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Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: Philosophy of Liberty

I know that this flash animation is a bit long. Nevertheless, please watch, and tell me what you think.


  1. Good video! It's easy to understand, and strips away all flowery talk to focus on the fundimental basics of liberty.
    My favorite parts were when they said people should stop turning to goverment for help (too true, too true) and the last part, which goes to show that even tolerance can be harmful if its tolerance to evil. As ayn rand said, evil wins by default, from those who would sit back and hand their problems to someone else, or ignore that they are there.

  2. I believe my 'old friend ' U-Space made this video -
    U-apace was so encouraging to me during my start days of blogging-
    Now-he only uses twitter--
    Thank you for posting this and reminding me that there are others of his that are great!!

  3. CS,
    I did find this via U-Space's Tweets (Hate that word!).

  4. Wildstar,
    Remind the other students in Government class to watch this video.

  5. What a great video. I hope all the kids in school would get a chance to see this. Sums it up.

  6. AOW,

    I loved it I never seen it put so well

    Not just kids in school,but many,many

    adults as well, need to see this video



  7. I find complete agreement with the animation's assertions regarding the concepts of self ownership, property rights, and self defense. However, I also have some concerns regarding the animations implied concepts of leadership and the use of force by the State.

    Regarding leadership, I fully believe that this decision rests fully with the consent of the governed. I also believe that a just government receives its authority to govern based fully on the consent of the people and that the individual has voluntarily loaned their sovereignty to the government for the express purpose of advancing the greater good of society, but if the individual has no right to select leaders for others then we return to anarchy.

    This is because morality must be predicated on a relativistic view and thus virtue itself is weakened as is the community. While such relativism finds a home in the assessment of foreign nations and cultures, i.e. the when in Rome paradigm for instance, it has no place in one's own society unless you are seeking to destabilize and destroy it.

    Regarding the use of force by government, if the government is just and was duly appointed by the consent of the governed, then that government has the right to use force under the same conditions when he individual is authorized to use force. In effect, this makes the government a virtual individual within the global community. If government is stopped from initiating force it becomes insular and isolationist and the population that that government serves is placed at risk from the aggression of other "individuals."

    In essence, such a strategy asserts that the nation cannot respond with force unless and until the nation itself is directly assaulted with violence and the first blow has already landed. I admit that I arrived at this conclusion because libertarian policy tends toward isolationism.

    If the intent of the animation was to mean the use of force against the public in order to accomplish the tyranny of the minority, then I fully agree with this stance. If so, the intent was unclear. Yet, such force is not only occasionally warranted, but necessary. Taxation, the suppression of violent revolt, the enforcement of laws, and the maintenance of public order all demand the government's use of force against its own citizens. The application of force does not occur in a vacuum however.

    The oversight of the government's actions are reviewed by the public and elections offer corrections as needed as does the criminal law because in a just society no one is above the law regardless of status, authority, or position.

    Overall, I enjoyed the presentation and I thank you for posting it :-)

  8. Now, THAT's the 'smart' way of looking at liberty--and a total 180from what we are being told by this current (YUCK!) administration.

    Thanks so much for this GREAT find, AOW! I reposted with credit to you!

    Hugs to you both, and glad to hear about the new computer!

  9. RP Free,
    Thanks for the repost and the attribution.

    I have the new computer now but am enmeshed in the work week, so I'm still not making regular blog rounds. **sigh**

    This coming weekend: tax numbers to crunch. **sighing heavily**

  10. It is Libertarian Philosophy.

    I find Ducky's fear of liberty interesting but if you have authoritarian views its quite normal to react in that manner. The right to the fruits of your own labor is an anathema to the blood sucking Socialists that are now calling themselves Progressives. (or Social Democrats)

  11. Excellent and a good idea to share with this middle school, high school and college children and grandchildren. Glad to know U-Space is still around.

    Linked sometime tomorrow morning (make that this morning since it's after midnight.

  12. William,
    Sorry for the publication of your comment. For whatever reason, your comment ended up in Blogger's spam folder, so I had to publish your comment manually.


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