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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lawlessness At The Top

Welcome to AmeriKa:

Barack Hussein Obama has a pen and a phone. Furthermore, he knows that he is not going to be impeached. He is ruling with impunity.

WE THE PEOPLE and Barack Hussein Obama don't have the same definition of "the public good," and he really does hold all the cards — never mind the results of the 2014 Elections and the parameters of the United States Constitution.


  1. "Who gonna stop me"

    We shall see, said the WISE man, we shall see!

  2. I for one am getting pretty sick and tired of people saying that didn't realize the President's views. All of this information was out there. They choose to ignore it. Why would someone be surprised by his comments? He spent 20 years going to a church with a racist pastor. I understand that it is kind of common theme in some black churches, but it doesn't change the facts that he, at very least, agrees with some of the rhetoric.
    So why should anyone be shocked at this psycho now? Do you love your freedom? Then you should Hate Obama's Executive Orders. This is a direct assault on the rights of the American people.This is a direct assault on our Separation of powers under the United States Constitution. Our Balance of Powers! .

    And the Republicans should NOT sit back with their blinders on and allow this. Our Constitution is still under assault and our future liberty is in jeopardy. !

  3. What surprises me is that anyone is actually surprised at all. We should have expected this from this nitwit and his group of dingbats and his Moocher as well. . Don't you remember "…for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction."

    Are you freaking kidding me? The woman is 44-years old. And this is the “first time she’s ever been really proud of her country”? Really? How horribly pathetic.

    * I’ve been proud of my country every single day of my life. So proud, in fact, that I volunteered to go fight and possibly die for my country. The day I enlisted in the US Army is the single proudest moment in my life. Perhaps if Michele or Barack had ever done anything as selfless in service of their country, they would feel the same way.
    * The life and death of SFC Paul R. Smith and so many others who have given their lives to defend America makes me proud of my country and the people who live and die defending it. Michelle Obama could care less.
    * She was nearly an adult when the US Hockey team beat the Commies in 1980. No sense of pride during that, Michelle? Heartless bitch.
    * No sense of pride for our country during the horrific tsunami at the end of 2004, and the way that the United States responded — both our government’s response and the generous millions of dollars in private donations —- to help the victims? No sense of pride in that?
    * When I heard about Todd Beamer and the other passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 who rallied behind a cry of “Let’s roll” — I cried with pride for my fellow countrymen. Apparently Michelle Obama was unmoved.

    I could think of thousands upon thousands of other examples of when I was bursting with pride about my country. I’m sure most of you could too. I’ll bet the most cynical and jaded amongst you have moments in your life where you were immensely proud of our country.
    And how about the US Army and Marines who freed the Jews from the Nazi concentration camps! Was she not proud of that?

    No, not Michelle. It took Obamasiah and the cult of Obamania to really make her proud to be an American.

    What a ungrateful bitch.

  4. First order of business?

    Defund the three billion the POTUS promised the U.N. for climate control. Then defund and cut budgets where abuse of official capacity seeks to trump Congressional oversight and due process for our federal agencies. Defund the Bureau of Land Management..... smile

    I do not support impeachment. It is not worth it. I don't want Ferguson-in-Dallas. So the work is cut out for Congress to wisely cordon and minimize the impact of a POTUS who is above the law. We the People will speak again in two years. The Democrats will lose their shorts - after they wash their shorts, of course. smile


    1. Tammy,
      Impeachment at this point would either fail or be ineffective. Obama has only two years of his Presidential term remaining.

      However, if the GOP doesn't manage to do something and get the electorate to understand the limitations of that something and the wisdom of such a course, as surely as the sun rises in the east, the GOP will lose in 2016.

      Yesterday, a conservative friend of mine and someone very politically astute said something like this to me:

      "The GOP got elected in 2010 and really did nothing to put the brakes on Obama's policies. I've decided that the GOP will do nothing now, too. Why? The only conclusion I can draw is that the GOP actually wants the same things that Obama does. If they had really wanted to stop him, they would have. The only other possible conclusion is that Obama really has not stepped outside the bounds of the Constitution."

      That this friend of mine has become so cynical is alarming. And I think that he has voiced the same opinion that many Americans hold. "Either impeach Obama ASAP, or I'm done with you."

    2. God help us when we are paralyzed for fear of race riots from a minority.
      Impeachment could work if public sentiment swayed enough dem senators to convict.

