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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Chant (With Addendum)

Anything goes! "You can have sex with animals." Video below the fold (hat tip to Gateway Pundit):

More video and photos at Urban Infidel. Material you're not seeing on the evening news.

Addendum with information on the speaker in the video: Slavoj Žižek (pronounced [ˈslavoj ˈʒiʒɛk]; born 21 March 1949) is a Slovenian philosopher and critical theorist working in the traditions of Hegelianism, Marxism and Lacanian psychoanalysis. He has made contributions to political theory, film theory, and theoretical psychoanalysis.

Žižek is a senior researcher at the Institute of Sociology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and a professor at the European Graduate School. He has been a visiting professor at, among others, the University of Chicago, Columbia University, London Consortium, Princeton, New York University, The New School, the University of Minnesota, the University of California, Irvine and the University of Michigan. He is currently the International Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London and president of the Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis, Ljubljana.... [source]


  1. Sadly, some of them probably already have, most especially the dirtball in the red shirt leading that brainwashing session.

    If that ain't something straight out of Orwell, I don't know what is.

  2. I love Zizek's ideas. He's a REAL Perv... doesn't just use the feathers, but uses the WHOLE chicken.

    The point isn't to encourage sex with animals, but to NOT think in a way that is limited by societies taboo's.

    I wouldn't make too much of this "gotcha".

  3. ...and yet, don't "under-estimate" what they are trying to achieve from this "sex with animals" reference, either. The participants in this process will come out STRONGLY committed to whatever goal they end up pretending to come up with (ALA post-hypnotic suggestion).

  4. You can bet that whatever it is, it's going to attempt to overturn society and capitalism as we currently know it. And they wouldn't have started this whole process unless they'd already decided "HOW" they were going to do it.

  5. No way in hell they went INTO this process under the naive impression that they were actually going to get the group to come up with the outcome. They just need to IMPLANT their idea and SELL it as the solution w/o the participants realizing that their "leaders" are all shilling for the pre-agreed to outcome.

  6. Useful idiots...

    As Nietzsche once said, "What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros!"

    And this group is a collection of "zeros" if ever there was one.

  7. Useful idiots is the best description of this group. Speaking of useful idiot, I wonder what Mayor Bloomberg would do if he caught one of them putting excess salt on their food?

  8. At this stage of the protests, this has to be working against Obama and the liberal Democrats. I have to believe that the vast majority of Americans find these idiots disgusting.

  9. Has anyone read or do you remember history of the Russian Revolution?

    A lot of similarities. If you haven't read a lot in the way of comparison you need to read the latest Patriot Post article.


    Very interesting, informative and down right scary.

  10. Very telling, AOW. I think I'm going to repost this and link back.

  11. Conservatives on Fire said: At this stage of the protests, this has to be working against Obama and the liberal Democrats.

    I say: If the mainstream media cover any of these truly disgusting aspects.

  12. I was reading about the blatant anti-semitism that has risen to the surface of these groups also. It really is a shame to hear the Left comparing these people to the TEA party.

    Right Truth

  13. Even with the media whores the truth is wriggling its way out...

    Even those of us with no live news feed know these guys/gals are a bunch of unwashed losers who have not worked a real day in their whole pathetic lives...aka their democrats.

    My first thought when I heard the DNC was coming to Charlotte was just wait to the Democrats in Charlotte get an eyeful of democrats on parade with a few agitators from groups like ELF or Black Bloc. You see Charlotte's conscruction means the liberals live in the downtown area right in the middle of the real riots.

    Also coming is the ties between the Solar company and campaign finance donations to Obama but wait there is more as GE seems to be pulling in significant government welfare fora Hot air wind farm.

    It is true our government systems have raised a generations of folks barely able to hold down a job at Pizza Hut.

    Here is the good news, its not like these folks are thrilled about Obama and the Democrats. Any one catch the clip of the Representative who was blocked from speaking in GA.

    In area to your original post is this bad for Democrats? Yes as evidence I suggest Mayor there was not enough room for Emergency workers at the 911 memorial Bloomberg have decided to clear them out for sanitation reasons which is code for I have to stop this somehow and maybe these flea baggers will forget if they go home for a few days....

  14. Based on some of the names that exist on the shadows of the funding for this, I think it fair to suggest That democrats did fund and plan these riots.

    However, I do not think it is working as planned.

    This is their voting base and fragmented upset voting base does not help in an election.

  15. If only these malcontents of the fringe could have sex with the female praying mantis, known for the post-coital cannibalism of its mate...

  16. My prediction is the anarchists start inserting themselves into this.

    Once we have police cars burning on TV and windows smashed out Obama and Pelosi will regret their support.

  17. Obama is facing increasing scrutiny for the Solyndra Lightsquared, and Operation gunwalking scandals.

    I see all these protests as a means of simply distracting us from the bigger issues.

  18. The man leading the chant in the video posted -- the speaker in the video who says, 'You can have sex with animals,' -- is Slovenian Marxist, Slavoj Žižek.

  19. "the speaker in the video who says, 'You can have sex with animals,' -- is Slovenian Marxist, Slavoj Žižek."

    Why am I not surprised?

  20. Talk about your disgusting little far left loons.

    Portland OR is banning costumes for Halloween. I guess they have enough freaks that dress up every day like this group on occupy Wall Street!

