repeatedly said is the outer limit of the incubation period.

      That was the longest incubation time during the 1976 Ebola outbreak....

      Please read the entire article.

    5. Tammy,
      Great comment!

      Now, let's see what we're discussing tomorrow, the day after Election 2014. Will we be drinking champagne or searching for a rock under which to do live?

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  18. From Where did Obama go wrong? (WaPo):

    ...Obama’s list of second-term leadership crises is a formidable one: the botched rollout of HealthCare.gov; long waits at Veterans Affairs hospitals; Edward Snowden’s disclosures of the National Security Agency’s secrets; a pileup of foreign children along the southern border; Islamist terrorists marauding across Syria and Iraq and beheading foreigners, including Americans; and the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States....

    It is clear to many the Obama, former community organizer, cannot manage as an administrator.

  19. We shouldn't relax about Ebola here in the United States. See 'Post-Ebola Syndrome' Persists After Virus Is Cured. Patients don't always completely recover!

    ...Approximately 50 percent of Ebola survivors she has treated in Kenema, Sierra Leone’s third-largest city, report declining health after fighting off the deadly virus...


    1. thankfully, this only applies to about five people in the US and it doesn't appear that they're contagious in that post-recovery decline. It's a horrible thought for those poor people who got it, but not something to be overly concerned about while that number of patients stays as it is now.

  20. Replies
    1. Ducky, as of now, could any president have handled this any better? I'm open to suggestions from anyone as to what would have produced better results.

    2. There are things he could have done much better on the economic agenda but I agree he was pretty much hamstrung. His Secretary of Education should also have been shit canned long ago rather than allowing him to pimp for the Gates Foundation.

      But he's not a fighter.
      Just wasn't the guy to start rebuilding a progressive movement in America.

      Still, I expect the Republicans to be an outright horror show for the next two years. Inept enough for things to bounce back.

    3. "Inept enough for things to bounce back."

      To be fair...this is the reason the GOP will likely own both Houses tonight.

    4. True enough, CI.

      However, the average citizen doesn't seem to understand that conservatives have hurt them badly.
      Hysteria is in charge of the electorate.

  21. Ducktail

    Somehow I agree with you on your post with a couple of exceptions.
    The election will change little except, hopefully get rid of reid the hate monger.

    Valarie Jarrett will still dictate to BHO what he needs to do. He will continue to do little except be the chief fundraiser and work on his golf.

    The republicans will continue to try to suppress the vote of those who are illegal. and shouldn't vote. The idea that someone can't vote because they can't get a ID is bull and the left knows it.

    Wealth transfer will continue at least for the next two years. This is happening because the current pres has no clue how to deal with the economy so we will keep interest rates low for stock market gains.

    Immigration reform will come about but it will be a sensible approach. After that the left will whine because all the unskilled jobs are taken by immigrants and they need more welfare to live.

    Nothing much changes and the citizens get hosed.

    1. You're so confident that the administration has engineered a recovery that you think we can raise rates, pull money out of the economy and decrease demand?
      Sounds foolish.

  22. The GOP will render themselves obsolete with thier incompetence and cynicism if the take both houses, assuring the Dems will take all in 2016.

    1. ____ To a Harbinger of Malice ____

      Living loosely, tilting to the left,
      Eager to condemn with sneers and taunts,
      Sarcastic always right wing blogs he haunts
      Trolling for attention he is deft ––
      Excellent in fact –– like no one who since
      Rose of Tokyo fouled GI’s air
      Eroding confidence at morale she’d tear ––
      An eloquently evil bloody nuisance.
      Termite-like this slimy creature chews
      Steadily besmirching others’ views.
      Snotty, sullen, he will not relent
      Harbingers of malice don’t repent.
      Instead, they thrive as they forever choose
      To propagate and spread their septic views.

  23. Cool. looks like Scott Brown will be moving to Maine.

  24. What a shame for New Hampshire.
    Even liberal Lanny Davis was saying today on talk radio that he hoped Scott Brown would win and what a good man he is, willing to compromise, etc. SO, we have another hack in NH.

    What made me laugh was the leftwing pundit on FOX just now who said they don't need Republicans who won't COMPROMISE....Michaela on CNN this morning said the same thing. As if Reid COMPROMISED? or OBAMA? My gosh, the campaigning is already beginning on the Left :-)
    really funny stuff; they make such amazing stuff up just for the impact. No truth! just SAY IT.