    3. Impeachment would at least be more interesting this time. They might even come up with something a little more substantive than consensual sex acts.

      But cheer up, Tammy. The American police are so militarized that they can kill black protesters at will. You can breath easy down there at Ebola ground zero.
      You still live in a country where the white man does as he pleases despite the makeup of the current administration. All this moaning about a right of center administration. I don't understand it.

      Anyway, AOW, have you researched the likely jump in your drug prices due to the Trans Pacific Partnership? In fact here is a situation where congressional authority is being willingly ceded to Obama under the auspices of his corporate handlers and not a peep from the right.

      No brakes. The antitrust exempt for profit insurers are still in charge. The immigration issues that has its roots in NAFTA and the "drug war" won't change because the root causes will remain.

      Meanwhile, ISIS is being pushed back and seems to be having trouble with this imaginary caliphate of theirs.

      Still can't figure out what the right is so upset about.
      Yeah, we've destroyed a large number of jobs in America and pretty well dumped on 10-15% percent of the population but we got around Posse Comitatus by arming the police and turning them into a de facto military.

      Voter suppression worked like a well oiled machine in North Carolina. Look for it to be the template.

      You sold out American democracy for nothing and you really have nobody else to blame.

    4. Wow. We sold out American Democracy. The left has enabled a prez who laughs at Constitutional restraints on his powers.
      Voter suppression. You mean illegal voter suppression, right?

    5. Illegal voter suppression?

      Maybe you can tell me how reductions in early voting, same day registration, ban on paid voter registration drives, repeal of three public financing programs and other measures have anything to do with voter fraud?

      And while you're at it maybe you can explain just when he overstepped his powers under the Constitution? I'm sure there have been some issues. Anything like The Dauphin's dozens of signing statements, i.e. refusals to enforce duly passed legislation.
      Now when SCOTUS declared the election winner in Gore vs. Bush were you upset.

      You sold out American democracy for NOTHING.
      Sold the birthright for a bowl of pottage.

    6. No, I can't explain it to your satisfaction.
      You don't get it.

    7. Duck,
      Anyway, AOW, have you researched the likely jump in your drug prices due to the Trans Pacific Partnership?

      I haven't looked into it.

      What are the benefits of the partnership? That is, who benefits and how?

    8. Race riots to follow Ferguson verdict?

      Cities all across the country -- from Boston to Los Angeles -- are preparing for trouble.

      Obama shouldn't be impeached because riots would ensue? If so, then the grand jury should prevent unrest by returning a guilty verdict -- never mind that all indications seem to be that Michael Brown was on a tear and that the police officer acted justifiably.

    9. @ Ducky: "You sold out American democracy for NOTHING."

      Hilarious coming from a constitution-trampling pig who supports progressives strong man government justifying it all under the "General Welfare" clause.

  5. It appears America is just going to let Obama run out the clock rather than challenge his “Executive Orders”. Obama's pledge to "act with or without Congress" marks a milestone in presidential usurpation of Congressional authority. No other POTUS in America’s history has been so brazing in circumventing the Constitution and Congress
    When Obama first took office, his poll numbers were sky high. Easily seventy percent of the country was solidly behind him, and even many conservatives were impressed with his post-election performance. (Immediately after Obama’s election, many in the traditional media were absolutely giddy with excitement. I was recently stuck in a waiting room with a copy of a December Time magazine; that issue featured four brief essays for possible Persons of the Year. The choices were Obama, Obama, the American people for electing Obama, and Obama again, but with Michael Phelps second).
    Obama has squandered much of that good will. According to the reliable Rasmussen Reports, Obama’s overall approval numbers have plummeted from a high of sixty-nine percent in early January (and sixty-five on the day of his inauguration, with forty-four percent of those strongly approving) to fifty-one percent in the most recent day of polling.
    It’s not difficult to find the reason for Obama’s drop in popularity. He has turned out to me more liberal than most (at least those who don’t listen to talk radio) expected. With the passage of the stimulus bill, he committed himself to deficit spending, and with cap-and-trade and health care reform, he has signaled his commitment to expensive and intrusive social programs.
    Americans liked the hope and change stuff, but many draw the line here. So many moderates shift from “approve” to “disapprove,” and many more conservative people suddenly strongly disapprove of Obama’s policies.

