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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Breivik Fallout?

(Note to readers: Please scroll down for my other post today)

Maybe I'm interpreting THIS incorrectly.

Maybe not.

The word "imminent" in the letter below doesn't make sense in the Breivik context, but perhaps the hotel decided not to risk slander by using that particular word.

Excerpt about the Hutton Hotel's cancellation of the Preserving Freedom Conference [speaker list HERE]:
...[T]he Hutton Hotel has cancelled the function you had planned to occur on November 11th at the hotel.

If you had made us aware at the outset of...the fact that at least two of your speakers have a history of enraging people to the point that violence has been imminent, we would not have accepted the booking....
Other factors may also be in play. See THIS at Jihad Watch.

Visit Robert Spencer's web site and Pamela Geller's web site for additional information and updates as to any new venue for the conference.


  1. Yes AOW ACT contacted me too.

    I made my phone call and will keep on hounding them!

  2. A cowardly act by the hotel, to be sure. Gellar and Spencer are sensationalists, Gellar in particular is a little too shrieky for my tastes, and thus they have become lightning rods.

    I don't know about the "terrorism" charges, but this is definitely the work of the Islamist Mafia. They are relentless in not just combating every perceived slight, but in actually quashing free speech. They are successful because any time one deals with Islam, there is the tacit threat of violence.

    See how they play the double game? How dare you call Islam violent? But the threat is there, and it cows piss-down-their-legs cowards like the hotel owner.

    The larger and most critical implication here is that this dynamic results in quelling free speech in America.

  3. Gellar and Spencer are professional hate mongers and profiteers. Thus the entire meeting is a sham and for that reason the hotel should have avoided them in the first place. Rather simple.

  4. Looks like a violation of the public accompodations sections of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to me. Maybe the Attorney General will call in the National Guard to protect the conference. ;)

  5. Oh, that's right. Only minorities have protected and enforced "civil rights." Majorities have to fend for themselves.

  6. Just another case of the PC rule, "You're guilty until proven innocent."

  7. Sir Charles:

    A definition of hate mongering, and then some concrete examples would perhaps substantiate your unfounded assertions.

  8. Wait, so Islamists get violent at someone's peaceable assembly which is critical of Islam so the conference gets cancelled?

    How does that make any sense? It's like the TSA screening Granny in a wheelchair while pointedly ignoring young, male, Muslim men boarding a plane!

  9. It's getting real bad. I was watching a video of the pigs breaking up the demonstration in Oakland (wind of the old days) and what do I see?
    Standing with the protestors without so much as a "by your leave" were over a dozen Muslim women.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is in charge and even though you say you are on watch, you missed this one.

    Pam Geller may not be as completely wingnut insane as I thought. The conquest is well advanced.

  10. Duck,
    even though you say you are on watch, you missed this one

    Ahem. I don't post everything I hear about.

  11. I can see why Fred Grandy, "your yeoman purser" would get people really upset. They were wise to cancel.

  12. I learned about this from Brigette Gabriel on her Facebook page. The hotel gave in to demands from Muslims. They are determined to bring Sharia law to America, and this hotel is enabling them.

  13. I heard about this just yesterday on Facebook, we were given the number to call.

    I sincerely doubt violence would have erupted, this is just a cowardly act and afraid of negative pc. Whatever.

  14. Looks as if the Hutton Hotel is evincing some contradictions:

    William J. Murray, chairman of the Sharia Awareness Action Network, the conference organizer, says the Hutton Hotel can't get its story straight about why it cancelled the "Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference," scheduled for November 11.

    Murray disclosed: "In an October 11 letter to Lou Ann Zelenick of The Tennessee Freedom Coalition, Stephen W. Eckley of Amerimar Enterprises, which owns the Hutton, wrote: 'If you had made us aware at the outset what the content of the meeting was and that at least two of your speakers have a history of engaging people to the point that violence has been imminent, we would not have accepted the booking.'"

    Murray continued: "Either Mr. Eckley is woefully ignorant of the facts, or he is lying."

    When Zelenick booked the hotel on August 29, she told Curtis Hinton, Director of Events at the Hutton, that the official title of the conference was "The Constitution or Sharia: Preserving Freedom Conference," and that it would consider the incompatibility of Islamic law with the U.S. Constitution.

    "The hotel was also aware that the subject was controversial, only in that militants have decided that Islam may only be discussed positively -- never critically. For that reason, the Hutton made us purchase an extra-liability insurance policy, at added expense," Murray explained....

    More at the above link.

  15. And THIS from Pamela Geller:

    Now the hideous Hutton Hotel has taken to lying. In today's FOX news report on the craven cancellation of our Freedom Conference (oh, the irony), Steve Eckley, Senior Vice-President of the company that owns Hutton Hotel, told FOX:

    .... the hotel received the deposit last week, management promptly returned the money after learning that two controversial speakers planned to attend the event.

    That is a lie. We had a signed contract and a deposit in house in August.

    “Our decision has nothing to do about the conference’s content,” Steve Eckley, the senior vice president of hotels for Amerimar Enterprises, the hotel’s parent company.

    Another lie. Steve Eckley has been libeling Robert Spencer and me for the past week...

    In the grander scheme of things, this cancellation by the Hutton Hotel may not seem important to a lot of people. But we may look back on this event and similar events as the canary in the mine shaft.

  16. Silverfiddle,
    Gellar and Spencer are sensationalists, Gellar in particular is a little too shrieky for my tastes, and thus they have become lightning rods.

