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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Video: Our Crippling Fear of the Truth

Please listen and watch all the way to the end one of Pat Condell's best statement ever (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Check out the English Defence League's web site for yourself.


  1. It is a problem for the Brits to decide; it is their future, after all. Of course, what I just said is utter bullshit. The Brits have no more control over their destiny than we do. The politicians are running the show. Democracy today is no more than despotism dressed for dinner. But as Mr. Condell points out, the people are so stupid, not even they know enough to care. Yesterday, I read something Mustang wrote about technology being the new opiate of the masses. I think he is right. Our citizens don’t know who the Speaker of the House is, and they don’t know about Benghazi, but they know how to tweet and post inanities on Facebook …

  2. Actually, the problem that Condell attributes to Islam is a much BIGGER problem embedded in modern Western ideology. Zizek describes it rather crudely in the link.... but it has to do with pretending that we can simply take the "bad" elements out of Islam... (ie - jihad) and thereby render the remainder of the Islamic religion "harmless"... a kind of coffee without caffein product, Islam w/o Islamicists. This western post-modern multi-cultural ideal is an error. A VERY dangerous one. It could ONLY work if the Islamic family living next door didn't REALLY believe in Islam, or the "political" advantages they could derive from pretending to believe in Islam.

    And Zizek knows what he's talking about... from the Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian Yugolslav fiasco.

  3. Here is a better version of Zizek's thesis.

  4. As for me, I think that it's high time we began a new breeding program for endogamous cultures (Plato, "Republic"). Something only an exogamous culture, such as our own, is suitable for performing.;)

  5. In other words, it's not a "fear of the truth" that is holding us back. The truth is known... but the liberals are "suspending" that knowledge (as it is taken as a mere transitional object") in order to achieve a "higher" ideological goal... an "harmonious" multi-cultural society. Perhaps they think that after eight generations of non-interference with their endogamous mating habits, Islamic "hostility" and "aggression" towards the liberal project will have been "bred out of them." ;)

  6. How do they "suspend" the truth? With a *fetish (perhaps linked to a perceived "higher", but erroneous, truth), of course. There are a half dozen Moslem's that they keep in the Administration as tamed "pets". Anthony Wiener's wife (Huma Abedin) (Hillary Clinton's aide) was but one...

    A fetish is a partial lie that sustains a global truth. ie - "I know that there are some violent Muslim's, but Islam is a religion of peace")

  7. A Symptom is a partial truth returning from the field of a global lie.

    Islamic terrorism is a "symptom" of the falsity of the "greater lie" that progressives believe... that "Islam is a religion of peace".

  8. Thersites is right when he suggests liberals "harmonious" multiculturalism is their goal and putting up with jihadists ("if we're nice to them, they won't hurt us, anyway, right?") is a sign of an open mind :-)
    I guess our own president figures not using the term TERRORISM makes jihadists feel better, too. And, after all, their relief will be Obama's delight. Who gives a damn what Americans know and think, right?
    Condell always knocks it out of the park; we need to pray for his protection. I'm amazed he's still alive!!

  9. Zizek offers a bit more explication upon his paradigm, for those who might be interested.

  10. PC will be the death of us all.

    AOW, these google word verifications are getting ridiculous. I can't even read the one below.

  11. I really admire Pat Condell for his speaking and thinking abilities, how he cares about the truth and not what others think of him. I agree that the EDL is neither "fascist" nor "racist," and have supported them almost from the beginning. I have never seen one shred of evidence to the contrary. They, like all groups on the right, are regularly slimed, insulted and slandered with evil epithets.

    On the other hand, Pam Geller has banned me from her site for telling the truth about the EDL when Geller momentarily joined the forces of darkness by denouncing the EDL as "fascist" on the basis of one disgruntled former member's opinion. It seems that the EDL is far more forgiving than is Geller, as Geller was invited to their event before Britain banned her.

  12. It is getting to the point where I don't think we in the US have much choice over our destiny any more. As you have said, the minorities seem to rule and we have an administration that simply declares something so and the Republicans don't do anything to stop them.

    Right Truth

  13. it takes a true hero to speak the Truth nowadays..:)

  14. I recently discovered that the Left has a very "specific" meaning when they use the term "fascist"... and it relates to how the Nazi's in WWII blamed the Jews for all their social ills. In many ways, it's the same way that Leftists use the term "racist"... although I doubt that Southern American's ever blamed all of the South's evils on "negroes".

    Somehow, they believe that it is a "unique" feature of the "Right" to always blame "outsiders" (ie - Muslims) for all of our social "ills".... which is why they (Leftists) always speak of us in morally opprobriutive terms as they believe the Right to be constantly "scapegoating" the "other", while only THEY (Leftists) are capable of universal ideological inclusion.

    The truth, however, lies somewhere in the middle. You can be "critical" w/o being discriminatingly "exclusive" to the point of driving "the other" OUT of your community (as one would a "scapegoat"/pharmakos)

  15. And Zizek knows what he's talking about... from the Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian Yugolslav fiasco.

    But the Muslims were the least active in that conflict.
    Serbs and Croats have been an Orthodox vs. Roman Catholic clash that was most disgusting when the Vatican made no attempt to stop the massacre of Serbs during WW II.

    The task of western culture is to take the religion out of religion. Islam is just part of the issue.

  16. But the Muslims were the least active in that conflict.

    lol! You've GOT to be kidding. Even Osama bin Laden/ al Qaeda had troops fighting/ training.

    Unlike you, Zizek is not an idiot. He was THERE. You should hear him tear into Karadzcik... as his aim was largely to exterminate Muslims.

  17. The task of western culture is to take the religion out of religion.

    As for the "task" of Western culture, only the Christian G_d ever died. But THAT simple fact doesn't mean we're "through" with "religion".

  18. The task of liberal "progressivism" seems to be to try and take the "passion" of faith, OUT of "faith". Because passionate "believers" cannot be fed a worthless Heraclitian diet of "constant change" and are much MUCH easier to "control".

    What, if anything, worthwhile would be left if "passion" were ever divorced from faith?

  19. And Nostradumbass strikes again.


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