    1. I'd really like to know how he has been 'more liberal than most.'

    2. Good luck.

      I've been trying to get them to anwser that for years.

    3. Duck,
      See Obama presses liberal agenda as he starts 2nd term (not a Right wing site).

      Note this paragraph:

      Adam Green, co-founder of the political action group Progressive Change Campaign Committee, said that if the president's inaugural address does become a template for his second-term governing strategy, "that will allow the president to win big victories and secure a legacy of bold progressive change that helped millions of Americans."

      Much more at the above link.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Inappropriate language. Minors read this web site.

    6. Minors can't read, "B?' Lol.

      Yahoo is not 'right wing?' Lol! The article is filled with baloney. It even begins clamoring with how Obama is going to take our second amendment rights away. Total garbage.

      Nice Try.

    7. This One,
      My site, my rules.

      I supplied the link. It is your discretion what to make of it.

    8. "Liberal" isn't the most apt description for Obama. He's more in the progressive mold of a Mussolini or Chairman Mao updated and cleaned up for a new millennium.

  6. Part Two:
    Not a bad thing, from a conservative point of view. But there’s a catch. People who disagree with another politics can rarely restrain themselves to the issues—rather, the other person’s character and person comes under attack.
    A good example of this phenomenon is the liberal response to George W. Bush. They couldn’t accept that Bush happened to support different policies than they did—instead, he was a stupid, uneducated hick controlled by a diabolical Dick Cheney. (This about a man who went to Yale, and whose family has set down some pretty solid roots among the Eastern elite).
    It was inevitable that such attacks would crop up among conservatives as well. Most of them are irrelevant but tolerable—the worst of these are the nutty but harmless birth certificate rumors.
    There are other, more harmful attacks as well, and unfortunately some of them involve race. One, which I experienced, was a chain email, the gist of which was an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama next to a picture of monkey. Another example was a conversation I had with a conservative stranger; she suggested that Obama’s sterling college record was tainted by affirmative action and summer classes, which in her experience were apparently crutches used by “stupid” blacks to retake hard courses. (Speaking as a college student, taking very difficult courses during the summer isn’t exactly uncommon, nor is it done only by unintelligent people).
    Both of these people were quite nice; people who you wouldn’t expect to have a racist bone in their bodies, and indeed probably don’t—in the former case, I am quite sure that distain for Obama won out over good judgment with the “forward” button.
    Such tasteless joke probably won’t set the cause of race relations back twenty years, or give the Ku Klux Klan a new lease on life, or anything of that kind. They’re just nasty and tasteless, and hopefully they’ll die out soon. And they aren’t any nastier than thing liberals have been known to say about conservative politicians.
    At the same time, while these jokes and attacks may be mostly harmless to society at large, they hurt the Republican party. Puns aren’t the lowest form of humor, racial jokes are, and racial attacks are the nastiest. A party, or a movement, is defined by its base—and what discerning person would want to be part of a movement that thinks insinuating that a black woman looks like a monkey (which Michelle Obama, by the way, really doesn’t) is a hilarious and cutting bit of wit?

    1. I understand morons believing crap from the right but to actually create such outlandish, long winded diatribes is downright scary, lol!

  7. The GOP needs to me something other than the anti-Obama.

    Right now, many Americans perceive the GOP as the Anti-Obama Party. Obama will not be the Democratic Party's candidate in 2016.

    I, for one, have come to hate our two-party political system.

    At least two of America's Founders warned of the dangers of such a system.

    For example, John Adams said:

    There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

    And George Washington said in his Farewell Address:

    ...[S]ooner or later the chief of some prevailingfaction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.

    1. Wise words. The GOP now controls the houses of Congress. They control the purse. If they do not defund Obama's unconstitutional pursuits, they should simply join the Democratic Party; they nearly members already based upon their inaction.

    2. The GOP needs to me something other than the anti-Obama.
      And that's going to be a problem.
      SCOTUS is probably going to rule that a technicality in the Affordable Care Act wording voids subsidized exchanges.
      Now Kentucky,for instance, has a very popular exchange and losing it means a few hundred thousand lose health insurance.
      How does the right explain this? They are going to kill people and there should be repercussions.

      Just what issues are they prepared to solve?
      The political system will still be bought and paid for. The pimps on the court will still be pimps. You are correct. The right will accomplish nothing.

