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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hillary Clinton And The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood is claiming the following:
US Secretary of State welcomes MB if elected by people through democratic elections

A recent dialogue between US secretary of State and former US first lady Hilary Clinton has revealed that the US may have had a change of heart following its former stance of defending the regime prior to Egypt’s People’s Revolution.
Now, if we read what Clinton actually said, we find that the Muslim Brotherhood is spinning her words.

Nothing new about spin, of course.

But what might be worrisome here is that the Muslim Brotherhood, simply because the group is Muslim, has more credibility with the ummah than an infidel woman can ever hope to have. Furthermore, those Muslims who are longing for real freedom, something that the Muslim Brotherhood can never offer, will see the United States, presently represented by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as the enemy.

At the same time, we also read the following about Mohammed ElBaradei and his view of the Muslim Brotherhood:
Ikhwanweb’s [the Muslim Brotherhood's] interview with ElBaradei closed with the following:
He defended the MB confirming that the group would always reject the use of arms and would remain loyal to democracy, emphasising that the organization’s initial struggle was not religious, but completely political.
All the wistful promotion of the revolution in Egypt as the pathway to democracy for that nation is just so much wishful thinking.

See these facts about the Muslim Brotherhood for the truth about the group, including the following:
*Ideological forebear of Hamas and al Qaeda

*Supports imposition of Shari’a law

*Approves of terrorism against Israel and the West
Much more HERE.


  1. Israel will be in deep trouble if these dudes get in power.

  2. Sharia law is the antithesis of democracy and human rights!

    The spin is SO blatant.

  3. I keep wondering what all those Muslim loving Liberals will do when Sharia law is U.S. law and all their favorite causes are outlawed under penalty of death.

  4. It actually tickles my fancy a bit.

    Imagine ... A Clinton being a victim of SPIN.


  5. Brooke is spot on with her comment:

    Sharia law is the antithesis of democracy and human rights!

  6. I cannot improve upon what Brooke said.

  7. The Muslim Brotherhood has a lot on the Left fooled. They have now started their own political party that sounds so nice and sweet. But we all know what they stand for and what they want. Clinton has been such a weak Secretary of State but look at who she represents, Obama, who can't make up his mind on anything.

    Right Truth

  8. Funny that you have to warn your"fans" to not say anything that will get them arrested. Are they that dumb? You have to tell people to be civil? On my blog people can say anything they want. Now if they get their dumb arrest it's on them. But again you have people that make death threats on the POTUS at a Republiklan Congressman meeting.

    Only in America!

  9. Kid,
    Your first comment is filled with such ignorance that I hardly know where to start.

    Let's start with Anwar Sadat. He was assassinated by a member of the Muslim Brotherhood:

    The attackers would eventually come to be identified as Islamist nationalists associated with the Muslim Brotherhood under the name of Islamic Jihad.

    Sadat's peace accord with Israel was the cause of Sadat's untimely murder:

    [T]he Brothers lost their trust in Sadat when he signed the peace agreement with Israel in 1979; four Brothers assassinated Sadat in September, 1981.

    You said in your second comment (about your blog as compared to mine):

    On my blog people can say anything they want.

    Obviously, your comments are proof that commenters here CAN say anything -- no matter how misinformed their comments are.

  10. Interesting. Somebody who calls himself The Kid defending a religion founded by a kiddy diddler. Read into that what you will, I guess.

  11. I didn't know that Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were Kiddie Didddlers. Thanks.

    The next itme a IED kills one of our troops their attracker might have read this blog.

    al-Qaeda was a invention of the CIA, just ask Ronald Reagan.

  12. You're right about Anwar Sadat, that is correct. Now what should America do kill all the Muslims on the earth? No that sounded like that crazy guy that screams a lot and I don't mean Glenn Beck. American Imperialism made us hated around the earth, maybe the POTUS with the Islamic middle name and his knowledge of the culture knows what to do.

    One question? Who was it that killed Prime Minister Rabin ? I give you a hint, it wasn't the Islamic Brotherhood.

  13. WOW!
    A certified blithering idiot and a dumb ass to boot, not too rare these days. Tell me little boy, does your mommy know you're on the Internet?