    Also, DUCKY? You should be paying attention to so many Black Americans lately saying how the Democrats have hurt them. Good stuff. They are FINALLY waking up. I'm amazed...except my own personal Conservative Black friends are Conservative..

    1. Well, z, I think you'll find that Shaheen has been very good for New Hampshire and you can hardly call her a hack.
      Brown has bounced around, accomplished nothing and deserves the hack label (man, Elizabeth Warren absolutely punched his lights out).

      It's New England, we don't go for outsiders.
      He'll probably be foolish enough to make a run for Angus King's seat in Maine and then he'll really find out what it's like to be "from away".

      Stick a fork in him.

    2. and I could consider what you said and find you more convincing than Lanny Davis, but na..... Lanny Davis is right; Brown's an excellent guy.

  25. Susanna Martinez, amazing gov of New Mexico wins........she ROCKS

    1. The anti Obama sentiment is strong in the force tonight, young Jedi.

    2. Well, the Republicans pulled it off and I was wrong; it's a net gain of 7 senate seats now. possible 10 if the last 3 come in as predicted.

      I think it's mostly anti-Obama sentiment, and deservedly so, but I think there are some very good people who've won tonight. I don't include Pat Roberts on that, by the way, folks.

      Many more Republican governors have won, too.
      Illinois' governor has gone Republican. Illinois includes CHICAGO, as if you all don't know :-) What the............? Rounder takes ILLINOIS's governorship? My GOD.

    3. Also, I'm thinking Illinois isn't as anti Obama as it is SMART, someone who might actually start businesses going again, cut taxes?...we can hope.

  26. Let's hope the Republicans will work with those reasonable Democrats who are work talking with and, somehow, that we're not too far apart to really do something. They've not compromised, and we don't want to compromise so much that we lose our values, but let's DO something.
    Let's not go in there impeaching Obama Care...let's go back to the suggestions they had before Obama used his pen and swept up the whole industry.
    Let's stop that ridiculous idea that to have fairness to illegals, all immediately become legal...let's be lawful and actually respect America again, then figure out how to close the border and then talk about how to handle the illegals.
    Let's start calling problems what they are; terror, scandal, possible epidemic, WELFARE (not entitlements...who ever dreamed THAT up?), etc etc.
    Let's work with the Black Americans we've been seeing lately saying Democrats have got them in bad shape and they should rethink.
    Maybe they RETHOUGHT during these elections?

    Let's all pray America does much better...very soon.

    1. Z,
      Is it my imagination or did GOP candidates not shoot off their mouths during these 2014 campaigns?

      I'm thrilled to see that Liberal Land Northern Virginia (10th District, in particular) trounced the Dem candidate. I didn't think that was even a possibility!

      Now, it's not "morning in America," but it may be dawn in America.

      Let's see what the newly elected representatives can do -- and what Obama does. I expect a lot of use of the phone and the pen.

    2. Liberal Land surprised me. I think 10th was won by Foust- his ad campaign was despicable, smearing his opponent at every turn. People are fed up with that, me thinks.

    3. Wildstar,
      The 10th District was Frank Wolf's district -- for a long time, too. So, perhaps it isn't so surprising that the 10th didn't go for the Dems.

      What does really stun me is the narrow margin between Warner and Gillespie. That is an absolute surprise for both parties, I think.

  27. Z, yes Martinez in NM, like Sandoval in my state of Nevada are good governors without a chance nationally for the GOP. They are both pro-choice...

    Too bad as they would both do well nationally..

  28. When Obama won and the Dems had both houses of Congress, the GOP saw no reason at all to work with him or the Dems.

    Right or wrong, I'll let history decide but maybe someone could answer me this...

    Don't Dems have the same right to obstruct and stop the upcoming GOP agenda because they believe, like the GOP in 2008 and 2012, that it will be bad for America?

    If that tactic was valid for the GOP and Conservatives, shouldn't it also be just as valid for the Dems?

  29. I can't believe it!

    1. Barbara Comstock won the Virginia Congressional 10th District, one of the most liberal districts in the United States.

