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Sunday, October 9, 2011

RIP Roger Williams (Pianist)

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Obituary HERE. Video below the fold.

His signature piece:

Many more HERE.

In high school, I loved this one and also bought the LP vinyl:

Listen to those words in "Born Free." No wonder I'm such an anti-dhimmi! My brain is imprinted with freedom, left brain and right brain. When I first heard the song, I had zero idea about the film Born Free and interpreted the words in a completely different context.

Roger Williams's Gold Steinway (Click image to enlarge):

To honor the 80th birthday of Steinway Artist Roger Williams, Steinway created an art case piano that beautifully reflects the spirit and genius of this celebrated pianist.

Designed in the art-deco style prevalent when Roger Williams was born, this piano reflects architectural lines from that historic period, and features a gold-metallic finish accented by a high-gloss top coat. Lyrics to the first verse of Mr. William's "Autumn Leaves", the best-selling piano recording of all time, decorate the piano's perimeter, with falling autumn leaves between each line of the verse. Signature notes from "Autumn Leaves" adorn the music desk and on the inside the piano has a masterful custom-painted autumn landscape....
More HERE.


  1. Born free.
    As free as the winds blows.
    As free as the grass grows.
    Born free to follow my heart.

    Stay free....

    O.K. I don't remember the remainder so will have to view what you have posted! smile

    Tammy Swofford

  2. Hi, Tammy.

    I'm going to have to dig out my vinyl LP today. I love the entire album!

  3. Born Free was also a cool movie.

    Rest in Peace, Mr Williams!

  4. Now I know I am getting long in the tooth. Sad to hear.

  5. Great song and he is/was a heck of a piano player.

    Right Truth

  6. that would make three talented men-
    Jobs-Davis - Williams- in one week--life is short - my friend--


  7. Born Free was also used in an episode of Dexter.

  8. Roger Williams continued to perform until March of this year. At that point, he got the cancer diagnosis and "retired."

    I never got the opportunity to see him perform live.

  9. My mom is a pianist and growing up, she had every vinyl album Williams put out. In our house, if mom wasn't playing then Roger was.

  10. Alligator,
    So, you know what a big influence the man was.

    Liberace was around then, of course. But too flamboyant.

    Roger Williams was dignified -- and a superb technician and interpretive musician. He could improvise so well.

    And those arpeggios! Few of us achieve that kind of technique.

  11. I adore the sincerity as he plays his signature piece just like he was part of the instrument he was fingering and I believe many great artists noticed that.

  12. Your site is a beautiful testimonial to Roger Williams, whose passion, music, and spirit lives with us in the present moment. The translation of his emotions, as he played, transcended anyone else's interpretation of any song, and that was his true gift to each of us.
    Jacque Heebner, Trustee of the Roger Williams Trust

  13. Ms. Heebner,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my site.

    I've loved Roger Williams's piano renditions for as long as I can remember. In fact, back when I took voice lessons, I often sang along to the beautiful music that he created.

    Roger Williams will live forever via the many recordings that he made. I, for one, am so grateful for the technology that makes possible the preservation of his work.


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