    What happened, were you looking for a child porn site and thought that Always on Watch was a voyeur site? Sorry this site is for intelligent people. (BTW, a voyeur is a pervert, thought you might want to know what that big word was.)

    Maybe you could explain a couple of words I don't know. I couldn't find them in Miriam Webster so could you tell me what itme and attracker are?
    Are they like BITE ME or A TRACTOR ran over your head?

    And to think, all this time I didn't know Joseph Smith was a follower of mad Mohamed the pervert prophet.

  14. It looks like Phil Kerpen taught you well, change the subject and attack, attack, attack.

    Warren I don't care what color you are but you don't sound sincere. BTW, the "Brothers" don't say "bite me".

    Since racism is BS why don't you wear a President Obama shirt in a white neighborhood. Three days later when you wake up in the hospital tell me what happened.

    Son we all are mixed, but whites don't accept that ALL civilization came from Africa.

  15. The Muslim Brotherhood also assisted in the creation of Muslim SS divisions to assist in the implementation of the Nazi's final solution. Further, they assisted in the dispersal of Nazi SS personel through the Odessa organization which hid Nazi war criminals in South America. They cannot be trusted any more than Hamas can.

  16. All people might have come from Africa, but civilization sure as fuck didn't, other than at the most rudimentary levels. Not a racist observation, just a fact that the Out Of Africa aficionados (otherwise known as people who thinks it proves something-whatever that is being something the rest of us haven't quite fucking figured out yet) can't seem to deal with.

    I'm going to guess that "Attracker" is a contraction of the words "Attract" and "Attack", so an "Attracker" would be like "The Kid" hoping for a Muslim raghead pervert to ravage him. He therefore tries to make himself "Attractive" to them in hopes the mean old terrorists won't "Attack" him.

    Or maybe he hopes that he WILL be "Attacked" wink, wink.

    "Itme" is an anagram of "Time", and means that when it comes to those handsome Muslim studs, the Kid presents himself to them by saying "Itme", meaning he's ready for them any old time.

    And oh, by the way, just in case you haven't figured it out yet-the nicer you are to the ragheads, the more they hate you. If you don't believe that, check with the French, British, and Dutch, just for starters.

  17. "Brothers" don't say "bite me".

    Do the "Brothers" say itme and attracker, you low rent moron.

    I didn't say I was Black, you stupid creep of a troll. I said I was Mixed Race. A distinction that's lost on you.
    Here I be talkin talk like a retard so's you be unnerstanin. GET LOST. Intelligent descent is welcome. You're just a bomb thrower with nothing to add but insults. Your next comment is your last unless you apologize to the people you came in and insulted, starting with me, ass wipe.

    I don't own this blog, Always on Watch does, but I have administrative powers, think of me as an enforcer, and I delete posts from trolls. As far as I'm concerned, you're a troll!

    Get it clown? You have 80+ years of history of the Muslim Brotherhood to study before you have can have an opinion worth voicing.

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Wrong answer.

    Only the government can censor.

    I administer, my rules, until my administrative powers are revoked.

    Too bad for you.

  22. Let's see the oldest University is in Timbuktu, but where was the first one? Not that it means anything, but I seriously doubt that you can legitimately make the case that the University system came "out of Africa".

    I don't give a shit about offending Muslims. Every time I see them or hear them they offend me, when are they going to stop. If they stop, maybe I will. I won't be holding my breath.

    Rape would be knee-slapping hilarious if it happened to a western or American liberal at the hands of a Muslim male. Maybe you'd learn something about them, like for example, rape is a pretty common element in their society. It's a way of expressing dominance for one thing, and its even a war tactic meant to instill terror and humiliate the enemy.

    It amazes me to no end how the American left can be so infested and inculcated with political correctness yet give Muslims a pass for things they would demand imprisonment for if it were done at the hands of an American. Well, a conservative American.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. You're ignorant and witless, essentially unarmed for a fight with me. Go to Facebook and pick a "fight" with an 8th grader.

    Apologize to me and the posters on this blog and I'll let you post. One more post without the apology and the requirement will be raised.

    Ignorance, arrogance and intractability do not make you a triple threat!

  26. Oh, PT, the so-called "University of Timbuktu" was actually an Islamic Academy and not what any sane person would consider a University. It apparently started operation sometime in the 12th century and awarded 4 "degrees".

