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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obama's Masters

Story HERE.

Graphic below the fold.

Hat tip to Randy's Roundtable:


  1. Silly me and I thought the United States citizens were his masters

  2. Saudi Arabia is sending Obama a message today, too late though. They wanted him to leave Mubarak alone

    Right Truth

  3. People simply do not understand how difficult it is to serve as president, as illustrated by this cartoon. Does Ă˜bama kowtow to the filthy rich Saudis, or does he kowtow to the filthy rich George Soros? Oh what to do, what to do …

  4. Re Mustang's comments: He kisses both their butts. Isn't that they way he has done all his life? Didn't he do it in the campaign, saying one thing to one group and another thing to another group. Kissing up is all he knows. He dang sure knows nothing of leadership.

  5. Why do I think that no matter what happens, the MSM will have him coming out of this smelling like a rose?

  6. No matter how much obama screws up, the obamarrhoids of the press will spin it as positively as possible. That's been the story of BO's life.

  7. Obama is a putz. I thought Presidents were supposed to be decisive. This guy doesn't know what to do from day to day.

  8. AMerica can't be decisive anymore, as Mark suggests; we have no standing, we're in debt up past our ears and we have an appeaser in the great office in our land who's not too nuts about this country in the first place.
    GAD ... part of me thinks "Let Saudi Arabia pay all that money instead of us" ...since there is no president here who even cares if our interests are followed enough to bribe Egypt with the money we pay them, then what the...?

  9. I wonder how he keeps track of all the butts he has kissed?

  10. I was thinking can we organize a protest in DC say for about 18 days......:)

  11. He knows two ways to get ahead. Lying and ***-kissing.


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