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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Internet Service Restored At Last!

Service was restored as of late this afternoon — after some four days of no access to the web as well as no phone service.

Another ice storm with freezing rain is moving toward the D.C. area.

At the moment, the weatherman is predicting that we won't receive a direct hit tonight and tomorrow as temperatures are supposed to be above freezing tomorrow morning.

Strong winds are predicted, however, so who knows if the lines will come down again? **sigh**


  1. To paraphrase Robert Frost: And miles to go before I catch up.

  2. glad you got your internet back! hopefully it will stay back, but consitering your luck with verizon...

  3. Hi AOW.
    Nice to see you guys are ok!
    Well as from 10 Pm local time it's our turn to get hit.We have been pretty lucky untill now.lol
    Still better than two years ago at Valentines we got snowed in, all restaurants cancelled. lol

  4. Welcome to life !
    ( You are a BLOGOHOLIC ! )

  5. Mr. AOW and are so blessed that we didn't lose electrical power!

    Given the choice of losing Internet/phone service, I'll take that loss over losing electricity -- especially as Mr. AOW has an electric hospital-bed. Plus, there would be the logistics problem of having to move into a hotel room with three cats, one of which (Dusti) has a bladder infection and requires pilling once a day.

  6. Alex,
    Yes, I'm a blogoholic. In addition, I communicate with my students via the web and post homework on the web as well.

    I didn't mind the home phone not ringing for several days. **smile**

  7. Internet, but not phone or cable were out here for much of the day yesterday and I was going nuts. I can't imagine what you must have been going through.

    I hope you are not too inconvienced by the latest blizzard blowing your way. Al Gore says it's all your fault for not making him richer by buying overpriced "green" products sold by the many front companies he works with.

  8. Welcome back! Hope you miss the next storm!

  9. I am plum wore out with Winter..welcome back to the blogosphere!

  10. It's 12° here in Rowlett, TX... 0° wind chill... 82% humidity... Dew Point 8°... And it's going to get even colder... Main roads are icy in patches, side roads and secondary roads are ice covered and very dangerous... So, here we sit, plenty of food, coffee, a warm house, 2 FULL propane tanks just in case, and have nowhere to go and a couple of days to get there...

    But it's just not supposed to do this in the Dallas area...

  11. 4 days without any access, good grief, what would you do with yourself. Glad to hear that's over.

  12. MK said: 4 days without any access, good grief, what would you do with yourself.

    Well, I did a lot of long-term planning for the classes I teach, mostly preparation related to One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the next outside reading for world literature. And I caught up with a backlog of magazines.

    I also assembled some receipts for our 2010 tax returns.

  13. Welcome back! Now, let's get your take on the Egypt situation.

    (heh heh, the word verification word is "pithy". Heh.)

  14. Welcome back and glad you are warm.
    Doing without telephone service is bad but not as bad as no internet. I solved the telephone service deal with a little Net10 Phone from Wal-mart and buying hour time each month. That way we are never without telephone service. I don't use it for anything else other than emergency or when I am at the store and can't remember the third thing on the list I was suppose to get. LOL. I have over 22K minutes now but ya never know when you might need them. You might want to consider one of those for $10 a month.

  15. I'm glad you're back up! In my county there are about 10,000 without power or internet after a night of 50 mph winds and a coating ice storm.

    Stay warm and stay safe!

  16. The worst of the high winds missed us. Good thing! A lot of the trees are so fragile right now after that heavy snow and ice last week.

  17. I was glad to hear it was just your internet out and not electricity!

  18. 1389,
    Thank you for calling that link to my attention.

    Creeping Islamification! Creeping submission! Ugh.


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