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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meanwhile, In Dearborn, Michigan

Muslim children throw rocks and shoes, the latter symbolic, at Christian street preachers (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the videos below):


  1. Well pisslam is hate! They work for satan and they don't like truth!

    They don't like it here then they can leave and take he communist marxist with them!

    A product of CAIR I'm sure.

  2. "Islam is the religion of blood and murder". That's your idea of preaching?

    Westboro Baptist starting a new branch for Christians?

  3. Wow, these guys have some brass ones, going into Dearbornistan. But good for them; Muslims don't like it when their death cult is exposed for what it is.

  4. Duck,
    I despise Westboro Baptist Church.

    However, the Supreme Court has correctly ruled that WBC has the First Amendment right to assemble on public property and spew their vile words. To my knowledge, nobody has thrown rocks at the WBC demonstrators.

    To my knowledge, the Protest Whatever people haven't been physically attacked.

    So, Muslims in the United States need to put up with any and all criticism of Islam. Hey, that's the American way. We criticize everything.

    "Islam is the religion of blood and murder". That's your idea of preaching?

    No, but it is a First Amendment right to say that about Islam -- or any other religion, for that matter.

    Furthermore, the very idea that Muslims have referred to Dearborn as "our city" should sound alarm bells.

  5. Wrial,
    Muslims don't like it when their death cult is exposed for what it is.

    Because they have no counter argument from the Koran.

  6. This is why we should not be importing intolerant people. We have enough here already. Westboro alone fills our quota of religious kooks, we don't need more, especially nut-filled exotic varieties from far off lands.

    Bringing in people from an incompatible culture will accomplish nothing but further fray our social fabric.

  7. I spent last week reading the Quran. I wanted to know the enemy. After reading this fear driven, insane book, now I understand why this stuff happens. The Quran, is all about fear, control, hate, and intolerance. It scares the living shit out of me that Muslims believe that garbage. This isn't going to end well.

  8. Home of the free but Land of the kooks and that goes for both sides in this incident.

  9. AOW did you see that Pamela was not allowed to assemble at the Sugarland Hyatt in Texas!

    Talk about practicing shariah law instead of our US law!

    I have it going viral and I called to give them a reminder of what country they are in and of our laws!

    Call or fax them @ +1 281 491 0300 Fax : +1 281 491 0325.

    They need reminding! The world is watching!

  10. Yes they are nuts on both sides the stupid protesters now have the other side pisslamics along with more of the left loon socialists joining in!

    I knew they would find each other and recruit! Those two sides I don’t care to join ever! Most of those nutcases are unemployable!

  11. I agree with the comment that intolerants should not be allowed to immigrate into our countries. Having said that, I find a lot of comments here intolerant, off the mark and frankly as bad/inacurate as some of theirs.

    When one cannot even (sarcasm or no) bother to say their name properly, then their argument falls flat before it even it is considered.

    Groups of western-based Muslims simply dominate the media, feed and feed-off those that attack them and if there is any condemnation, it is the silence of the vast majority of Muslims whom have nothing to do with them or thier habits. The unfortunate Muslim system of not condemning another Muslim as kafir - unbeliever or a bad-Muslim) has backfired.

    Yes get tough with these radicals and conservatives, deport them if you can (I would), but remember that they are more loud, more demanding, more conservative AND more tolerated than Muslims in most actual Muslim countries.

  12. AOW,
    Some commenters even continue to try and shut others up.

    You know practicing tekkia is the norm of those people.

    Calling on some being intolerant well duh!

    I find those putting other commenter’s down at an “owned” website afraid of losing their ground for their comment and are outnumbered!

  13. Thisayere nutcase says we should declare Martial Law, round up all the Muslims and drop them off in some Islamic country, say from several thousand feet. I like what Herman Cain said about putting up an electrified fence along our border with Mexico and electrocuting illegals when they try to invade our country. Later he said he was joking but I doubt that.

