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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Computer Up And Running

Yesterday, after eleven grueling hours from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM, I finally have my new computer functional for my work and bookkeeping needs. I lost track of how many calls I had to make to Warren. He is one patient man!

So far, I do like Windows 7 and the new machine. I particularly like that silent keyboard.

I still have some data files not yet on the hard drive of the new machine, but those files aren't absolutely necessary for this week's work needs. The machine I replaced was fully backed up on CD, but one of the backup disks failed: information on the disk one minute, gone the next. I reconnected the old machine, a 2004 Dell; beginning with medical-information files, emailed certain essential files to myself.

The biggest headache now: the grade book program I've been using since 1994 isn't compatible with Windows 7 and won't install. If I can't figure out a workaround, I'll use an Excel template from Microsoft.

Today, I'll be catching up on grading papers. Editing essays was last on my list of priorities the past several days.


  1. Ah... A new computer and a new operating system. A time filled with wonder and excitement... and fraught with unexpected frustrations!

    Glad you're up an running. Good luck getting the rest of it together!

  2. Good to see you up and running. Remember to delete explorer as soon as possible.

  3. Windows 7 works well IMO, good luck and welcome back to the future. Heh.

  4. Good luck! I just moved to 7 and so far so good.

  5. I'm so glad you got a new computer, you had so many problems with the old one.

    Don't forget to back up or get Carbonite.

    Right Truth

  6. Best advice:

    1. Disable/delete McAfee AV.

    2. (If you have it) disable/delete Norton/Symantec AV.

    3. Install/run Microsoft Security Essentials.

    4. Install/run Windows Defender.

    5. Right-Click My computer.

    6. Select properties.

    7. Select 'Advanced System Settings.'

    8. Under 'Performance' click Settings.

    9. Select radio button "Adjust for best performance."

    Click OK and close out. It's the best advice I can offer to anyone who wants a faster, more leaner computer. AV is a thing of the past. It was about as effective as the Y2K scare, and people are still thinking that "you need to have AV installed or you'll get a virus."

  7. I am happy for you! I think you and I have the same bad luck. Read my article. Heh! I am installing a new hard drive on my 8 month-old Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop. Just read the article. I am so p'd off!

    Right now I got a lot of work done early for school, put up that blog post, cuz tomorrow it is computer work time.....sucks if you ask me! grrrrrrrrrrr!

    Love ya! xoxo

    P.S. I think Josh's teacher helped herself to my key chain mini Rite Aid card. My hubby has they other key chain card and I have the CC sized one. I am p'd OFF! Sorry I cannot send it to you. She claims she does not have it, but it was in Josh's school stuff for them to use when they shopping at Rite Aid to help him use money in realtime. I apologize for offering before I knew it was taken. I should have checked first. I did not forget, I was just looking all over and it is gone. I know she took it. It was for their use. I did not give it to her though. UGH! I am so sick of everyone these days AOW, really. :( And sorry for the rant and off topic.

  8. Congrats on new machine. It's always exciting.

  9. AOW,

    your students don't know how lucky

    they are to have such a dedicated

    teacher as you!!!!!!


  10. AOW, that's GREAT. If anybody needs a brand-spanking wonderful new computer IT IS YOU. And , as for Warren........you mean SAINT WARREN?
    He's THE BEST!!

  11. BY the way, I clicked on JACQUELINE and was thrilled to see it's JACKIE! (do you remember I called you once from LA, Jackie? It's been a while...!) Welcome to the blogosphere, so glad to have you around! (Hug your fella from me, okay?)xxx Z

  12. AOW, Congrats.

    My wife and I both bought new ones when ours blinked about the same time. Both came with Win7 installed but some of our legacy programs would not run.. They also sent an XP Pro disk to each of us.. so I installed it -- with the backup option of Win7 if needed later. However I was told I could run old XP Apps in a virtual XP machine in Win7 -- therefore saving your legacy programs. Ask Warren about that.

    Pray you and Mr. AOW are well and looking forward to Spring.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  13. Good for you, AOW! Yeah, after a certain point, it's just time to get a new one.

    And if you must get a Winblows PC, HP is the best!

  14. Kinda like getting driving a Cadillac after you've been tooling around in an old Dodge K car.

  15. I spent much of yesterday wrestling with getting an Excel template for grade book to work with grading method I've used for the past 33 years. Finally, I've got that problem solved.

    Of course, now that I've transferred and entered data, my next step is backing up the data.

    All this computer wrestling has worn me out!

  16. Jackie,
    Thanks. I admit to working hard when it comes to teaching. My house? Well, that's another story.

    Hey, do you happen to recall just how many times I called Warren on Sunday while I was trying to set up the new machine? I lost count!

  17. As far as the new OS goes, I don't have a clue as to the new bells and whistles. I know that Windows 7 offers a lot of new things, but I haven't explored those yet.

  18. Hope that you enjoy the new PC and that it makes your work easier!

  19. @ ExPreacherMan:

    Jack,if you go HERE, it should tell you which XP software and hardware will run in Windows 7 in XP mode. You can download the program free, from Microsoft HERE. Both of those links go to Microsoft.

    That's all I know about it. I don't own a Windows 7 machine and I've only operated one for an hour or so to remove some malicious software. Sorry I can't be more help.

  20. Z,

    Saint Warren!
    LOL, I know people that would want to know the size of the bribe I paid for that comment.


  21. ¿Cómo están usted y la Nueva Seniorita Computadora ?

    ( Di halo al Sr. AOW! )


  22. As your friends the Arabs might say: Mabruk! Or as I would say: Congratulations! Enjoy the computing experience!

  23. Mark,
    I still have a lot of "housekeeping" to do on the new machine. Many of my transferred documents have to be reformatted.

    I also have to enter grades in the new Excel grade book.

  24. Alex,
    Mr. AOW is feeling neglected as I'm spending so much time in my office upstairs with la Senorita Computadora. He's been "hibernating."


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