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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Open Thread

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  1. Replies
    1. What did he nullify?

      He made some rather mild statements on enforcement which is his prerogative as head of the executive branch.
      I don't think nullification is an accurate description.

    2. Oh, AoW, co-opting "nullification." Nice try. Everyone knows who the "nullification" crowd is today.


    3. See how this works, Mizz AOW?

      If the concept or buzzword is not approved by the dangling nuts at MSNBC or officially-sanctioned by the Obama Regime, it is verboten and you have no right to use it.

      "Everybody knows..." after all...

  2. In the News today, lol...

    GOP Intel Report Debunks Its Own Party's Nutty Benghazi Theories

    Congressional Report Confirms Benghazi! Was Never A Scandal

    Megyn Kelly Admits Fox News Uses 'Amnesty' To Fire Up Haters

    House Republicans Sue To Raise Health Care Costs For Poor Americans

    President Lincoln side steps Congress to enact the Emancipation Proclamation.

    1. Kooks and Criers? Liberal Talking points? Why not cite Mad Magazine?

      Did you actually read the article you cite on Lincoln?

      He issued the proclamation against states that were in open rebellion against the United States. It says that in the article. Also, what CI said.

      You are good for comic relief, though, Lester. I'll give you that...

    2. SF,
      Blog administrators here have allowed the comment to remain only as comic relief.

      The Left's twitching and screeching are amusing these days.


      Your sources are notorious left-wing propaganda mills, and therefore, highly suspect. I've had leftists tell me the same thing about The Wall Street Journal, which they, apparently, want to regard as a latter-day equivalent of Der Stuermer.

      Pilate asked, "What is Truth?" in all sincerity. He didn't know, and neither do you or any of the rest of us.

      As David Hume said, "Reason is but the slave of Passion."

      When it comes right down to it, all we have are our feelings, and I feel -- very strongly -- that you are nothing more than an ideologue -- a Cultural Marxist operative without heart, brain, or conscience.

      As such you deserve only to be studiously ignored.

    4. AOW,

      I would never presume to criticize your operation of this excellent blog. Please do not take my laughter a Liberal Lester as reflecting in any way on you.

      We do the same thing at Western Hero since like you we enjoy hearing from our Left Blogistani friends. Unfortunately, they can't all be as smart at Ducky, but that is what makes them so entertaining.

      Comments by people like Liberal Lester/This One are like the comic panels serious periodicals insert in between serious articles to break up the flow a little and provide some relief from weightier content.

    5. SF,
      You are a friend of this blog. I didn't take anything you said as criticism of the blog's management.

      Comments here are indeed intermittently removed. Intermittent feedback is supposed to be the most effective measure, after all. Furthermore, I trust those with intelligence to ignore idiocy (as FT mentioned above).

    6. Awww... does it bother you guys that everything "this one" posted is essentially true?


    7. No Jersey,

      It makes us split our sides with laughter that you and little Lester and other gullible Obama fanboys actually believe such red propaganda to be true

    8. JMJ,
      Copy and paste screeds of any type are not welcome at this blog. These are inserted into discussions and are nothing more than drive-by spam.

  3. It was only a matter of time before somebody made the vain attempt to compare the immigration executive order with the Emancipation Proclamation. Aside from the fact that the Lincoln Administration was yet another example of rule by fiat....the comparison is inept due to the fact that this Administration is attempting to pardon those who knowingly broke the law.

    1. It's sure going to bring out an ugly side of the Right, CI. Rather politically brilliant comparison if you ask me.


    2. I agree with you, Jersey.

      This strategy of the President and his leftwing goons is diabolically brilliant politics.

      Divide and conquer. Punish you enemies. Deride people you disagree with, accuse them or racism, cowardice and clinging to their guns and Bibles.

      Professor Barack Hussein Obama should teach a PhD-level on demagoguery when he leaves office. He is the greatest demagogue to ever occupy the Oval Office.

  4. Last Thursday, President Obama told the American people that he was no longer going to do what he hadn't been doing for the past six years, enforce the US borders. The Left wing, as usual, went NUTS, in praising the President for Not doing anymore, what he hadn't been doing.

