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Friday, February 18, 2011

Treasury Secretary Geithner Admits President's Budget Unsustainable

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Hat tip to Weasel Zippers:

So, here we have one of Obama's appointees admitting that the administration is an epic fail.

Quite something, huh?

Facts are indeed uncomfortable things.


  1. speaking of defunding-post below-
    the House just defunded Planned Parenthood-
    Yeee Haaa-

  2. I saw that too, amazing isn't it? Depressing too.


    Right Truth

  3. I was talking to my favorite democrat yesterday and the point was that the reason people are rioting in Wisconsin is because they are surprised by the direction of the governor.

    News flash every where in the country conservativism is on the rise, in the courts, in the legistlatures, everywhere because unless you are a democrat you get it this country can not afford its government.

    In the words of Barak Hussein Osama..

    .Elections have consequences

    Hows that Hopey Changey thing worken for you??????

  4. Blogginator,
    With conservatism on the rise, the Left is pulling out all the stops now in an attempt to hold onto the Left's power.

    We're in for great periods of "civil unrest," IMO.

  5. Geitners' admission was astonishing.

    Great Questioning by the Senator

  6. AOW agreed

    That is why you saw all the wraggling in the Congress during the lame duck session, the emperor's (Presidents Order) from on hire, shuffling Cabinet posts and then agencies like the FCC acting like dictators....

    Interesting.....sort of reminds you of some of the things a recent dictator did in the waning days of his regime in Egpyt.

  7. I think I trust Timmy boy even less than BO. I'm baffled by this.

  8. B-b-but if we stop paying the electric bill, we can raise our internet connection speeds, order more channels on cable, and maybe even score an 8-ball of cocaine!

  9. Geithner admits Obama's budget is unsustainable yet opposes every GOP effort to actually DO something about it.

  10. Mike's America

    But see you are a logical thinking human who isnt watching American Idol and waiting for CNN,ABC,PBS,NPR, etc to tell you how to think.

    Geitner knows democrat voters like being spoon fed so no democrat will ever know he said this and even if some how it gets out, he will say it was a republican trick that s not what he meant....

    It would a great day if democrats woke and realized their so called leaders hold them in contempt


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