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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woe Is Me!

(If you must have politics, please scroll down to the other post for today)

Sunday night, sometime during the darkness, somebody hit one of my cars, parked right here on the street where I live. Hit and run! No note!

The car, although some fifteen years old, WAS in pristine condition. I had it painted in 2009.

Now the side view mirror on the driver's side is hanging by the control cable.

Before I found the damage, the mirror had dangled over the side and put some scratches on the door. Now I have the mirror wrapped in a big sheet to prevent further damage.

"Insurance!" you say. Well, because of the age of the vehicle and because the vehicle is a "mule car," a Crown Victoria, I carry only liability insurance on it. Unless my insurance policy has a special rider for hit-and-run coverage, I will have to pay for this damage myself.

This latest insult to my Crown Vic is the fourth such impact — none of them my fault. Two of the four insults were rear-end collisions (one at a red light, the other at a stop sign) while I was driving, and two of them occurred when the vehicle was parked. Read about one of those parked-vehicle incidents HERE.

Before I can drive the Crown Vic anywhere for repair, I'll have to cut the cable and completely detach the side view mirror. Otherwise, more damage to the car's body will ensue.

More gnashing of teeth!


  1. Man, AOW, I'm so sorry about that....let us know about the rider; I sure hope one's there.
    Come to think of it, I'm glad there was no 'rider' in it when it was hit :-)

  2. Z,
    I'm steamed over this!

    This had to happen just as I'm about to buy Mr. AOW an iPad. Ugh.

  3. There is justice. The slimeball will pay, somehow, someday. You'll never know when it happens, but it will.

  4. That does suck. I had someone try to squeeze by me in traffic and rip the mirror off. The dick jut kept going.

  5. The duck certainly has a way with words... I second what he said!

  6. ...but at some point, the "wounds" an old car carries become "badges of honour" and a testiment to function over form.

  7. Not the Vic! Lucky only the mirror, as they are very tough to replace these days. Sign me a Vic owner as well!

  8. People often check their humanity at the door when they get behind the wheel. In this case, I agree with Ducky... What a dick!

    I'm sorry this happened to you! I park way out at the store for the multiple times that the car has been dinged with no note!

  9. Bummers!! Maybe you can find a yard tree mechanic that could remove the morror and mount and attach somme cheap temporary fix until you can better afford to have it fixed. Good luck, AOW.

  10. The hit and run driver was in a hurry to get to Wall Street.

  11. I went to Maaco right after I got off from work today. Because it's going to rain tonight, I flipped the mirror inside the open window; at Maaco, the technician detached the mirror and ordered a new one, which will have to be painted to match the vehicle. Cost = $225 total (no charge for today).

    I love my local Maaco! A good "brush man" there, and he's painted two of my vehicles.

  12. Woodsterman,
    The hit and run driver was in a hurry to get to Wall Street.

    Maybe so.

    I found a beer car in the parking space behind the Crown Vic.

    Just sayin'.

  13. It turns out that here in Virginia the uninsured motorist fee covers hit and run, with a $200 deductible. My insurance company says that I'd have to go somewhere besides Maaco to get payment from them. I'll just suck up the $25 difference and go to Maaco this afternoon to get the new mirror.

    Another lost afternoon.

    At least now I know that I do have coverage for hit and run (and uninsured motorist) on a car as old as the Crown Vic.

  14. $225 isn't too bad, but it is still money that you could've used elsewhere!

    "I found a beer car in the parking space behind the Crown Vic.

    Just sayin'.

    Last summer we were watching TV on a Saturday morning, about 10:00. Dave and I heard a screech and a crash. We went outside and about three houses down someone had plowed head-on into a parked vehicle, t-bone style. It turns out a young man and woman (probably too young to drink) were ending a loooooong evening of drinking and turned off the highway too quickly and lost control.

    On such a nice Saturday morning all of the neighborhood kids are out playing and riding bikes. It's a wonder no one was killed! There was a group of angry neighbors giving them an earful; I think they were almost relieved to see the deputy pull up!

  15. This pretty much depicts the kind of world we live in.

    People used to respect other people's property. What happened?

    I am truly sorry about the damage to your car.

    Just a bit of advice, if you only carry liability, ask your insurance agent about adding uninsured motorist protection to your policy. I am hoping it would have covered the repairs.


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