    Now Congress, of course, would LOVE to get credit for Not doing what THEY hadn't been doing, but the President stole their thunder. But the President DID leave them a way to get some credit. Pass a bill that formalizes the President's action of NOT doing what the government hasn't been doing since the last time they passed a bill saying that they were going to do things that they never really intended to do, enforce the borders.

    But can the American people finally stop paying the feds for not doing what they haven't been doing now? No. The Congress will surely pass a bill that ensures that the American taxpayers pay the federal emnployees at least double the amount they had been for the jobs that they weren't doing previously.

    Hooray, problem solved! What would we do without Government?

    1. Words! Words! Words!
      I'm so sick of words.
      I've heard words all day through
      From the congress now you

      Don't talk of spring
      Don't talk of fall
      SHOW ME!

      Anyone concerned with politics
      Should tell you that

      Don't talk of Them
      Don't talk of You
      Just follow through
      SHOW ME.

      Don't wait until
      Wrinkles and lines
      Pop out all over your brow.


    2. FJ, and yet the borders are manned more than ever before, there have been fewer crossing and more deportations under Obama than Bush.

      Nice try.

    3. Manned more than ever before.... BWAH!...

      Let's here it for government Desk Jockey's! Woo-Hoo!

      btw - How's the catch & release program going to be doing next month when the new Central American "surge" hits the border?

    4. Another dumb liberal Obama fanboy fooled by a government changing the definitions...

    5. Personally, I think that we should just seal the border with stacks of $20 bills. It would be a LOT cheaper and more effective than the current approach.

    6. Better yet, Red, Old Boy, why not have Uncle Schmuck offer each peon 12K a year free and clear to STAY AWAY from the USA?

      The relief that would give natural-born Americans would be cheap at twice the price.

    7. FT: Damn that is a smart idea! I bow low to your intellect.

    8. I thought that Obama was already paying the Hondurans/ Guatemalans. The &&& must be going into the Junto's Swiss bank.

    9. Ooops. Sorry. Obama wants to make it simpler for Central Americans to apply/qualify for refugee status w/o leaving the comfort of their own casitas.

      I can hardly wait. Every American home needs a gardener and a maid.

      The presidents also promised to “counter misinformation about U.S. immigration policy”, which often spins it more positively than the situation is in reality, and encourages the exodus.

      Obama also announced that he is considering a limited refugee program based in Central America, which would allow people to apply for U.S. entry without having to attempt the dangerous border crossing.

      "There may be some narrow circumstances in which there is humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible for. If that were the case, it would be better for them to be able to apply in-country rather than face a very dangerous journey all the way up to Texas to make those same claims," Obama said.

  5. I think Saturday should be declared "Chocolate Eclair Day".

    1. Woukd you settle for chocolate cannoli from Maria's?

    2. Sounds good, Ducky. Do they garnish those with chopped pistachio nuts?

      Pistachio nuts were often a part of the heavenly Italian pastries we used to get in New York's "Little Italy" before everything went commercial.

    3. Pistachios are indeed an option.

      I usually get the chocolate bits.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I'm sure what Obama meant in saying Mexicans are just as American as anyone was that they are fellow human beings. If you prick them, they bleed, etc.

      While some of the details in your lengthy diatribe may be factual, most of it is a virulent outpouring of mean-spirited conjecture, insult and intolerance.

      I happen to have had a good deal of inadvertent experience with "illegals," and have for the most part found them amiable and astonishingly resourceful. Many are highly intelligent, and extremely grateful for whatever employment they've been able to get. For the most part their work ethic is exemplary. In this regard I find them remarkably similar to my maternal grandparents whom I remember very well. Their conduct under very challenging circumstances would provide an excellent role model for American Youth as it is today.

      The motives you ignorantly ascribe to these people are as spurious as they are contemptible.

      In reality, they are no different in spirit from the ancient Asians, who traversed what-was-then the Aleutian Land Bridge tens of thousands of years ago presumably seeking a better, more hopeful life for themselves and their children. Those ancient Asians ultimately spilt up, migrated all over the Western Hemisphere and developed into the hundreds of vastly different tribes we've referred to as "Indians" for several centuries.

      Each of those tribes developed its own language, culture and mores. Some fared better than others. All had something from which we could learn and profit were we not blinded by ignorance, stupidity and militant prejudice.