    3. AOW: The problem is that whenever a 3rd Party candidate is introduced it always helps the Democrat. Remember Ross Perot? Without him Bill Clinton would not have been elected.

    4. Mike,
      I remember what happened when Ross Perot ran for POTUS.

      But here's where America is now, I think: if the GOP doesn't "make a good showing" after the new Congress is takes the oath in January 2015, WE THE PEOPLE will be fed up with the GOP.

      Politicians of all ilks run for office, and when they take office, don't follow through on the promises which got them elected.

      After the most recent election, several of my friends cheered the result and declared, "Now we can get ObamaCare repealed!" In my view, any such repeal is a fantasy akin to seeing unicorns come over the hill with rainbows in the sky.

      Furthermore, I'm not sure that most who voted GOP in 2014 will follow what the GOP can do to defund ObamaCare. They want a total repeal. Ain't gonna happen in 2015. 2016 will roll in, and the disillusioned will stay away from the ballot box.

      BTW, here is what a friend of mine, Pastorius, typed in as a comment to the crosspost of this blog post here at Always On Watch:

      As I said to you yesterday, I don't buy this premise.

      The Republicans have to acquiesce for Obama to get away with these things.

      Acquiescence is tacit approval. It is passive-aggressive management.

      The Republicans can no more be wrong 100% of the time than can Obama.

      Therefore, I am starting to believe the Republican Party is behind Obama.

      We seem to have an entire government in open treason against our Constitution.

      Pastorius's view is that if the GOP had wanted to stop Obama because he is outside the bounds of the Constitution, they already would have done so.

    5. Duck,
      SCOTUS is probably going to rule that a technicality in the Affordable Care Act wording voids subsidized exchanges.
      Now Kentucky,for instance, has a very popular exchange and losing it means a few hundred thousand lose health insurance.

      Ay, there's the rub.

      The other side of all this:

      1. When a significant majority are on the dole via the subsidies, somebody else is picking up the slack.

      2. Health insurance deductibles are still in play. Many policies have an annual deductible of $6500. Those receiving subsidies do not have the money to pay those deductibles. What happens to the hospitals and doctors when they are consistently not paid?

      Recently, I had a wellness exam at the OB/GYN's office. The visit was free to me (ACA rules:, but the doctor didn't get one red cent of reimbursement. How long is something like that sustainable?

  8. Geaux4It,

    Cutting through the tastelessness to retain the truth is what discerning individuals do. The tastelessness of yellow journalism is just the latest in false flag operations. It is not a reflection on the truth, but a distraction. I just delete such things and choose not to forward them.

    Yesterday I was at the grand opening for Aurhaus fine furnishings at North Park Mall in Dallas. As I browsed the glass bookcase in the front showroom I noted this book:


    With a smile on my face I approached a member of the sales staff. Here is what I conveyed: "With a complete sense of humor I must make mention of a selection on the shelf. I did a book signing event with George W. Bush at Brook Hollow Golf Club a couple years ago and I found him to be decent and friendly."

    She began to look queasy, so I opined a bit more: "You do know that his residence is only about ten minutes from this mall."

    The sales lady said, "He might even shop here!" With that, she removed the book and shoved it in a drawer.

    Are these people idiots? They are smack dab in the middle of Bush country, and many wealthy Dallasites are die-hard loyalists. I like to think that I provided them with a bit of damage control. smile

    *The furnishings were elegant and beautiful. Do browse their website.


    1. ... and that's where we are.

      A book critical of The Dauphin finds it's way into the stacks of a furniture display and the American political system is returned to its former pristine condition.

      You don't think this is trivia?

    2. Of a piece of the continent is washed away, Europe is the less ..."

      "For want of a nail a shoe was last.
      For want of a shoe a horse was lost
      For want of a horse a rider was lost,
      For want of a rider a KINGDOM was lost."

      Apparently, you have no understanding of Principle, Canardo.

      What a pity!

  9. If the GOP House passes an Omnibus spending bill as opposed to a Continuation bill for a couple of months we will know if Boehner is in the tank. There are rumors that it is what they are thinking about doing. If so, there will be nothing the GOP can do after that regarding withholding funding.

  10. It took decades of creeping lawlessness to get to this point.

    I picked up on this sad reality years ago: Whatever illegal action emanating from DC goes unchallenged becomes licit, and you can't put the evil genie back in the bottle.