    The first was learning to read and write Arabic.

    The second was memorizing the Qur'an.

    The third was based upon a student's excellent "Islamic character" and his mastery of "Islamic knowledge".

    The last was a club of Muslim Imams and Islamic big shots.

    Those may not be direct quotes but they are realistic paraphrases of information from the timbuktufoundation.org

    The oldest operational University and true institute of higher learning is The University of Balogna in Balogna Italy founded as such in 1088 followed by the University of Oxford in 1096 or 1231 if you will only recognize the official charter of The Roman Catholic Church and some claim to the year 825 (according to Wiki).

    As you can see, "kid" is either a liar or willfully ignorant. Or perhaps it is a Muslim and practicing a little Taqiyya.

  27. Warren:

    I administer, my rules, until my administrative powers are revoked.

    No danger of your admin powers being revoked!

    Thank you for administrating this blog.

  28. Wow, been away for a few days and caught up on this action. As bad a troll and hater as I've seen anywhere for awhile. Way to go Warren!

  29. I'm late the the party, but it must be confusing to the binary thinkers like Kid to see an anti-American group like the MB try to get mileage out of past US support for Mubarak while Gadhafi in Libya, who has never had US backing, is making war on his own people.

    Me, I'd say the CIA's being in possession of Iraq's intelligence databases is paying off ;)

  30. Alligator, Beamish!

    I was kinda hoping you guys could show up for the party.

  31. o yea lets see who gets beheaded first if their pals the MB take over..God help us all!

  32. With all the rioting and unrest in the ME, it is little surprise that Islamist apologists/bigots are crawling out of the woodwork.

    You've found yourself a doozy, AOW!

  33. You don't even have to go any further than the MB logo.

    What other valid religious-based logo -- in the world -- sports, in their publicly-identified and embraced logo, crossed swords of violence?

    Anything Christian? Jewish? Buddhist?

    Quite simply: no.

    That says all I need to know about the MB and, by extension, about Islam, thank you.


  34. "Alligator, Beamish!

    I was kinda hoping you guys could show up for the party."

    Sorry I was so late :(

    "What other valid religious-based logo -- in the world -- sports, in their publicly-identified and embraced logo, crossed swords of violence?"

    "it must be confusing to the binary thinkers like Kid to see an anti-American group like the MB try to get mileage out of past US support for Mubarak while Gadhafi in Libya, who has never had US backing, is making war on his own people."

    Beamish, any thoughts on WHY those people never try to reconcile these serious anomalies in their logic? (That's a rhetorical question)

    Zepplin - there is the "sword of the spirit" but the scriptural connotation makes it very clear that it is a spiritual analogy only. Muslim references about swords seem pretty literal to me. Like beheadings.

  35. Warren are we supposed to sit down and reason with folks like that?

    Not sure how that can be accomplished given the the level of hatred, bigotry and ignorance spweing from such a negative person.

  36. Alligator,

    Even if you could get those simpletons to recognize their cognitive dissonance, they'd reflexively invoke some secret conspiracy between Halliburton, the cast of Glee, and the Jews that is brainwashing people into thinking they're imbeciles.

  37. Blogginator,
    I don't have the time to attempt to argue with idiots let alone reason with them. No, mostly I reply in kind.

    As far as I'm concerned, the time for reasoning has passed.

    Your mileage may differ.


  38. one thing about the logo, weren't those swords mainly used by pirates?

  39. Anon asked:

    "weren't those swords mainly used by pirates?"

    The curved sword is known as a scimitar. Its a weapon of war designed for horseback warfare.

    It has metaphorical/symbolic meanings for Muslims. In the MB, I wold imagine the swords in the logo represent, Saif al-Islam, "Sword of submission to Allah" or (literally) "Sword of Islam" and Saif ud-Daula, "Sword of the State".

  40. Wow. What a fun comment thread. You rock, Warren. Nice work. I agree, kid sounded like an Islamist.

  41. No One Of Any Import,
    What a fun comment thread.


    A bit of a diversion in the middle of winter, huh?

  42. Moslems just love sword imagery.

    See the flag of Saudi Arabia as well.

    In Saudi ESL classes, lessons begin as follows:

    "The sword is under the table."

    "The sword is behind the curtain."



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