      In the realm of Spirit from which all life originated "Reality" trumps "Theory" -- and "Law" -- every single time.

    3. FT,
      Their conduct under very challenging circumstances would provide an excellent role model for American Youth as it is today.

      That's certainly true of some -- not all. I've had both positive and negative experiences with immigrants (legal and illegal).

    4. Of course, AOW, but from what I've observed at close range over the past 15 years I am certain the positives far outweigh the negatives.

      As I cannot emphasis strongly or frequently enough it is the hordes of out-and-out BUMS and legions of the DEATHLY ILL the D'Rats have deliberately LURED here with their disgusting promises of "Free Benefits to All" and the rotten stinking provision in our moronic 14th Amendment that LURES pregnant women from South of the Border -- and all over the world -- to park their grifting carcasses here JUST to give birth to new-minted "American citizens" who have parents who do NOT properly belong here, and may not even WANT to BE here that burns my butt.

      So YES. I am an ardent proponent of outright DISCRIMINATION against the WEAK, DISHONEST and UNFIT. I would favor the productive, and vigorously shun the criminals and others equally unsuitable for other reasons to reside in OUR country.

    5. Do you guys now see what your rhetoric does to people reduced intellectual capactity, like Indiana Jones?

      I'm wondering when I'm going to finally hear the words "American Master Race."


      And FT, you must think very, very, very, very highly of yourself. I mean, it couldn't have been easy doing everything in you life in a sealed vacuum.


    6. Indiana Jones's comment has been removed because it was copy-and-paste, drive-by spam. Meaningless and a waste of bandwidth that I pay for.

    7. FT,
      I am certain the positives far outweigh the negatives.

      Depends on one's point of view.

      As you know, I was permanently injured and partially disabled by an illegal immigrant driving a taxi. A nice enough fellow, but he made a mistake. No financial recompense for me.

      The words of the court: "The sympathies of the court lie with the poor immigrant. If the situation were reversed, he'd be taking you to the cleaners."

      That is unacceptable! The man wasn't held accountable for his own actions.

      Adequate compensation for me would allow for me to get more treatment for my injury.

      It will be interesting to see what happens to the attitude of immigrants once they get a pass to stay here. Of course, making that status official is months away. Some will not come out of the shadows because they know that the executive order can be overridden or otherwise changed.

      I suspect that something else is afoot, too. People are going out of their way now to hire Americans instead of immigrants -- in reaction to Obama's executive order. Yes, there are Americans who will competently do at least some of the work. Every American building contractor and handyman whom I personally know started being flooded with calls on Friday morning.

      I, for one, want to read that executive order. I've read that there is a severe penalty for any who hire illegals who don't come out of the shadows. I wonder if that is true.

    8. @ Jersey: Do you guys now see what your rhetoric does to people reduced intellectual capactity, like Indiana Jones?

      Yeah, we saw what a little communism and a little anarchy did to the fevered and barren minds of the Occupy Wall Street screamers.

      Smoking dope, rape, crapping in city parks and shouting marxist propaganda into bullhorns didn't change anything. Who'd a thunk it...

  7. @Indiana Jones

    "If they loved America they'd come here the legal way. Not as a tribe of Illegal animals..............................."

    B.O. apparently has no compunction about America becoming less than a 1st World country; not unlike the places from whence these illegals come. Most everything that he advocates points in that direction. Should he succeed, his wisdom deficient minions* will simply blame it on Bush, Reagan, Lincoln .......etc.

    * A President who truly cared about this Nation would not only deport illegals but also every last liberal @$$#0!e that he/she could find.

  8. Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi

    It's over and after millions spent on the investigation ... nada.
    But it all got pushed out on a Friday and the liberal media (LMAO) hasn't paid much attention.

    No, we'll move on to immigration.
    Mind you, we will NOT be discussing reasonable solutions. Not all all.
    We will bemoan that the Muslim Kenyan Socialist usurper has acted in a way that conflicts with the right wing founding myths.
    Because if the flaws in those myths are admitted ... well, let's just make sure that Howard Zinn gets buried.

    1. This is damning enough:

      The report did find, however, that the State Department facility where Stevens and Smith were killed was not well-protected, and that State Department security agents knew they could not defend it from a well-armed attack. Previous reports have found that requests for security improvements were not acted upon in Washington.

