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Thursday, July 18, 2013

European Blinders Removed?

Apparently, there is no love among socialists.


  1. One would hope that they would finally see the truth, but are the numbers great enough to do any good? That would seem to be the question.

    I keep hoping people here in the US will begin to see the truth. There is a little hope now with the unions turning against Obama on the "affordable" health care act. They have seen there is nothing affordable about it. Might be a good time for people to flee the unions.

    Right Truth

  2. Great turns of phrase in "the almost unprecedented slobbering over them" and"the sycophantic fawning over them by sections of the media"!

    I could site many more excellent and accurate turns of phrase in this excellent and accurate speech.

    Great find, Sam!

  3. Let us hope they devour each other.

  4. She knows him better than 51% of our own country.

  5. AOW said, "I could cite many ... excellent and accurate turns of phrase in this excellent and accurate speech."

    Yes, it is a pleasure to hear someone who can put words together without hemming, hawing, stumbling and and inserting "you know" after each clause. However, her demeanor and bearing are those a typical leftist bîtch -- dour -- humorless -- insolent -- accusatory -- ceaselessly confrontational -- and tirelessly belligerent. And frankly her ACCENT is deplorable if not quite abominable.

    I would caution us all to remember:

    The Enemy of My Enemy is Rarely-If-Ever My Friend.

    This woman, were she a member of our congress, God forbid, would undoubtedly vote with the National Black Caucus, NOW, Planned Parenthood, A.N.S.W.E.R, the anti-Gun Lobby, and every other pale, slimy, Brian Becker-like anti-war creep whoever slithered out from under a rock situated in the farthest corner of left field.

    In short she's a female equivalent of Canardo, who detests Obama [he says!] because The Big O is nowhere near far enough to the LEFT to suit our Marxian Muscovy.

    Believe me with "friends" like Clare Daly, you don't need enemies.

  6. A liberal who can speak coherently.
    How refreshing. She's still a liberal and her views are for the most part incompatible with mine.

  7. No one is proposing marriage, FT. As Louis offered, lets enjoy the show as the commies turn on one another.

  8. Yes, enjoy the show! Thanks for posting this. It was fun to listen to. Linked here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2013/07/hypocrite-of-century.html

  9. The critical aspect is that she opposes Obama for reasons that are quite distinct from conservative America's.

    She recognizes the cheap corporate/military pimp that has been running America for better some time now. It's not going to change. He keeps you scared of the Muslims and homos and accelerates the wealth transfer. It's a page from the Reagan playbook.

    It's true, she has nothing to do with conservative America. In fact she has a lot less in common with right wing America than Obama does.

  10. There ya go ... It's proof positive why Ireland's #1 export is the Irish.

  11. And how many countries would arrest Bush and Cheney on the spot for war crimes? Several.

  12. That Irish woman better watch it dissing our President the way she did. She was out of line saying what she did.

    Obama may be a pimp and a murderer, but he is OUR pimp and murder. It

  13. There's only so much Obama can do to impress his fellow leftists without actually setting up death camps.

  14. Ducky: It is homophobic of you to bash gay people with the insults that you like to use.

    But you have a point about Obama being a corporate pimp. The Democrats are the party of corporate welfare, in distinct contrast with the Republicans.

    Wrong about him being a military pimp, however

  15. Also, I checked on this. Turns out there are no countries that would kidnap innocent US citizens due to crimes that never happened

    from Yahoo.

    FYI, Liberalmann, the International Criminal Court has been presented 130 petitions/etc to try Bush for war crimes. The court, the top such legal authority in the world, has rejected every one of them. Obvious reason: no evidence at all.

    There is as much evidence of Bush war crimes as there is that Obama was born in Kenya.


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