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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cartoon Warning From Fifty Years Ago

With a hat tip to Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance:


  1. Now, the college professors are the cartoons, and they are teaching the exact opposite.

  2. I agree with Silverfiddle. It's so sad, but true.

  3. I have seen this before; it's very good.


  4. @Silverfiddle - Now, the college professors are the cartoons, and they are teaching the exact opposite.

    How would you know?

  5. I posted this on Facebook a while back.

    I figure it would be a good lesson for Liberals, in spite of the fact it's pro-union. Unions, in the beginning were good things, but, like any good thing, it can be corrupted. And, they were.

  6. We were a lot smarter fifty years ago, weren't we?

  7. Progressives and Libs have been at the for 100 years. It's been going on in our schools since the 60s. That's where it has to be stopped. Kick out your local school boards!

  8. After writing on this subject many times and a few weeks ago considered posting this same cartoon, I didn't.

    I have come to the conclusion that the American people are too damn stupid to listen.

    Thanks anyway for posting this but unfortunately few will listen and even fewer will understand and some will frankly not give a damn.

    Does that sound angry?

    Do I have a right to be?

    Shouldn't you be?

    Ask yourself these questions.

  9. Okay, its official: cartoon are much worse nowadays.

    More seriously, that is pretty simple to understand- even an elementry school student could. Real life isn't always that simple of course, but its nice to hvae some basics summed up in a pretty fun way.

    Now, how to get the Librals to watch without plugging their ears and going "lalalala..."


  10. "To mother and her family, it's church on Sunday morning"...gad, THAT's disgusting to the libs, huh?

    Man, they even knew farmers would be supplanted by the State...why did we let leftwing political correctness get in the way of us and goodness and freedom?

  11. That was in 1948. Truman was president, Joe McCarthy was drunk
    and I was 7 years old...
    "Harding was also involved in the production of a series of animated cartoons extolling the virtues of free-market capitalism. This, too, forms a precursor to the political conservatism that has characterized the ASI. This series, including 1948's "Make Mine Freedom"[3] (which, ironically, portrays activities not permitted by Harding's code of conduct at the time) and "Going Places",[4] as well as 1951's "Meet King Joe",[5] were all produced by John Southerland Productions as part of a concerted propaganda program to fight against the perceived threats of communism at the beginning of the Cold War using popular media. The animations portray mainstream American values, some of which might now be considered politically "liberal," yet at the time, they were meant to contrast with the values of Soviet and Maoist socialism. The initiative represented a central concern of Harding president George S. Benson, who believed that fighting socialism was a moral imperative, causing him to abandon the pacifism and political disengagement championed by founding influences James A. Harding and David Lipscomb, reversing the university's course and setting it on its current conservative political trajectory."
    ..nothing new under the sun...

  12. Memories... Saw this when I was a kid.

    Funny how it stuck with me!

  13. Yep and it was the good old days! People did know!

    Peace signs were ban from my home and so were the socialist big flower power stickers!

  14. BB said: "the perceived threats of communism"

    Hardly "perceived". The USSR had conquered many nations and made no secret of its desire to destroy teh US. There were many Soviet agents in the US. Most, but not all, of those that McCarthy went after were Soviet agents.

    Fighting socialism is indeed a moral imperative. Then, as now.


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