      The blood of those Americans is on Hillary's hands since it was her State Department that exercised the negligence.

      Also, Obama's genius foreign policy warlords, including Susan Rice, couldn't foresee that perhaps our facilities would be more vulnerable on 9/11?

      Obama and his gang in the White House are all amateurs, and when we have amateurs at the levers of government, this is what we get.

      So, while there was no conspiracy, the established facts are damning enough. Hillary Clinton should remove herself from the public arena along with Bush and Cheney.

      Also, note who debunked the conspiracy theories:


      Now if we could just get the leftwing Democrat party to exercise such candor in the quest for truth and justice we just might get this nation back on track.

    2. I don't believe anyone felt that the Benghazi consulate wasn't lightly defended. Never really the issue though was it?

      Some embassies overseas were hardened, like Ankara and attacks were resisted. But apparently perfection is all the right will accept since they achieve that so often (Cue: laugh tack).

      Yes the conspiracy theories floated by the Republican rabies media were so ridiculous that the committee had no way not to get out in front of this silliness.

      Not convincing, Silverfiddle. You're goal is to find some way to dump on Obama regardless. That's the mission. That's your only mission.

    3. What do you mean "not convincing?"

      Hillary and Obama are serial mismanagers and people have died as a result.

      We rightly hold Bush-Cheney in contempt for what they did after 9/11. Obama has been even worse.

    4. Not true, Canardo. Our aim is to weaken and disgrace Her Heinous to such an extent that the candidacy she has longed for all her misspent life is rendered DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

      Obama has committed virtual suicide politically. Only the Fringe-Left };-)> still supports him. We don't need to worry about HIM anymore -- much. He's pretty well done his worst.

      The American Lady Macbeth, who lurks in the wings breath foul, fangs dripping, talons bared, waiting to pounce and drag us down to Hades is another matter. She and Pocahauntass must be dealt with -- and dealt with harshly -- before it's too late to call our souls our own anymore.

      "Whenever a [person] has cast a longing eye upon them [public offices] a rottenness begins in [their] conduct."

      "In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will cultivate, and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone . The people themselves are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe their minds must be improved to a certain degree."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

    5. In that case, Freethinke, I'd point to her husband's fling with supply side and his complicity in laying the foundation for the economic collapse.

      Seriously, foreign policy unless there has been a commitment to war does not have near the impact on voters that the economy does.

    6. You're conflating again, Ducky. Clinton's great economic sin was signing a repeal of parts of Glass-Steagall. His other big sin was continuing the government program that forced lenders to loan money to people who couldn't pay it back.

      The collapse at the end of W's reign was largely a result of those two things. Our economic fundamentals were sound, and the hell of it is, our economy would have continued at a nice pace without those two gross government mistakes.

    7. I forgot to add, Bush can also be blamed for stoking the economy with easy money.

      Bill Clinton was a good, solid president, and his economic fundamentals were solid, although he (along with GOP congress) did let the Wall Street pirates run rampant, and they went on to build the toxic time bombs ended up crashing us.

      Again, this is a financial thing, distinct from economic fundamentals. The big scam the Wall Street-DC gangsters pulled on us was conflating the two.

      I don't know why you're so hard on Bill Clinton. If he were to run today against, say, a Mike Huckabee, I've pull the lever for ol' Bill.

  9. Ducky, can you come up with a link of the Congressional Report the leftwing media is touting as news from yesterday? I've been looking for the last hour and can't find the report anywhere. Also, the 8th Select Committee got seated in May and we haven't heard from that one. Also, this latest report, if true, states clearly that Benghazi was nowhere near able to fend off the attacks and they'd asked many times for help with nothing forthcoming.
    I'd have thought MSNBC, at least, would be crowing about this ad nauseum, but they've not mentioned it when I've had it on, nor has CNN or FOX.

    Re immigration, get a grip; to ignore what Republicans have tried to do on this (and no, I won't link for you, you should be informed enough to know these things), and let's ignore what this president's done and still blames Republicans as if he didn't own Congress for 2 years.
    I'm done with this ....you need to get more info; I don't mean to sound holier than thou, but you're usually better informed on subjects than this.

    1. At NO time has the light defenses at the Benghazi consulate ever been denied.

      The so called scandal was a combination of inaccurate reporting of the viability of a military response to the attack and a frenzy about the true perps when it was unclear in the initial fog.

