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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Appropiate!

The "giant corpse flower" has bloomed on Capitol Hill.

The Titan arum draws insects that are attracted to rotting flesh and is native to Indonesia.

Full article HERE.

Note: This post is not a joke.


  1. I suspect no one will notice the smell in Washington DC.

  2. Well, there is a lot of rotting flesh and there are plenty of insects around Capitaol Hill, so I agree with you. How appropriate, indeed!

  3. It looks like it must be a relative of "Jack-in-the-Pulpit."

    Also like "It Came from Outer Space."

    Rather beautiful -- in an eerie sort of way.

    I like it, because it looks like it is giving THE FINGER to the current administration. It's location -- immediately to the right of the Capitol as you face it from the mall -- couldn't be more propitious, just as its timing couldn't be more appropriate.

  4. So now John Conyers can say, "Hey, that isn't me."

  5. What? We have two cities that small like Boston?

  6. I hear it's a real "stinker". Should fit right in

    Right Truth

  7. FT,
    it looks like it is giving THE FINGER to the current administration.


  8. Or maybe it's homage to Anthony Weiner, who has been at it again according to reports today.

  9. I believe that flower is a fitting reminder of what this current administration is doing to our nation.

  10. They should have planted it at the White House if it's only function is to keep the bugs off obummer and his maggots, er, I mean, family.


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