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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today's Recommended Reading

Guess who is suing Coca Cola? [hat tip to Woman Honor Thyself] FYI...

"Today's Recommended Reading" is a new blog feature that will appear intermittently at Always On Watch and consists of posting a link or links. I hope that my readers will find this new blog feature of interest.


  1. thanks AOW..can u believe this !!? have a great day...still chilly here!

  2. The only modern American practice Muslims seem to think it OK. Litigation. The good news (for them) is that they stand a good chance of getting a judge that will be sympathetic to Islam now that Obama is appointing Federal judges. They all know who can advance their careers.

  3. Now if we could only add a bit of bacon...

  4. I'm baaaaa-aaaack.

    I wonder how Muslims feel about the inoculations they've received for swine flu when they come over here, which actually contains swine blood, or well something from swine.

  5. loved Angel's post--
    as to post below--
    it is time to get another 'puter' my friend - you deserve a new one!

  6. I read about this elsewhere... my comment was that I hoped Coca Cola didn't cave like a house of cards in a wind tunnel, but that looking at past cases such as those involving Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson, it didn't look favorable.


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