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Monday, October 24, 2011

In Explanation Of My Recent Absence

In celebration of Mr. AOW's birthday on October 28 and to curb the boredom factor of his being disabled by a stroke two years ago, I got my beloved an iPad on October 17. Ever since that date, I've been practicing with the device and nagging my tech adviser "J.

Another steep learning curve for both Mr. AOW and me!

To learn to use the touch screen and to stimulate his visual issues post-stroke, Mr. AOW has started out by playing games such as Bejeweled and Scrabble. On day three, he began surfing the web. Of course, as one with no computer skills prior to now, sometimes his frustration level mounts to the point of either hurting the device or turning it off.

I also created a blog for Mr. AOW. Visitors welcome! Tip: Mr. AOW collects jokes. If you prefer to send jokes via email, Mr. AOW's email is misteraow@gmail.com.

At this point, Mr. AOW posts intermittently via my secretarial skills. Neither of us has mastered the skill of posting via the iPad, so I have to resort to using my computer to do those posts. Even so, Mr. AOW is gradually learning how to post comments.

If he takes to blogging, he'll be making blog rounds of his own.

And now he understands why I'm always looking at a monitor. LOL. There's a wealth of information in "that little box."


  1. I'm glad to hear Mr AOW's progress continues. Thanks for the update!

  2. Enjoy the new invention. It is high on my Christmas list? May I say that still? :)

  3. Best wishes to the Mr. God bless both of you.

  4. The Mr. will catch on with no problems, I'm sure. :)

  5. Great to hear that all is improving.

    As for the iPad, my son-in-law somehow convinced my law-partners and I to use them with wifi at work and at home and to be honest I find it difficult, in paarticular if you use it to write. Apart from that the portability is awesome but keep your fingers clean and keep a bottle of window cleaner handy!!!!

  6. Good stuff, AOW. Really good stuff! I left Mr. AOW a comment and will be back, from time to time, to see what he is up to.

  7. I hope Mr. AOW starts to enjoy that wealth of information and our friendship as he gets more comfortable with the whole thing!

  8. I find it difficult to blog using the iPad. In addition, I don't know the device very well.

    However, I learned today via Odie that the App Store has a special app for Blogger. I'll check with my tech adviser to see what he thinks and if using that app will make the iPad easier to blog with.

    Mr. AOW has a lot to learn about blogging and surfing the web. So far, he's managed to make a few comments on his own -- with me close by to confirm his moves.

    As I mentioned in the body of the post, he plays certain games for hours on end! However, I've also seen him reading a few news sites. He is also motivated to check on car sites, particularly sites for Mustangs (because we own a Mustang convertible).

  9. Silverfiddle,
    Cognitively, Mr. AOW is in wonderful shape. And learning a new device will also help to create pathways in the brain.

    As one with neurology as one of her hobbies, I plan to tap into those new pathways to retrain Mr. AOW to certain physical tasks. Expanding his visual field on the left is imperative. The problem is left neglect, not visual acuity.

    The health insurance folks have cut Mr. AOW off from additional therapy, so I'm inventing some of my own.

  10. Conservatives On Fire,
    Thank you for stopping by Mr. AOW's web site.

    He's slow to check comments because of the fatigue issue. But he DOES eventually check and is grateful for every comment.

  11. That's a wonderful excuse to be absent from blogging! I am so glad to hear that Mr. AOW is doing well.

    Enjoy that iPad, I know I would.

  12. What a great idea and I'm jealous of the iPad. I hope he likes the blog. Both the blog and the iPad will be good for his mental, physical, and social improvement.

    Best of luck with it.

    Right Truth

  13. Good to hear your experience hasn't turned the iPad to iCrap.

    Stick with it and i'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Apple don't make the best and cheapest products but they have one thing definitely going for them, that's usability.

    I considered getting one of those a while ago, but they are not meant to replace your PC or laptop, so i didn't get one. Ended up getting one of those smart phones. They're good for on-the-go, reading and when traveling, but that's about it from what i've seen.

    If you're inclined try kindle on it, it's good for eBooks.

  14. I wish I could afford an iPad. If I could, I'd buy a new laptop.

    But hey! If it helps Mr. AOW regain his motor skills, I'm all for it.

  15. AOW,
    As you know when you get email from me at times. I have an iphone and it is nice to have a bigger screen when I use the ipad.

    I still love my laptop.


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