      It's all being buried quietly, z.
      The right doesn't want to look like fools and neither does the American liberal(LMAO)™ media. It's all standard procedure.

    2. What have Republicans tried to do on immigration?

      I noticed that Rubio, who had a more moderate stance than most, backed away from it when the likelihood of an executive order became apparent.
      Fact is, the Republicans have been unwilling to compromise in any fashion.

    3. Duck,
      What have Republicans tried to do on immigration?

      Certainly not the 1198 pages churned out and passed by the Democratic Party's Senate. I'll have a post about that matter on Monday.

      Rubio, who had a more moderate stance than most, backed away from it when the likelihood of an executive order became apparent.

      So what? Obama just went against his many declarations that he couldn't do anything about immigration policy without Congress. Well, he just did, didn't he? He's a liar -- no matter how you try to spin this one.

    4. Here's the problem; there are liberals who actually think all Republicans want to deport 11 million people tomorrow. There are libs who actually think Republicans want to keep these illegals in the shadows if they're not deported yesterday.
      Remember, we hate illegals, we hate Hispanics, we have ANYBODY who's not 100% white and, preferably male. (sarcasm, of course)

      When dopes actually think that, where do we go from there?

      Republicans need to get into office in 2 years and just plow through anything they want through Exec Order; maybe then, while it's illegal and unconstitutional, we can get America back on track.
      Maybe then we can go slowly on change; make improvements piecemeal and make sure they work instead of executing laws that screw up everybody's healthcare except those who don't pay taxes. How's that idea?
      How about closing the border? There's an idea one would think we all agree with.
      How about not releasing illegal felons who've been arrested 3 times and go on to kill 2 California cops in cold blood?
      my God....let's stop the anti Republican idiotic screeds and START THINKING.
      "Gohmert's a jerk, Gowdy's a jerk, Rubio's a weakling, Cruz is a 'tea bagger', etc etc".... ALL these people who half the country like are just IDIOTS,right?
      THINK, liberals: OPEN YOUR MINDS.
      This was a great country that gave you every opportunity you've got; let's give those same opportunities to legal immigrants and stop pandering for future democrat votes; it's unsavory and unattractive on your parts.

  10. AOW, I am THRILLED you didn't have "IF YOU MUST HAVE POLITICS, SCROLL DOWN" at the top of your post today! Because I almost vented that last week when you asked! :-) I've always felt slightly guilty about HAVING TO HAVE POLITICS, honestly! A little like I was addicted to it or something!
    There, I've said it, and BRAVO for NOT including it this week :-)

    1. Z,
      I use that phrase when I post something other than politics.

      I, for one, am sick and tired of being all consumed by politics most of the time.

    2. AOW, I understand why you post it....and concur. I just always felt a little 'guilty' after reading that for 'HAVING to have politics!'...that's all!
      Believe me, I get feeling consumed by politics....as you know I do!

    3. Z,
      Be sure to stop by to see my post tomorrow. I managed to take another lucky-shot photo!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. So, dingbat, when was the last time the Democrats investigated and debunked a leftwing conspiracy?

      People died because of Hillary's negligence, and Obama wasn't even concerned enough to stagger over to the situation room, probably because the official photographer wasn't there to capture him looking presidential.

      People died, and our government was too stupid to realize people in that part of the world would be gunning for us on 9/11.

      That in itself is bad enough. This is your government on hopium.

    2. and if you read the reports, it cites multiple intelligence failures. That's how they exonerated the incompetent amateur warlord Susan Rice.

    3. SF; how can Americans like these people who leave this ridiculous comments even hope for a better America?
      Apparently, it's okay that the embassy was screaming for help and nobody did enough to have prevented this from happening.
      Apparently, those six guys who did save lives there and insist they'd have saved more had they not had the step down order were all lying...right? (really??)

      I'd like somebody to please find the Congressional Report from yesterday on line...I'm still looking.
      By the way, the 8th senate subcommittee on this that got seated in May still has NOT issued any report.
      I am not doubting the whole report';s vindication of that loser Susan Rice and her boss Obama but the way CNN's ignoring it gives me pause. why not?