    Nobody seems to get it. We're at war. We are being attacked by muslims who are intent on dominating us just as surely as the Nazis were intent on dominating us. We killed millions of Germans to stop them, yet what are we doing to stop the muslims who are just as Jew-hating, just as likely as the Nazis to exterminate them, and as deadly serious about forcing us all to become muslims or die.

    You can call those people who confronted our enemies "nuts". I call them damned brave Americans who know that freedom isn't free.

  14. dearboristan may as well be Saudi Arabia and u should see some neighborhoods here in NY!...sick!

  15. The "religion of peace" in action!

  16. In the middle east, they'd be hastily preparing a strong rope for the Christians. Don't be surprised when that day comes to the west. That's what you'll get for believing in that crap about the religion of peace.

  17. Black Sheep has it right, we are at war, and too many don't get it.

    Right Truth

  18. We are indeed at war and have been for many years. I say that because the war did not just begin on 9-11 but in 1972 when ten members of a local mosque phoned in a false alarm and then ambushed resonding officers, killing one. (NYC)
    1973 Muslim extremist robbed a sporting goods store for weapons and gunned down a police officer who responded to the alarm (Brooklyn NY)
    There were 8 attacks in California alone in 1973,3 attacks in Calif in '74' You can read the rest at this link: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/AmericanAttacks.htm
    Now that just includes attacks inside the US. Remember there were repeated attacks on military installations , embassy's etc starting in 1979 with the Iran Hostage Crisis, followed by the bombing of the embassy in Beirut in '83, then the US Marine Barracks in Beirut the same year. US Embassy in Kuwait in "83. Need I go on? The rest of the list is here: http://factreal.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/list-of-islamic-attacks-against-america/

    Anyone who has read history or remembers WW2 will recall that when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 President Roosevelt by Executive Order 9066, issued Feb. 19, 1942, all Japanese regardless of citizenship were to be rounded up and interned.

    The LA Times published this sentiment:

    "A viper is nonetheless a viper wherever the egg is hatched.... So, a Japanese American born of Japanese parents, nurtured upon Japanese traditions, living in a transplanted Japanese atmosphere... notwithstanding his nominal brand of accidental citizenship almost inevitably and with the rarest exceptions grows up to be a Japanese, and not an American.... Thus, while it might cause injustice to a few to treat them all as potential enemies, I cannot escape the conclusion... that such treatment... should be accorded to each and all of them while we are at war with their race.

    We are at war, not with a race, but with an enemy composed of several races, clothed in a guise of religion.

    Where is the strength to call for such action when acts of war, terror, what ever one wish to label them as, occurs?

    We have allowed liberal multiculturalism to fog our common sense to a point where doing such is forbidden. Political Correctness is a convenient cloak for our enemies to hid behind and literally get away with murder.

    Time to stop it.

    I do not apologize for the length of this for it is time to wake up people, all hell has already broken loose.

  19. I resent being called fogged up!

    Never was and I, still remember the chalk in my hand at Purdue in the 70’s!

    I fought with the liptard anthropology professor! The sidewalk had camel jockeys go home and I was not alone! After the rain washed it away I had my chalk again but didn’t need it!

    Pisslam “piss be upon them!”

  20. D Charles,
    When one cannot even (sarcasm or no) bother to say their name properly, then their argument falls flat before it even it is considered.

    Dcat's style of commenting clearly differs from yours. And certainly you can ignore that kind of argument if you wish to do so.

    Because Muslims will not condemn their own, anger is mounting from "the other side." As long as we have the idea that we mustn't offend Muslims, we give further credence to those Muslims who believe that it is the will of Islam to dominate the world AND that Muslims have a divine-given duty to see to it that Islam dominates the world.

    Frankly, the behaviors of the boys in the top video should be sounding alarm bells. My guess is that they are second and third generation Americans! So, how did they get so ramped up? And why weren't more of those boys taken into custody?

    On a regular basis, I am exposed to material that I find offensive to my faith. However, I don't throw rocks at those who offend me. I walk my walk without having to defend my God via violence. Furthermore, First Amendment rights must be maintained. See my comment above about Westboro Baptist Church.

