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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obama and the Middle East

by Sam Huntington

I love how easy it is to drive the progressive/communist left nuts. All one needs to do is to say that Obama is a Moslem, a member of the Moslem Brotherhood, a lackey for Islamic extremism, or the least competent president in our entire history, and the progressives literally pee their pants. It makes one wonder how they would react if any of these statements weren’t true …

Let’s face it … Obama hasn’t excelled in matters of Middle Eastern policy, has he? Seriously, in all honesty … has he? I maintain that if Mr. Obama has accomplished anything at all, it is that he took a nearly acceptable Middle East and turned it into a snake pit. Maybe it’s time for a short review of the facts:

1. Mr. Obama allied himself with the Moslem Brotherhood: a one-time collaborator with the Axis powers. The Moslem Brotherhood has not changed its official policy since those heady days of the Third Reich. Apparently, Mr. Obama (who I am sure is not a Moslem) supports anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-homosexual, and anti-women policies.

2. Mr. Obama and his alter ego John McCain have allied themselves with anti-American Syrian rebels, in much the same way that similarly inclined politicians favored the Sandinistas over the Contras in Nicaragua.

3. Mr. Obama stood by and watched the murder of four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya. We are still waiting for the rest of this story to unfold, but no one is sure it ever will. It is part of Obama’s strategy to do whatever he pleases, nation of laws and the will of the people be damned.

4. Mr. Obama renounced the pro-American Mubarak regime in favor of the anti-American Moslem Brotherhood schemata, and then sweetened that deal with sophisticated tanks and high-performance aircraft.

5. Mr. Obama arranged for 20,000 man-portable anti-aircraft rockets to fall into the hands of Moslems, all of who have a pronounced anti-American bias. And we know that these rockets have found their way into the hands of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

6. Mr. Obama and his sycophants have succeeded in neutering the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States military. None of these organizations are now permitted to teach the truth about Islamism.

7. In spite of the risks taken by Israel over the past 21-years (which admittedly exceeds Obama’s tenure as this nation’s chief clown), the Obama Administration continues to favor the Palestine Authority, an organization that should be classified as a terrorist entity.

8. How can the Obama administration portray the Iranian president-elect as a moderate when his entire history as been that of a radical, and has yet to assume his office? Does anyone else get the impression that the Iranians would rather watch Obama than any of its domestically produced sitcoms?

9. Another problem that predates Mr. Obama is the Islamizing of Turkey, but of course Mr. Obama is doing his part to make matters even worse in that country. By all means, let Turkey join the European Union.

10. Mr. Obama now wants to negotiate with the Taliban. I can hear them snorting in the background.

For those who argue that Obama lacks an open mind, I would say that there is no way his mind could be more open than it is now … it is so open, in fact, we can feel the draft rushing through his head. And none of this is even remotely amusing.


  1. Love your final paragraph, so true.

    Making a decision based on facts would never be something Obama would, or could, do. He is the ultimate example of someone who dithers. That is what happens when you are incompetent.

    Right Truth

  2. The one thing Karzi got right is telling zero to go to hell for negotiating with the Taliban. Of course, Obama will take his toys and tell him he won't play anymore.

  3. WHAT a post. yes, the libs will be literally peeing in their pants after reading this.
    Each point is so upsetting but when you get to TURKEY IN THE EU, it REALLY turns my stomach because that WILL be the end of beautiful Europe which we knew and loved. Those mosques built in tiny German villages where only one or two moslem families live now are waiting with open doors to accommodate the HUGE influx of moslems wanting to live, pray, and drive the 'infidel' out of Germany (while Germans provide welfare checks) once there are no passports needed between Turkey and EU countries. GOD FORBID.
    If there is ONE GOOD THING about the Turks having murdered 1.5 million Armenians in cold blood, it's that their not admitting to it officially has been one pretty big point for the EU denying them membership.
    And yes, I DO care that Europe not be overrun by moslems.
    Excellent post, Sam

  4. I only have a small disagreement. He is a Mooselimb.

  5. In a four night Church lecture in York Pa. about the subject of Islam during the Question and answer part someone asked one the speakers,who in times past was both a Muslim and a Hezbollah member,Dr. Daniel Shayesth and is now a Christian, is Obama a Muslim ? Dr. Shayesteh answered "I don't konw if he is a Muslim but his deception is Islamic." and "Whenever he speaks he sounds just like a Muslim." Furthermore concerning America he said of Obama that "he is going to hurt this country."

  6. Yeah, z, we're peeing our pants because some someone does his Pam Geller imitation.

    I'm still curious what the Baggers want to do, nominate Michele Bachmann again?

    So Odie, what's your plan, run Ted Cruz, Rand Paul? You fringe right suckers are lambs for shearing and z thinks the banksters are wetting themselves because Sam thinks Obama is a Muslim.

    I weep for the nation.

  7. HERE is a "little something" to check out: Saudi "Person of Interest" in Boston Bombing Spent July 4th at the White House.

    How do we explain the above?

  8. And I would weep for you, Ducky, were it not for the fact that you are so unwise as to not even realize how stupid you are.

    Good post, Sam.

  9. Obama: Call to [Muslim] prayer "is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset"

    Words AND actions. What more proof does a person need?

  10. I agree Sam. It is not amusing, and not in the interests of the United States of America. It makes you wonder, "Whose side is Obama on, anyway?" Well, the question was rhetorical. We know ...

  11. Clueless from Chicago. That's Obama, not Ducky. I don't know where Ducky is from.

    Unfortunately for the nation, Barack Obama is the worst President in the United States history by almost any measure. It's not even hard to defend that statement. What a loser.

  12. Obama is here because he was not good for Kenya either.

  13. Ducky said: "I'm still curious what the Baggers want to do, nominate Michele Bachmann again?"

    She said some nutty stuff about the Founding Fathers. But if she had been elected, the country and its taxpayers and citizens and workers and patients would all definitely be better off.

  14. Bunker said: "The one thing Karzi got right is telling zero to go to hell for negotiating with the Taliban"

    There is no compromise with pure evil. The Taliban must be treated like the Nazis/Axis were in WW2.


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