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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Africa Welcomes Obama

A photo that the mainstream media sycophants don't want you to see (with thanks to Will of MFS - The Other News):


Today's reading: Obama Tells U.S. Media [in South Africa] To ‘Behave’.


  1. Very little coverage on the inane comments Obama made as well. He really has topped his narcissism with his adoring fans that only he sees. The protesters are kept far away, and the media looks the other way,

  2. Obama is BLACK. He cannot be ALLOWED to fail.

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  4. Coverage of President Big Drone's trip has given plenty of time to the negatives.

    The coverage out of Germany was pretty negative.

    Hissene Habre's arrest in Senagal was not linked to Big Drone's visit and knocked him out of the headlines.
    Democracy Now! reported criticism of his visit to South Africa.
    He got very little positive coverage in Africa.

    Of course Egypt is pushing everything else off the front page at the moment.

  5. Duck,
    There was more coverage in the foreign press that here in the Obama-sycophantic press.

    Earlier today, I turned on cable news to see what was going on in Egypt. At that point -- I didn't watch for long because I have a rip-roaring, painful case of iritis -- only MSNBC were covering what was transpiring in Egypt.

    I've just now turning on the TV, and the coverage of the ousting of Morsi is all over the screen.

    What were the networks covering a few short hours ago? The Zimmerman trial. Sheesh.

  6. Sorry about your inflammation, AOW. Hope it moderates soon.

  7. I'd be willing to add some more to the national debt if we could pay them to keep him. I doubt that it would work, though... they're thinking that they were pretty lucky to get rid of him the first time around.

  8. I soooo do wish that Africa keeps him. Obama, not being in America, would be good for America.

    ABC has covered Egypt but not much on Obama's trip in Africa. Definitely no spotlight on criticisms of Obama.

  9. I wish he'd stay and take Mandela's job.

  10. cube -- me, too... which is on a life support system.

    Uh-oh -- did the lights just go out?! Awwww.

  11. Did that pile of millions that Obama and Michelle spent on that African trip prove to be worth it? Along with the other 3,000 people along with all the airplanes and God only know what and who else that he spent on this trip prove to be worth it?

    Me myself I think it was pretty a shitty decision when school kids still can't tour the White House and tens of millions of Americans are still on welfare. and Food Stamps.

    To me it shows an utter disregard for everyday Americans. He should be able to vacation yes, but not like that. He was elected as a servant to the people not to go on some celebrity tour month after month..

    But I guess this trip can be chalked up with Michelle and Barrack’s other trips that cost us taxpayers Millions and millions.

    But what the hell, it’s only money.


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