    There is no way to stop a rampaging president short of the nuclear option of impeachment, and bureaucratic spiders and scorpions can torture and feast upon the citizenry with impunity.

    None of this will stop until the government runs out of money and collapses

    1. How can the Federal government run out of money?

    2. Ducky: Since they own the printing presses, they cannot.

      It gets a little dicier if the dollar loses word reserve currency status, which imo would be a good thing since it would impose some discipline on the rats and termites destroying our dollar-denomimated wealth.

  11. Tammy Swofford Said:

    Cutting through the tastelessness to retain the truth is what discerning individuals do. The tastelessness of yellow journalism is just the latest in false flag operations. It is not a reflection on the truth, but a distraction. I just delete such things and choose not to forward them.

    Tammy, If I sound stupid in asking then so be it. I am not trying to be a wise-guy or a “Wise-Ass” But what are you talking about? For the life of me, I just don’t get your drift here, so if you can kindly explain, I’d appreciate it... Thanks.

    On another note: The referendum just delivered to the unlawful practices from the Imperial White House, clearly shows 2016 should be another bad day for the apologetic party of the left

    In the words of Idiotpathic Obama: "Elections have consequences"! They should declare him as being incapacitated and put him in Bethesda's mental ward.


  12. Stupidity still prevalent: 6 years later!! The Leftist’s, Progressives, Liberals and whatever today's nomenclature may be are still blaming Bush for all Obama’s failures and Commie agenda’s.
    Will Obama EVER take responsibility for his Actions, Failures, Ineptness, or will he Blame Bush to the bitter end?

  13. This is nothing new. Unfortunately, there has been plenty of precedent for Presidential Lawlessness


    The MSM will always cite NIXON first and foremost of course, but NIXON was always far more sinned against than sinning.

    And then there are a;ways those who honestly believe the ends justify the means. I do myself frankly wen the stakes are high enough.

    Our REAL problem is that few-if-any politicians have any GUTS and even fewer have PRINCIPLES. Most of them are in it for themselves, and most are deathly afraid of offending their constituents --and now myriad "minority" factions -- for fear not getting re-elected, and so things are what they are.

    The fault, dear friends, lies not in OBAMA but in the ELECTORATE. (That's us in case you've forgotten. ;-)

    1. No, I doubt if anyone here has forgotten that FT, we see the remnants of it staring us in the face every day.. We read it in the daily posts of imbeciles like Ducky Here, RN, Dave Miller, Shaw, okjimm and even that creature from the bottom of the Sea.

  14. He told Americans what he was before the election in 2008; he reminded them of this for four years and was reelected in 2012. America deserves what it gets.

  15. Geaux4It

    You wrote when addressing the politics of race:

    "One, which I experienced, was a chain email, the gist of which was an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama next to a picture of monkey."

    We all get that sorta stuff in our e mail. It multiplies like fungi when some fool forwards it to their contact list.

    But the tastelessness of such things, whether an image which is disrespectful to Michelle Obama, or a "Queen of Rage" cover of Newsweek (Michelle Bachmann sporting the wild eyes...) is not truth. Truth can never be tarnished when the facts are presented and given full public court. I look past the script for public consumption, beyond the false flag operations, and search for the basics of journalism: who, what, when, where, why and how.

    We are raising a new generation which does not respond with the cerebral cortex but responds based on a catecholamine cascade, a limbic system jerk, a negative feedback loop of confirmation bias, and image-evoking sentiment. Every video, a statement - whether is is a woman taping herself pretending public inebriation, a woman with jeans painted onto her skin, etc. We are devolving intellectually. Really, we are. (and I just ended a sentence with a linking verb, too, so there ya' go!)

    This makes me sad.


  16. There are many things that make me sad as well, the chief one is the fact that this country saw it fit to elect an inept, unqualified, Socialist, UN-American to to run the United of America.
    And that makes me so angry that want to scream ...

  17. Ed said:

    "God help us when we are paralyzed for fear of race riots from a minority."

    My sentiments exactly, Ed. We've got to get over letting ourselves be controlled by those who "claim" to be "OFFENDED."

    There is no right "NOT to be OFFENDED" in the Constitution as far as I know. And that is one of the reasons I often go out of my way to make politically incorrect remarks sure to arouse the ire of the arrogant, power mad Progressives who want to think they have a "right" and a "duty" to censor and censure everyone who does not conform to the artificial codes of conduct THEY would IMPOSE on US. I say to HELL with them.

