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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Broken Record

With a hat tip to Mike's America:

Don't miss the bonus video below the fold (hat tip to AF Ticker of Jus' Sayin')!


  1. Sounds like a winner to me. The song is sad, but true. The man is a musical genus. The way he can make you laugh and feel sad at the same time. AOW you always find great stuff. :)

  2. Bush took a record surplus and created a record deficit. He started two wars OFF budget, gave tax breaks to the wealthiest NONE were paid for. He deregulated the banks more than ever. Obama prevented another depression with the Stimulus but it will still take time. He created more jobs than Bush did in 8 years. The GOP continues to protect the wealthy corporations and stymie efforts by the Dems to fix the economy and create jobs. VOTE DEMOCRAT or lose the middle class.

  3. Bd, another broken record as he repeats the party line , Bush's fault, Bush's fault,Bush's fault...

  4. Actually, these protesters are the most clueless airheads I have ever seen. Obama's policies kill the economy so an Obama aide organizes a sit in on Wall Street.

    Imbeciles par excellence.

    Investors provide capital that creates jobs.

  5. Ticker, if the shoe fits. Just because the right complains about blaming Bush doesn't make it any less true. He also created Medicaid part D-totally unfunded.

    He screwed us and the GOP continues the tradition by no jobs bill and no plan except protect the wealthy, the corporation and make the middle class pay.

    Wake up.

  6. OWS vrs. Tea Party:

    Pretty critical of Obama, too.

  7. Broken record indeed. And sad but very true.

  8. BD

    Bull I work nearby and these are Obama supporters. These clowns are organized by Van Jones, big labor and the communist party all of whom are in Obama's back pocket.

    Try boots on the ground research.

  9. Only way you'll get jobs back is when obama loses his current one and goes back to community/welfare organizing or whatever useless, parasitical job he was doing before he started fiddling with stuff he hasn't got a clue about.

  10. Blame Bush (click) Blame Bush (click) Blamd Bush (Cliick)
    Keep on Bd you talk but never say anything.

    The effort to pass the Medicare Modernization Act in 2003 was marked by a bipartisan commitment to combine the efficiencies of private industry with government oversight to provide the highest-quality drug coverage to seniors. With the support of both Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans, we helped pass the initial Senate bill with a vote of 76-21, which led to middle-class seniors gaining long-awaited coverage for prescription drugs.

    Blame Bush, (click) Blame Bush (click) Blame Bush (Click)
    Now what was that Brain dead?

  11. Let's see

    During Bush gas was 1.85-2.00

    Unemployment was 4-5%

    home values were up

    salaries were up

    yup I blame Bush for all of that.

    in 2006 Democrats took control of Congress.

    Gas 3.30-4.00

    Unemplyment 17 %

    homes values down

    salaries down if you have a job

    and health care way up

    but illegals do have health care

    As to the wars, I thought your Democrats were supposed to get us out of wars...oops Libya

    I thought your guys were guying to end illegal wire taps ok I guess you do now you just kill the terrorists without search warrants

    I thought your guys were going to close Gitmo ok you did on paper...

    Yeah Duck remember when I told you Gitmo would still be open through the Summer. Man I was wrong I thought it would be Summer 2009.

    Darn I feel silly well at least I did not vote for Obama


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