    4. Cut and paste comments here too? This one was at "Who's your Daddy" posted at 2:04 (different time zone), one minute after being posted here.

    5. Ya, I saw that just now, too. I guess some people think so much of themselves that they've got to make sure more people read them?
      I'd be cringing in embarrassment, I hate to be unkind, but... wow.

    6. I agree. Must have come from a school that emphasized "self-esteem" instead of academics and/or morality.

    7. Thersites,
      Cut and paste comments here too? This one was at "Who's your Daddy" posted at 2:04 (different time zone), one minute after being posted here.

      So I noticed. The comment was removed before I saw your comment. Thanks for alerting me to the copy-and-paste spam, however.

    8. About Benghazi...

      House Intel Committee: Benghazi not escalation of peaceful protest. First paragraph:

      The Obama Administration narrative is definitively torpedoed in this report — and yet the mainstream media, even more craven and dishonest than usual, is spinning the report as an exoneration of Obama.

      Read the rest at the above link.

    9. self esteem over good character, yes....to hell with academics and morality; we have to like ourselves. What a dangerous pit to fall into.
      Of course, because there are libs who might read this comment, I have to explain what I shouldn't have to, that I DO believe being confident is a good thing; I don't have time now to explain why good character should not only come first but actually contributes to confidence....
      I know; that sounds unforgivably self righteous and mean; but I can't help it. sorry.

    10. No libs believe bad character is the way to go.

      I want my grand niece to have bad character.
      Please stop.

    11. the kind of rotten behavior toward everything conservative shows bad character. Republicans are no champions of the Left but one doesn't find the disdain , the withering nastiness of, say, Obama toward FOX, for example. He's liberal (whether you think so or not) and never misses a chance to show his disdain for half this country's opinions because they don't match his.
      That's bad character. My point is that character is more important than self esteem...I hope you agree.
      I hope your niece has good character; I wonder how old she is by now...9? I hope she's thriving and that you still enjoy her as much as when she was very little.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. He's liberal (whether you think so or not)
      No, I don't believe he is but I also believe you are not an established authority. Not sure what you feel your credentials are.

      And nastiness to a propaganda organ like Fox is hardly bad character.
      You have to admit, z, that if you read comments from kid, mustang, impertinent, Ed and some others you read hate bordering on a desire for physical harm.

      My niece is nearly 6. The staff at her school thinks she's doing just fine.
      Reads well, number sense is developing.
      What is really becoming clear is that she has a very good sense of her body and really loves dance.

    14. Ducky, I have never said I'M an authority but when only far leftwingies say Obama's not liberal, I have to draw conclusions that he pretty much is. Liberals most of us know think he is.

      And, by the way, I'm not sure you realize that you seem to establish yourself as an authority on most everything; with your disdain and utter contempt for anyone with a differing viewpoint.

      By the way, the conservatives you mention only write occasionally with 'hate bordering on desire for physical harm,' as a final conclusion to their well thought-out dissertations on extremist, murdering, beheading islam. I'd say that shows good character as well.
      Glad your niece is doing well....dance is a wonderful thing to love in one's life.

    15. you truly are the very saddest person I think I've come in contact with. I'm very sorry.

  12. This report is pure BULLSHIT! ! I don't believe a word of it. LIARS
    all a bunch of bullshit ! lie to cover his ass **** obama he's a ******* CRIMINAL !
    and he needs to go to PRISON and so does that ******* **** Clinton

    Our Troops deserve better than this Crap.

  13. Oh yeah right, and If you like your Insurance, you can keep your Insurance.

  14. Death by Chocolate shared with AOW in Colonial Williamsburg. That is my chocolate vote. That was a wicked cake. Can't remember what we washed it down with, but that was definitely a winner. We ate our way through the town for about a week. Talk about foodies!


    1. Tammy,
      That certain restaurant here in my area offers something comparable.

  15. Question: Does anybody here have a link that provides the entire text of Obama's executive order for immigration?

  16. Will the executive order on immigration create certain problems for employers?

    “Depending on what relief is issued by President Obama, an employer might bring a declaratory action in federal court to determine if he can, or, under the federal civil rights laws, must consider potential employees who are granted work authorizations as part of the executive action,” says Todd Gaziano, executive director of the Washington office of the Pacific Legal Foundation. “Such an employer likely would have standing to argue that he faces a legal bind.”