    Ed also said:

    "Impeachment could work if public sentiment swayed enough dem senators to convict."

    Yes, it could, but it's more likely that pigs will grow wings and fly, and the rivers will retreat back to the hilltops, I'm afraid.

  18. Please God, tell me that I'm dreaming...

    ..because if anybody out there is this stupid - and they vote - we are doomed.

  19. If this is what the GOP believes is Presidential lawlessness - and remember the last bunch these geniuses gave us - then I can't wait to see them implode trying to prove it to a world who already think they're petty, dumb, easily distracted, corporatist sycophants as it is. Hillary '16, baby!


    1. JMJ,
      If you think that Hillary isn't one of the corporatist sycophants, you are sadly mistaken.

  20. Obama's strategy is to destroy our way of life and frighten the hell out of our citizens, by pretending to be incoherent about the ISIS issue. Why, is it only up to America to take responsibility for the destruction of ISIS??? when every country in the Middle East have the capability to protect themselves. They have been fighting with each other since the beginning of time, so they have to have some kind of weaponry to protect themselves. I believe this whole crazy issue is the staging of world war III. I also believe that the United States should step down and avoid any kind of conflict with ISIS even though they were responsible for the beheadings of Americans in that area, which I believe is a way of taunting America into sending more Americans to their deaths, while protecting people who really hate us, which is just wrong, our soldiers are suppose to protect and fight for America. Our threat is here in America by domestic terrorism, so our troops need to stay here and protect our borders and air space, America has sacrificed enough and for what? Obama has set free the very terrorist that were responsible for the deaths of American troops who died for [ NOW ] nothing. With a President like Obama and his followers here., America doesn't need foreign enemies.

  21. Let’s Blame Bush! Lets give obama another Free pass and Blame the republican!
    After all we can't blame Obama for everything, if we do we gonna be called a Racist! And we don't wants dat... does we?
    After all, it was only 5 years, 9 months, 27 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 56 seconds ago that Dubya left office and has had no legal or political authority whatsoever.

    And congress was controlled by the Democrats starting “only” 9 years, 10 months, 12 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes, 56 seconds ago.

    The worst part of political conversation today is the kneejerk response from the mainstream media, parroted by those embeciles incapable of seeing the obvious. Sadly, they’re too ignorant to be able to understand the distinction between reality and “news.

  22. Syria, Iraq, and ISIS is Now Obama's War Obama, only problem is that Obama is not strong enough to fix this. He will bungle it. He can't be trusted to negotiate either What he did regarding Bergdahl proves that!. So we'd be best served staying out of it. Iraq needs to stand on their own feet.

    We should train and arm the Kurds. Then help them form a new nation after the inevitable fall of Iraq.

    It is fairly obvious that the Democrats are completely clueless about Iraq. They campaigned in '06 as the party that would fix the mess Bush had made, and bring peace and love to the entire Middle East as well. After taking office, the Democrats had the bright idea of passing a nonbinding resolution. Yep, that'll fix it. If you assume that the Iraq War is a necessary part of the US's Middle East policy, then the resolution was a meaningless gesture that only hurt troop morale. If you think that the Iraq War was a grievous mistake that has gotten the US involved in a dreadful quagmire... then it was still a meaningless war.

    Back in August of last year, the Obama administration was drawing his now famous red line on Syria and wanting to bomb Syrian Army positions. Even "War on the Brain" McCain was pushing for this. But Putin saved his skinny ass. And now Putin Hates his skinny ass. Had we helped topple Assad last year, we can now have insight into the bloodshed that would have followed because of ISIS actions in Iraq. Neo Con theory calls for toppling these dictators and monarchs of the North Africa, Middle East and West Asia and thus democracy will follow. Idea was to give opposition groups in those nations an alternative to joining Islamic Extremist organizations. Instead what we have seen is the removal of Saddam has brought civil war and ISIS into Iraq. The Arab Spring has brought the Islamic Brotherhood to power in many of those countries. Now Obama administration is contemplating bombing ISIS in Syria. Assad must be laughing right now. What our next move? Do we now support Assad "the gasser" in order to fight ISIS? Has the Neo-Con approach been a failure? Under there plan we would need to keep large numbers of US troops engaged in that region indefinitely at the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars that we don't have. What's the next move on ISIS and what's the United States long term goals in this region of the world?


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