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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Character Of Obama

Talk about an egomaniac and a cheapskate!

Check out Obama's parting gifts to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs (excerpt from from Ace of Spades, photo from Weasel Zippers):

A long time ago Obama "borrowed" a tie of Gibbs. He liked it, so he wound up keeping it. Today he gave him the tie back, finally [after some seven years], with a couple of pictures of Gibbs with Obama in a glass picture-case.
According to the Washington Post:
President Barack Obama made a rare appearance in the White House briefing room Friday [February 11] to mark his longtime aide Robert Gibbs' last day at the White House.

Obama lauded Gibbs as an "extraordinary" press secretary and a great friend.
Yeah, Obama's parting gifts to Gibbs really reflected Obama's respect for his "great friend," huh? Of course, Obama does have quite a history of gift-giving. He gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod. Heh.

Now, perhaps the gifts to Gibbs were supposed to reflect Obama's much-touted wonderful sense of humor. I don't see it, however. Neither do most commenters at Weasel Zippers. Quite a comment thread THERE! Example:
Regolith says:
February 12, 2011 at 1:23 am
I bet the teleprompter gave him a better parting gift.


  1. As I was reading this I thought of the "i-pod incident"

  2. What a boring tie! Most unimaginative! I wouldn't have kept that for seven days, let alone for seven years! It looks like a tie one might wear to a friend's wedding.

    As for the pics of Obama, I'm sure that Gibbs will drool over those each and every evening. After all, not everyone has the privilege of having a friend like Obama!!!

    By the way, they tell me that Queenie is so grateful to Obama for her iPod. She is said to use it to get to sleep every night, thinking, of course, of BHO, and being thankful to Him every day of her life. :-)

  3. With each passing day, O shows what a classless, cretin he is. I would expect nothing less from this egomanic. I am happy to be rid of Gibbs, though.

  4. Maybe this is why the Royal Couple didn't invite the Obamas to their upcoming wedding...not a good enough gift expected (just kidding!)

    This is amazing...this is the kind of gift he might have given in private, right? If it was a standing joke about the un-returned tie it might have been cute? But given in front of the press corps and with pictures of Gibbs with THE ONE? OY.

    WHatever the gift, I am THRILLED Gibbs is GONE. I never saw a sense of humor, I only saw disdain for US and adoration of his leader.

    The funny thing is how immature and dopey the new guy is; that ought to be fun to watch...I couldn't BELIEVE the new choice when I heard it!! HAA!

  5. "Barack, you shouldn't have... and I really mean that..."

    What a putz.

  6. he is frugal -
    when it comes to gifts for 'friends'--
    when it comes to expenditures (tax payer $$$) for himself or mo-well-the sky is the limit!!

  7. Perhaps he gave him something better behind the scenes. You will never hear about the under the table stuff.

    As to the Obama administration and their gifts to foreign leaders, it shows they have no class

    Right Truth

  8. He always referred to himself as "the gipper" at that little farewell soiree. Giving the guy his own tie back reminds me more of Al Bundy.

  9. Oh, lawrd. Just when Obama cannot get any more absurd!

    Obama needs a psychiatrist.

  10. Layla,
    Did you hear about the $35.00 dress Michelle no belle is bragging about wearing to an interview?

    I hadn't heard about that.

    But I can't say that I'm surprised, however,

    As Amusing Bunni mentioned above: classless cretins.

  11. Mark,
    What a boring tie! Most unimaginative!

    I hadn't thought of that angle.

    And now it's framed for all time, and the media here are yapping about what a clever gift Obama gave Gibbs. Sheesh.

    That comment you made about the Queen and her iPod is hilarious. **smile**

  12. Z,
    Maybe this is why the Royal Couple didn't invite the Obamas to their upcoming wedding...not a good enough gift expected (just kidding!)

    More likely, the Royal Couple was afraid of what kind of rag of a dress that Michelle would wear -- with a sweater that doesn't match, of course.

    Or that Michelle and Barack would paw everyone at the reception.

  13. Debbie,
    Perhaps he gave him something better behind the scenes.

    Very likely.

    But Obama would have done better just to give a speech in the White House Briefing Room instead of that stupid gift, a gift more suited to a cocktail party's lighter moments.

  14. Bob,
    He always referred to himself as "the gipper" at that little farewell soiree.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    This "remaking" of Obama and tying him to Ronald Reagan, Obama's show of moving to the center, is so ludicrous.

  15. Christian Soldier,
    when it comes to expenditures (tax payer $$$) for himself or mo-well-the sky is the limit!!

    Yep. Obama loves to spend the taxpayers' money -- his own, not so much.

  16. Brooke,
    Obama needs a psychiatrist.

    Psychiatrists don't make much headway when the patient has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  17. Karen,
    Obama is a national and international embarrassment.

  18. Chuck,
    Apparently, Obama hasn't learned anything from that iPod incident early in his term.

  19. Giving somebody pictures of oneself seems a tad narcissistic to me. I'll give someone a picture of myself if they ask me for one, but as a gift? Naw...

    And the tie...If you return somebody something that was already theirs--it's not a gift, it's integrity---unless you waited 3 years to give it back. Then, it's an example of disrespect.

  20. I just hope when he is tossed out in 2012 that he doesnt give the US a picture of the White House

  21. I have to thank Obama for one thing, his actions and the Democrats in general are so indefensible that Ducky's posts have all but disappeared from this blog.

  22. Well after reading through the comments again and the ones after mine made more recently my conclusion is that we should all hope that the morons that voted him into office have had their full and are now going to be "thinking Americans" - though it seems few are left. I read this morning he will run for a second term, like anyone would really vote for him, yah think?

  23. Oh, forgot, did you click through and view that awesome video on that 3 year-old boy? It is utterly amazing! He is a true wonder child with a will that puts us all to shame! Really........ :)

  24. Layla,
    I did watch the entire video of the 3-year-old boy, but didn't comment as I was fixing breakfast (in stages) and having a few computer glitches going on.

    Mr. AOW listened, too (He was out of view of the computer screen, but my speakers are excellent). The sky is the limit for that boy!

    Mr. AOW and I were particularly interested in that boy's case because (1) Mr. AOW had a stroke and (2) one of our dearest friends had a stroke damaging his pons region. Our friend has recovered for the most part; Mr. AOW is still working on recovery -- in his words, "like that little boy." Mr. AOW found the video a shot in the arm this morning!

    I do find that children work very hard in rehab. Amazing determination! Most adults tend to whine and give up, and I witnessed that in rehab when Mr. AOW was at the nursing home.

    The human brain is such a miracle and such a mystery. Neurologists, although helpful in most cases, clearly do not have all the answers. Good neurologists say so, too, as Mr. AOW and I have discovered with our own neurologists.

  25. How cheap and crass can Obama be, let me count the infinite ways.


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