  21. Dcat,
    AOW did you see that Pamela was not allowed to assemble at the Sugarland Hyatt in Texas!

    I haven't been online much for the past week. See the top post.

    Will check out the details of what's going on with Pamela and Hyatt House.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  22. Dcat,
    No commenter here should tell someone else to shut up. I have that prerogative, of course.

    And I, the blog mistress of this site, am not telling you to shut up.

    I do thank you for using "fogged up" instead of the other terminology.

  23. Black Sheep,
    Nobody seems to get it. We're at war.

    Too many have their heads in the sand!

    This "clash of civilizations" is old, but is going to get far worse than it's ever been before. Look at the weaponry involved. Look at the numbers of Muslims living within non-Muslim nations. They are colonizing, but many people will not recognize that FACT.

  24. Several commenters here have mentioned deportation.

    I favor that measure.

    But we've got a very serious problem amidst us: How to deport Muslim citizens born and bred here on our soil? Many Muslims in Dearbornistan are not immigrants!

    Dearborn's demographics (emphases mine):

    The city's population includes 30,000 Arab Americans. Ethnic Arabs own many shops and businesses, offering services in both English and Arabic. Lebanese are included among the population. In the 2000 census, Arab Americans comprised 30% of Dearborn's population; many have been in the city for several generations. The city has the largest proportion of Arab Americans for a municipality of its size (about 100,000).

    The first Arab immigrants came in the early-to-mid-20th century to work in the automotive industry and were chiefly Lebanese Christians (Syriac-Maronites). Other immigrants from the Mideast in the early twentieth century included a large Armenian-American community, who are Christian. Assyrians/Chaldeans/Syriacs have also immigrated to the area.

    Lebanese Americans are still the most numerous group. The Arab Muslim community has built the Islamic Center of America, the largest mosque in North America, and the Dearborn Mosque. More Iraqi refugees have come, fleeing the continued war in their country since 2003.

    As of 2010 the population of Dearborn was 98,153. The racial and ethnic composition was 86.7% Non-Hispanic whites (including Arabs), 4.0% black or African-American, 0.2% Native American, 1.7% Asian, 0.2% Non-Hispanics of some other race, 4.0% reporting two or more races and 3.4% Hispanic or Latino.

    The concentration of Muslims in Dearborn is telling America something important. Are we paying attention?

  25. But we've got a very serious problem amidst us: How to deport Muslim citizens born and bred here on our soil? Many Muslims in Dearbornistan are not immigrants!

    Simple: Treason and have them shot!

  26. AOW, your absolutely right that people have the right to express their views and not be told to shut-up, that is the freedom we have (and you so kindly give us). It also gives us the right to express our views to the contrary. Personally I am in agreement in many aspects about the silence and inability to tell radicals what they are and I believe that governments can be more stricter WHILST not abusing human rights and those that are not involved.

    Having said that, the problem I believe with a great number of comments here is their superficial and I believe ignorant view of the realities on the ground outside of those radicals and their painting with a wide brush most if not all Muslims and all of Islam. My Church teaches to stand firm against abusers and abuse but based on knowledge and not on arrogance-based-on-ignorance. I am pretty sure that most commentators here have ABSOLUTELY no idea of what life is like in the majority of Muslim countries and base their comments on media hype and the rantings of hate-mongers on the internet whom are simply profiting from doing so. The Muslim world is not Saudi, Iran or Afghanistan it is much bigger than that. The radicals in Dearborn, Birmingham (here in the UK) and Rotterdam are exiles whom crossed the line back home, Copts in Egypt are a wealthy minority whom are targetted by the Brotherhood, not anyone else, etc, etc, etc.

    The point that I always make is that I think many base their arguments on something other than facts and context and regardless of the subject (anti-Islam, anti-Obama or anti-Westbro, etc), get it right and you can stand tall.

    I disagree often with you AOW but you work hard to be fair and you base your own views on firm footing. Shame about some of the others.....

  27. I believe it took a lot of courage to stand up to those Muslims, who cannot stand being challenged. This is America and if they don't like it, then they should go back to an Islam nation.

  28. I agree with you, Leticia.



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