    They have already lost!

    The heart walk in Seattle took over!

  21. Dcat,
    Yes, they are absolute loons.

    I read today that the "movement" has gone global. Has their bestial ideology gone global too?

    I read yesterday that some of the protest groups have been cleared out. Here in D.C., however, the protest group got a four month extension for their permit to occupy. Sheesh.

    Wait till the snow arrives. Hehehe.

  22. You guys aren't idiots not to see these protestors are not that dissimilar in their intent as the tea party with regard to government involvement, but in the financial industry's looting of the middle class. But minus the racist signs and firearms. Go ahead, disparage and demonize them. And then bend over.

  23. Bd said: You guys aren't idiots...

    I'm sure that your blathering wasn't intended as you wrote it. However, you have proven yourself to be an idiot.

    As for similarities with the Tea Party Movement, nobody in the TPM is advocating having sex with animals.

    Furthermore, these loons in the video are disparaging themselves. I have no need to demonize them; they are doing that to themselves.

    Get a clue. If possible.

    Or maybe the problem is that you yourself have a disgusting attraction to animals.

  24. Tea Party rally number of arrests--0

    attendance at tea parties--10,000s of thousands

    trash left over after tea part rally --less than what was there when they got there

    Tea party by its name means to revolt against not for government

    The only racism at a tea party was broguth their by your leftist goon buddies.

    Check out the facts Bd idea, the Glenn Beck stage is filled with every religion and ethnic group.


    ok good now the adults can talk.

    Despite media attempts to connect the two they are totals opposite protests. The occupy folks want to occupy you not free you. They are small, loud, littering, idiots.

  25. and yes this is very bad for an Obama campaign. NC was never really in the bag for Democrats. The results were more about a distaste for MCCain than a like for Obama. but just wait until Charlotte gets a gander at a real protest come Spet 2012 just in time to be fresh in the minds of voters. Let me tell you something about Charlotte, nice people but they get ornery when a street is closed for 30 minutes because someone ran off the raod and knocked out a power lane or because the marathon is happening again for the 13th year in a row in their neighborhood. They are not going to be impressed when thousands of people block their streets and start tearing up their town....mark my words...not a winning strategy

  26. OWC is started as a small protest ignored by the media and in 4 weeks it's now become a global movement more popular than the tea party asswipes.

    Wake up, get on board or be left behind.

  27. These perverts aren't worth the bullets to shoot them! Anyone who thinks having sex with children and animals is a sick abomination.

  28. Jacqueline,
    Copy on that! The global idiots just cry out for more attention is all! Leave em on the sidewalk and walk away so they can have their tantrums.

    They will be shoved off the street not us!

    BTW I heard the protesters are not only doing sex on animals but the asswipes are using their hands to wipe with.

    There you have it folks! The diseased global icons of the left!

  29. AOW,
    Cold = shrinkage factor! That’s a good thing!

    ;] :D :D :D

  30. More popular than the tea party....

    excuse I just snorted my coffee...

  31. Bd blathered: OWC is [sic] started as a small protest ignored by the media and in 4 weeks[,] it's now become a global movement more popular than the tea party...

    Assuming that there is actually a global movement, let us remember that popularity doesn't guarantee a correct position on a topic.

    Didn't your parents bother to teach you that following the crowd isn't necessarily following the right path?

    As for the media coverage of the Occupy Whatever idjits, the media are actively promoting the movement. In contrast, of course, is the lack of coverage of the Tea Party Movement.

    Personally, even if I were a Leftist (Gag!), I wouldn't want to be associated with the Occupy Whatever bunch. See the video in this blog post. Have sex with animals? Sick, sick, sick.

  32. Thersites,
    The point isn't to encourage sex with animals, but to NOT think in a way that is limited by societies taboo's.

    Yes, I realize that.

    Such thinking leads to chaos and anarchy. Taboos are a reflection of a society's ethos.

  33. Debbie,
    I was reading about the blatant anti-semitism that has risen to the surface of these groups also.

    I've seen some of those videos.

    Are we reliving the 1930s?

  34. Debbie mentioned that anti-Semitism is cropping up in the Occupy protests.

    From this source:

    American Nazi Party Declares Its Full Support For Occupy Wall Street’s “Courage” And “Dedication” To “Fighting Judeo-Capitalist Bankers”

  35. Yep weasels!

    Except weasels are animals and more intelligent!

    These protesters are the scum of the earth!

  36. They probably ALREADY HAVE had sex with animals. They're sleeping together in that park, aren't they?

  37. Exactly right Always, the nazi party is on the side of the leftards, can't say i'm surprised.

  38. and again Bad Idead (Bd) is wrong like the rest of the lemmings of the left.

    This just in the Board of Directors that owes the park where the protestors are includes the girlfriend of the DEMOCRAT Mayor. This company just happens to be owed by ....you guess it GE friend and fellow roommate in the Whitehouse of Obama. and GE got what in exchange for sponsoring the "grass roots" protest....thaht's right folks after not paying taxes last year GE got a 165 million dollar plus loan guarantee for a wind farm...

    Grass roots protest my hairy foot....you liberals will believe anything.

    Instead of I have a Brooklyn bridge to sell we should say we have a wind farm...


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