    2. Sen. Mark Warner is not declared the official winner (as of this moment). He was supposed to coast in!

    3. The gubernatorial upset in Maryland is a stunner. Republican Larry Hogan won.

    4. West Virginia went for the Democratic Party for the first time in 50 years.

  30. The biggest stunner of all: so many Dem incumbents lost. Incumbents always have an advantage.

  31. Dave,
    I't should be a matter of which political party blocks which political party.

    Obstructionism is Constitutional. And for good reason.

    The process is supposed to be slow so that there can be deliberation. Our Founders deliberately built in a path which includes obstructionism.

    "Getting something done" just for the sake of "getting something done" is often not a good political philosophy.

    1. Addendum: voting for a bill in order to find out what's in it is insanity -- and unconstitutional. In fact, I view that kind of thing as political malpractice.

      Contracts are supposed to be read before they are signed.

    2. Sadly, "getting something done" is the yardstick by which the politico-media establishment measures the "success" of the legislative body. I doubt that the Founders envisioned that paradigm....but then again, they envisioned using the Amendment process to change the enumerated powers of the State. That process has been so badly undermined and usurped by both parties, that it's a mockery of what the Founders put in place.

  32. Obama's destruction of the coal industry may have borne fruit: Republicans Pick Up Senate Seat As Capito Becomes First GOP Senator From W.Va. In Nearly 55 Years. Jay Rockefeller's open seat.

    Tennant’s support for Obama in 2008 and 2012 did him in.

  33. Dem talking-head this morning: "Obama wasn't able to get out there and help some of the candidates."

    I just heard this on the news.

    Many Dem candidates didn't want Obama's "help."

    Besides, BHO was busy on the golf course.

  34. Apparently, the Clintons were useless in Arkansas.

    What do yesterday's results mean for Hillary's White House run?

  35. Replies
    1. Excerpt from the above:

      Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and President Barack Obama’s political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative nonprofit groups during the 2012 election, according to letters exclusively obtained by The Daily Caller.

      The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) did not want to publicly release 2012 correspondences exchanged between the IRS and Jeanne Shaheen at her personal Washington office: the agency delayed releasing the information to a major conservative super PAC multiple times, even threatening to see the super PAC in court, according to emails.

    2. Yes, but the brain-diseased progressives who escaped from Massachusetts voted for her anyway.

      And some aggrieved Bostonians howl at the result that some NH'ers call them Massholes. Go figure.

    3. As I explained, Silverfiddle, one who knows all.

      Shaheen is a tough competent campaigner. She made the election about New Hampshire and she has an excellent history of acting in her states interest.

      No hoser boy Brown is going to have to move to Maine and try for Angus King's seat in a few years.

      Now go dream up a few more conspiracy theories.
      Damn, the right is sad.

    4. No conspiracy, Ducky, just a demographic fact. NH used to be conservative, it's a small state that has been swamped with liberals.

      I don't know why you would think that was some kind of a conspiracy. Progressives fleeing the nest they've soiled is a natural thing. Colorado is plagued with swarms of Californians fleeing the crumbling progressive edifice they created.

  36. AOW and CI... I can respect your bent to see little done by Congress, a nod to limited government.

    But as obstruction as you say is constitutional, can I assume you will cheer when the Dems trot out the same tactic to limit GOP action?

    Sen McConnell has already been trumpeting the actions a GOP Congress will take and what they will "get done."

    Is he too functioning on a different paradigm than the founding fathers?

    Look, the GOP won... big... historically big. No doubt about that.

    My question has always been this... will conservatives and libertarians, who cheered when the GOP obstructed Obama's agenda, support the same tactic when the Dems do the same?

    1. Dave, I didn't cheer when either party obstructed the bills of the other. I didn't cheer because I knew it was political posturing. Neither party desires the reduce the size and scope of government...not in any meaningful way. The Democrats thrive on expanding the scope for ideological reasons. The GOP expands the scope while feeding propaganda to their base about reducing it.

  37. My, MY it's sure enlightening to learn that Harry (Undertaker) Reid, DemocRAT wasn't an obstructionist ! Go back to Mexico !

    1. What's the matter, Jon.
      Harry blocked some Teabag legislation? Hint: That's how the legislative process works.

      Go back to Mexico?

  38. Infected is what you get when you ignore the "teabaggers". Thanks, ducky. :(

  39. Hey Rubber Thing Floating in Bathtub... You talk like an angry little three year old. You and rational should get a room. Without WiFi. And stay there. heheh


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