    I don't completely agree with you. For some time, I have counted Robert and Pamela as friends. However, the lightning rods portion of your comment is definitely true.

    You said the following much better than I tried to say earlier when I mentioned the canary in the mine shaft:

    The larger and most critical implication here is that this dynamic results in quelling free speech in America.

    On so many levels and with multiple examples unrelated to the post I did today, we are seeing a push toward labeling any dissent from political correctness as hate speech. The danger in this push is grave!

  17. I agree with Odie on this one, too much political correctness. What use to be the majority in this country are now under attack by a collection of minorites who in some ways form a new majority. We are in a world of trouble. Organize and fight back is the only hope!

  18. Sorry for the double comment here. I have a new site and was leaving a link back to it and got it wrong.

  19. Any one familiar with the writings of folks during the end of the Roman empire. I am curious as to what was being discussed as that 1000 year empire came to an end.

  20. Who exactly does the hotel fear might become violent? Those who support the religion of peace, of course. The irony is unavoidable. We are losing our rights to free speech in the war known as Political Correctness.

  21. How come OWS doesn't have to pay to exercise THEIR civil rights, but everyone else DOES?

  22. Muslims at OWS, I'm shocked.

    They're everywhere, here at Occupy Boston also.

    Why is that an issue, AOW? Should they stay in the closet?

  23. Duck,
    I never said that the Muslim presence at OWS is an issue. YOU taunted me about my being always on watch but not mentioning the Muslim presence, and I replied that I knew.

    However, if OWS is calling for the overthrow of our society and if foreign nationals are participating, then there IS an issue.

    CAIR is claiming that Islam stands for social justice. Of course, the fundamentalist Islamic definition of social justice is one of Islamic supremacism.

    There is also a certain irony to the presence of Muslims at OWS in that Muslims can hardly be said to promote free sex (as apparently some OWS folks have shouted).

    Furthermore, we have seen comparisons between OWS and "the Arab spring."

    OWS is attempting to be a big tent group, so contradictions abound, contradictions unrelated to Islam and Muslims.

  24. Silver, sure I will add substance to my comment but (with full respect) I should add that you should put some substance to the term "unfounded".

    Regardless of their personalities and if they friends of some here, they are, in my honest opinion, hate mongers. Above AOW considered them sensationalists and though I would add a lot more to that, it only confirms my arument.

    They are hate mongers because they encourage hate against Muslims and the faith in general. They do so based on superficial arguments or, in the case of Spencer, actually advocating a position that the only true Islam is those of Wahhabism and the Salafi movement - even stating that all the other Muslims are either "not serious" or "bad Muslims".

    Being "sensationalist" means raising the level of excitement, scandal and anger and simply put they both financially benefit from this, by selling books, being paid to make speeches and in Gellar's side, simply to have her face be shown in public. It is known as the "saviour syndrome" - the deep desire to be recognised as the person who saved us all, regardless if there is a problem in the first place.

    They are profiteers of the first ilk and they are cashing in on some real problems but mostly by inflating, exagerating and encouraging hate on non-issues or those that they have made up themselves.

    My opinion, of course, and unlessy ou consider the majority of your country as stupid and dumbass, also by proxy the opinion of most Americans considering that the two of them are being ignored (thankfully).

    Silver, would you like to now flesh out the "unfounded" claim?

    The usual arguments is that 1. Spencer quotes real quotes - even though he only partially quotes and then puts one spin on them, 2. Spencer is against radical Islam - though like Wilders condemns texts and thus the faith in general, 3. Spener & Gellar are against militant Islamists - but they attack all of them, etc, etc, etc.

    Now before people jump down my throat, I condemn militant Islamists, radicals of all faiths and anyone considering violence/terror/hate. I believe that there is no place in my country (or yours) for those with foriegn loyalites and hate and that deportation is a valid cure. Simply put, I never believe that hate is a cure for hate and that basing arguments on context abuse and another form of radical propoganda will ever work no matter what the target is. FYI.

    Cheer all and have a good, albiet short, holiday.

    D Charles QC

  25. D Charles,
    I'm not sure that Spencer and Geller are being ignored by as many Americans as you think.

    Now, the fact is that many Americans do read those materials, but their conclusions may not be identical to those of Spencer and Geller.

    Radical Islamists have too much traction in the West, particularly with certain politicians.

  26. Cowards, afraid of the truth. Even afraid to let those who speak the truth speak. They are parasites jsut as the muzscum they protect and coddle.

  27. AOW,

    most certainly Islamists get away with much - they simply abuse our hard-earned freedoms and tollerance. I would add that we have allowed the word freedom and liberal to be skewered. Leftist liberal "niceness" is self-destructive and delussional. Utopianism only works when everyone plays ball.

    As for Spencer and Gellar, maybe thier stuff is noted, but the sheer evidence of their being ignored is a sign that the population is not sucked into their scam and have ignored them.

  28. Dcat,
    We get no trick-or-treaters at the AOW house -- and certainly nobody shilling for UNICEF.

    Way back when, in my days of trick-or-treating, we used to see children collecting for UNICEF. My parents instructed me not to collect for or give to UNICEF. My parents used to snort, "One world government stuff." They were so correct in their disdain and derision, but, of course, I didn't see it at the time; nor did I understand what they meant. I "get it" now!

  29. AOW,
    Yep I had the same household! Good to hear I was not deprived ;]


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