    If the order is not valid an employer may have wrongly offered jobs to people who weren’t entitled to work and thereby be held liable for fines if a subsequent president repeals the order. Conversely, “If the work authorizations are legal and effective, the employer might face disparate impact liability under Title VII for not hiring from the pool of newly authorized workers, particularly in certain locations and industries where they make up a significant portion of the overall applicant pool.”

  17. WHAT???

    Marion Barry has died, and the reaction over and over again is "We're shocked!" and "There was no warning!"

    Are you kidding me?

  18. In one speech or another, Barack Hussain Obama attacked and blamed Republicans for every failed policy of his. He was a master of playing to the crowd, and when he wasn’t attacking Republicans he would attack capitalism in one crowd on one day, and attack George Bush in another crowd on another!!
    So now that he’s a lame duck, without the need to attack anyone, he just goes out and does whatever the hell he wants to, this is want is know as dictatorship.

  19. Marion Barry has died?

    And we hardly go to know him...

    Anyone give a crap?

  20. Surprised Mr. Barry lasted as long as he did due to his drug usage. On the other hand, he might have had the genome map of a centenarian, but sliced off a good twenty years with the destructive behavior.

    On the other hand, Job 34:20 is a favorite verse. I like to remember it when becoming angry regarding any looming corruption scandal:

    They die in an instant, in the middle of the night;
    the people are shaken and they pass away;
    the mighty are removed without human hand.


  21. The Republican-controlled Congress and the Supreme Court are the two elements of our government that can and must provide a measure of protection against the deception that is practiced every day by President Obama and members of his administration. Let’s hope neither is "stupid" in the two years that remain. This president has been lying since 'the very first day he has come into public light.
    What is a stake here is the absolute need for a trustworthy federal government and the need to repeal a piece of legislation based entirely on the lies made by this president.
    To date neither Congress or the Supreme Court has stopped Obama from doing anything...Will the new Congress do anything effective in 2015 when they have already taken impeachment and government shutdown off the table?
    I think not.
    We The People will have to clean up the mess, that we the people have allowed to happen..

    As for the LIE claiming Benghazi was completely debunked. Well, many of us who know the report is FULL OF SHIT and that the House Committee was too stove piped to even properly investigate it have been refuting the full of holes report. But now people who were directly lied to or lied about are coming out of the woodwork and slamming the report so badly that the dancing in the end zones by Democrats will soon turn to more defeat and depression once Trey Gowdy sets them straight in December with the senate report.

    The Benghazi Report, for example, exonerates the CIA, yet Lyndsey Graham was personally lied to by the CIA on Benghazi. By the time Graham is done in coming days, Rogers won't want to show his face in public again.

    Trust me this is not nearly the end, this whole thing is about to boomerang in Democrats' faces, just like Gruber and Obamacare has.

  22. To get back to "Ferguson" Why don’t we just go ahead and indict and convict, and hang the cop whether you think he did or not. Hell, the PC Police had him convicted before Brown's body was cold, they obviously know EXACTLY what happened. The Black Panthers were ready to hang to Cop.
    If white cops complain, screw 'em, they're only whites, they must be racists anyway.

    Then, going forward, only black cops can be sent on calls involving blacks. Send a white cop in there, and if they have to actually do anything, they're putting their careers and lives (not to mention their families) in danger. Not worth it.

    The PC Police wants to play Politics, fine. We can extend that to Identity Law Enforcement. Divide everyone by skin color and we're good to go.
    Or better yet, lets let Jon Stewart, or Dave Letterman, or better yet Rosie O’Donnell make the decision.

    1. "Then, going forward, only black cops can be sent on calls involving blacks." Well said...sad, but well said.

  23. AOW -

    That certain restaurant is a favorite haunt now. smile


  24. If the cop doesn't get indicted-civil unrest.
    If the cop does get indicted why would anyone want to be a cop?

    1. Jon,

      Also, there may be destructive celebration if the officer is convicted.

  25. How fortunate we are to have ARSE-holes like Comrade Shaw, Dave Mueller, MoLester and Ente around these blogs to “show us the way” with their sick, and mentality ill opinions. Frankly, I'm just sick and tired of that stupid, sick, mentality, that is crippling this Nation.


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