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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Evaluating Motown

by Sam Huntington

Mayor Dave Bing appeared on camera earlier this week to proclaim that while it’s true Detroit has problems his isn’t the only city in America on the verge of bankruptcy. While I’m not quite sure how that helps, or in any way mitigates what happened in Detroit, its probably true. I’m very sure that Chicago is near to disaster, and Baltimore, and any number of other cities controlled by unions and run (into the ground) by democratic administrations.

I suppose it is possible to forecast which cities Mr. Bing was speaking about in his remarks. They, like Detroit, should be a showcase for the liberal agenda. A city rife for disaster should be controlled by labor unions, should have a debt nearly equal to that of the entire federal government with no way to repay any of its loans, and conditions within the city itself should be so bad that no sane person wants to remain within its borders.

A city like Detroit will have public schools that are no more than incubators for drugs and violence to such an extent that these children will be well prepared for failure as adults. Roughly seven percent of Detroit’s adults are literate; they are people who aren’t qualified for a job even if employers were screaming for help. This doesn’t mean that people are stupid —quite the contrary. More than half of Detroit’s adult population glimpsed the future and left. The population dropped from 1.8 million to roughly 700,000 in the past twenty years.

A city like Detroit will lack political competition. It is exactly what the democrats and unions wanted: a fiefdom. Detroit has had a democratic mayor since 1962, and like the ever-evasive unicorn, a republican member of the city council is almost unheard of. One party government very rapidly evolves into extraordinarily bad government. It may offer sweet deals to public unions and their members, but sooner or later, someone is going to have to pay for those plums —a neat trick when revenues drop by half.

Like Gary, Indiana (most people seem to have forgotten), the bills have come due for liberal irresponsibility. Time to pay the piper for bad management, criminal corruption, unaffordable borrowing, refinance schemes, raising taxes, and deferring contributions to public pensions. Did I mention raising taxes, which is something socialists love to do?

And of course, we are now hearing the eggheads in Washington discuss a federal bailout for Detroit. Yes sir, nothing like pouring good money in on top of bad investments, eh? But here’s something else to consider. If Mr. Bing is correct about there being “a lot more cities out there” like Detroit, just waiting to slide into the progressive abyss, then what does that tell us about the tax and spend policies of the federal government under Barack Obama? Like most Americans, who were stupid enough to vote for Barack Obama twice, I see no indication that “most Americans” have even yet figured it out: infrastructure is expensive enough without expanding government into people lives, paying them extraordinary entitlements and six-figure pensions.  How many cities can the federal taxpayer afford to "bail out?"

The truth is that Detroit was a disaster waiting to happen for the past fifty years. And those geniuses of the progressive persuasion stood around and watched it happen. Yes sir, let’s reelect people just like Coleman Young, Kwame Fitzpatrick, and John Conyers’ young chick, Monica.  It is said that people deserve the government they elect.  I think this is true, don't you?


  1. Yes I agree. You cannot keep spending millions of dollars you don't have, and have no hope of ever getting, forever without eventually suffering the consequences.

    Just wait, the Obama administration will bail them out. Not with one lump sum called a bailout, but with smaller sums by some other name.

    Right Truth

  2. Maybe I missed it, but I've not heard one liberal comment that it was their bad policies that destroyed Detroit. And, after all that has happened to Detroit, do you think of those 700,000 souls still have woken-up? Of course not!

  3. Interestingly, liberals are blaming the citizens for moving away. Conn Carroll recently said, “I love how the standard liberal reaction to Detroit going bankrupt is to blame all the missing people. Why do you think they left, geniuses?”

  4. Liberal and leftist policies are what created Detroit, and you describe well the details of that train wreck.

  5. I believe the bankrupting of ALL America cities has been deliberate and systematic. I see it as a key part of a Master Plan concocted long ago by The Oligarchs.

    The next step in the process will be the deliberate bankrupting and subsequent destruction of the Middle Class by forcing the financially comfortable and modestly prosperous to BAIL OUT all the ruined cities through excessive and ever increasing TAXATION. The money gleaned in this manner will never reach the ruined cities, of course.

    When all the accumulated wealth, and privately owned property of everybody -- except The Oligarchs, themselves, -- has vanished, the cities will be more wretched than ever and the rest of the country will have been forced into an identical state of penury and deprivation.

    Once everyone is homeless, penniless, naked and starving, then The Oligarchs will rush in to RESCUE -- and this forever ENSLAVE -- the entire population.

    Welcome to OCEANA.

  6. Since Unions destroyed the Steel Industry, seriously crippled the Auto Industry and are in the process of making our young people some of the dumbest on the Planet; is anyone surprised that many of our municipalities are falling. I suppose some @$$#0!e will come back with a platitude about what good things unions do. Well, they DID, a long, long, time ago. They are now just plain dangerous and have morphed into the very greedy entities that they were originally formed against. After wrecking the Private Sector and pricing themselves out of the market(s)they spread like roaches to the Public Sector where there is no "market" to be priced out-of. Now that they have screwed up the Public Sector, let's see how they handle the bankruptcies that are of their own making.

    I've been in 6 unions, none by choice.

  7. Yeah, mustang, liberals caused the white flight from the rust belt cities.

    How did this week's White Citizens Council meeting go?

  8. Honestly, ducky, there is no reason to reinforce to us what a profound boob you are. We get it.

  9. For those that remain in Detroit, most of them will think that it's someone else's fault. When liberal policies fail, it's always someone else's fault.

  10. Ducky said:

    "Yeah, mustang, liberals caused the white flight from the rust belt..."

    I don't know about other cities, but this is true for Detroit. Coleman A. Young was a raving racist.

  11. With a title like that, AOW, what more is there to say?!

  12. I TOLD Canardo what has caused this, but he never listens to the wisdom and truth imparted by his betters.
    He's basically a Johnny-One-Note constantly harping, carping and chivvying. The toxic tone of Marxism redounds from his every utterance.

  13. Well now, it's happened; the AFOL-CIO is [demanding] that tax payers bail this $#!t#ole out. I say let them, the AFOL-CIO bail it out. They caused the problem!

  14. Jon: The AFL-CIO should bail out Detroit. It and the UAW are a significant cause of the cities decline: the unions treated good manufacturing jobs like the Orkin man treats termites.

    All: Mayor Bing, quoted in the actual post, is a brave man who deserves a lot of credit. A lot of his ideas make sense, and his heart is in the right place, for sure.


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