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Friday, July 5, 2013


Detected and treated early, iritis (anterior uveitis), the most common cause of preventable blindness, doesn't affect visual acuity. But the pain is miserable — much like a toothache of the eyeball!

A small stye, which developed just prior to the irits and may well have triggered the iritis, adds more misery.

Prednisolone eye drops every two hours, Tobramycin drops every five hours, frequent hot compresses, and ibuprofen every four hours bring some relief. I've had worse bouts of iritis and know from experience that the best medicine is plenty of rest.

Although I will make limited blog rounds, I will not be posting again until Monday.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Better give that eye some rest for a couple of days, we only have two and they don't come with spare parts.

  2. Get well.
    May God give you a speedy recovery.

  3. Please take time off, AOW, -- even from reading. Perhaps sitting quietly and listening to music you really love would help, but I urge minimal use of your eyes for the next few days.

    You know about my own considerable eye troubles -- seven operations in eight years in a constant struggle to continue life as a sighted person, and an eighth procedure coming soon -- and because of that I know too well that spending too much time at the computer causes eye strain that can become severe.

    As Ed said, we only get one set of eyes, and they are irreplaceable -- cataract and corneal transplant surgery notwithstanding.

  4. Ouch! Take care, and find a way to rest those eyes.

  5. AOW, I have found that Aleve -- a OTC product -- is a superior pain reliever among the non-prescription drugs.

    I think it was "designed" primarily for arthritis, but I've found it very helpful with both toothache, tendonitis, and flu-like symptoms.

    I'm, surprised your doctor didn't prescribe something stringer than Tylenol for the pain you are experiencing.

    I was given Hydrocodone after a recent tooth extraction, and found that Aleve gave better relief.

    Go figger. ;-)

    Anyway, I hope you feel better very soon.

  6. FT,
    Thanks for the tip about Aleve. I'll give it a try!

    BTW, the pain didn't set in with a vengeance until after the doctor's exam. All those bright lights -- and the worsening of the iritis, too, of course.

  7. AOW,

    If the pain intensifies -- or at least doesn't start to simmer down by Monday morning -- I would call the doctor again, and ask for further explanation, and perhaps more "advanced" treatment.

    This sounds serious to me. I wouldn't be "brave" and try to tough it out, if I were you. Our eyes are nothing to foll around with.

  8. irits. I'm not familiar with that, but I do know what styes are, I used to have them all the time when I was a kid and continued to have them occasionally as an adult. Even had to have one lanced with a scalpel once, scary.

    You need to take care of yourself for sure, eyes are nothing to fool around with.

    I started having trouble with the pressure in my eyes a couple years ago, which gives way to concerns of glaucoma. I've gotten the readings down with prescription drops.

    My hubby just had cataract surgery in one eye two weeks ago, will have the other eye done this Monday. That is scary.

    Take care.

    (On another note, I have been using Google Reader for all my blogs I follow and news sites, and they are no longer, so I can't seem to get organized without it. I need to find another one, any suggestions?)

    Right Truth

  9. FT,
    The pain is much less now. I'm able to sleep through the night. However, my eye feels so tired. Visual acuity is perfect, and the stye is receding too.

    BTW, the Aleve helped a lot.

  10. Debbie,
    I had cataract surgery on my left eye in 1984 and on my right eye in 2008.

    What advances in medicine!

    Take my word for it: compared to times past, cataract surgery now is a walk in the park. Really.

    "Traumatic" iritis typically follows cataract surgery, then subsides quickly.

    If you elevated intraocular pressure, you'll need to be kept under close watch by the ophtahlmologist. Mr. AOW has had elevated intraocular pressure for years, but the Timolol gel drops keep the pressure well within the normal range. I make sure that he gets his eye drops every day!

    I don't know of a good alternative to Google Reader. Sorry.

  11. AOW, it hurts me to know you went through such discomfort and I am SO GLAD you're in good medical hands and things are getting better.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    You're in my prayers...
    You do so much for so many; take care of YOURSELF!!
    Love, me

  12. Ouch. So sorry to hear about your eye pain. I like FT's ideas re music. Lately I have been listening to my favorites at bedtime, and not feeling the need to be online as much. Take good care, AOW.

  13. Good morning, AOW. I'm so glad to get your encouraging news. Glad Aleve proved helpful.

    I can only echo Z's advice. Please do take good care of yourself. Often, when we are heavily involved in looking after the needs of others, we forget that our first duty is to ourselves.

    If that sounds callous, please remember what little good we could do others, if we, ourselves, become dysfunctional.

    Debbie mentioned a "Google Reader." I'm not familiar with the term. I literally read just about everything on the computer, because I use Google to access the blogs, and to do just about every bit of research I do these days, but is there a special device called a Google Reader SEPARATE from the computer, itself?

    What life could be without Google has become unimaginable. (:-o

    Please keep n the mend. Glad your treatment appears to be working so well.

  14. FT,
    Definitely on the mend. I need to use warm compresses more frequently, I think -- for that stye, which persists albeit smaller now.

    I'm going to the swimming pool for a while today. The doctor has so approved; I wear goggles and sunglasses and a sun visor, of course.

    I have to work tomorrow morning, then go to the grocery store. We have company coming over for dinner tomorrow night -- one of my former students.

  15. AOW on Readers, I found a good one, thought I would share. It is very similar to the style of the old Google Reader:


    Yes, Timolol drops twice a day every day.

    Right Truth

  16. My wife has had episodes of Iritis twice. Not pleasant. Hope your recovery is permanent.

  17. Citizen Tom,
    Thanks for the well wishes.

    One of the most maddening aspects of iritis is that, in my case, the cause is unknown.

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  19. I'm sorry you're in pain. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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  23. My gosh! That looks so painful!! I think I went crying to the Eye doctor when I scratched it and thought that was hell on earth.

    I pray the Lord heals you today!

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