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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lack Of Reciprocity

Please watch the following short video of about three minutes. Tower Hamlets is a borough of London.

Sheikh Adel Salem Al Kalbani has been a prominent visitor at the East London Mosque and is the first black imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. He has been referred to as "the Saudi Obama."

"No visitor to a country can demand that it change its rules," says the sheikh.

Why, then, is Europe becoming Eurabia and West as a whole bowing and scraping to Islamic supremacism?


  1. This is what the liberals do not understand.

    Our multi-culti serial apologies for our own way of life in our own countries just makes us look weak to them. With their fatalistic outlook on life, it looks inevitable to them that we will succumb to Islam.

  2. I'll sugar coat it for you ... deport all from this country and nuk Iran.

  3. What many do not want to understand is that from the point of view of people like this sheikh, only believers in Islam have rights, period.

  4. Reciprocity with the Islamicists is always an injury repaid for every insult perceived.

  5. My desk is going to have a head-sized dent in it! How can this Islamist deliver such hypocrisy with a straight face?!?

    Yet another imam who should be a poster child for banning Islamic immigration to Western countries!

    Oh, does the 'sheikh' not realize that African Muslims are inferior? Does he have a problem with that?

  6. Odie, any chocolate to go with that?

    Yep and Iran would make a nice parking lot for the new WalMart that needs to built in Iraq once it is leveled and cleared.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. What multiculturalism, Silverfiddle, trying to coexist with laissez-faire, climate change denying evangelicals?

    I admit it's a chore but we can muddle trough.

  9. Funny, China does exaclty the same thing here. Shall we 'nuke them" as well? Hey, let's nuke 'em all!

  10. "Why, then, is Europe becoming Eurabia and West as a whole bowing and scraping to Islamic supremacism?"

    The way muslims think is, we'll ask, we'll push, if you can't resist for whatever reason, stupidity and/or cowardice, then that's your problem.

    If you push, we'll kick your ass.

    Westerners can prattle pot-addled stupidity about tolerance and stick their heads up their asses as long as they want to, it won't change the plain fact and history that islam is intolerant, violent and also deceitful. They'll keep taking and encroaching until we're either over-run or we stand and fight.

  11. "What multiculturalism, Silverfiddle, trying to coexist with laissez-faire, climate change denying evangelicals?"

    Once again, Ducky shows his ass. A Christian, fundamental or no, will not make you wear a burqa, make a woman's word legally worth half of a man, cut of your foot, hand, or head, nor will they stone you to death.

    Heck, if you've read any Bible, Christ goes out of his way to stop a stoning.

    As for the climate denying, the science isn't in on that, no matter how much Al Gore has brainwashed Ducky and leftists like him.




    As for Bd... Huh?

  12. This whole situation stems from demographics. The "experts" told the European, and the American populations to only have 2 or fewer children for the good of the planet, for economic reasons, etc. What Europe and Japan are now experiencing is a catastrophic demographic winter.

    Muslims don't listen to experts, they listen to their Koran, which tells them to have lots of children. I can't fault them there, it's getting them results. I read once that Gaddafi commented that violence would not be necessary to take over Europe, it would happen naturally.

    These same bunch of "experts": Ford and Rockefeller Foundations types and their accomplices at the UN are importing Muslims to our country. I don't fault Muslims as they are what they are, but the globalists who seem to be allowing them to destabilize Western Civilization.

  13. Liberals seriously do a little research beyond CNN. The Dr. Mann theory (Hockey Stick Theory)regarding escalating temperatures has been disproved by every measuring device on the planet. The total temperature is up like 1 degree since we started measuring and the geological information already suggested the earth was warmer in the past when there were no "green house" gases.

    We are not saying the earth has not gotten a degree warmer, we are saying there is no reason to act like chicken little fearing the sky is going to fall. Research sure always research but we do not have the evidence for massive policy and legal changes.

  14. That was really cute, actually. "Why no, Christians in Saudi Arabia must only pray in their homes, but yes, of course, there should be mosques in Christian countries".

    Is anyone really surprised? The only people left who don't understand where Muslims are at are the same ones who vote them into office. It's kinda an Ayn Rand sort of thing, where the mass doesn't think ahead, or at all, and expects everything to be taken care of for them and all will be warm and fuzzy forever.

    Then they wonder why everything is going to hell in a hand cart and blame the people they elected.

    Freedom isn't free, we have to be vigilant and involved if we want to keep it.


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