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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pat Condell On Multiculturalism

Pat Condell responds to David Cameron's recent statement on the failure of multiculturalism:

Will American heed the warning coming from multiple sources, including the voices of Angela Merkel of Germany and Nicholas Sarkozy of France — in addition to the voice of David Cameron of the UK?


  1. We the people will but our self-appointed leaders will not.

  2. The suicide of the West will continue until its peoples demand that it stops--but by then, it may be far too late.

  3. too little too late and PAT is spot on!!!


  4. ps He's wrong about Jews..the sacrifice painlessly when they do for kosher meat.

  5. I've always passed over Pat Condell until tonight, here, and found him logical and of a somewhat dry wit (nice!).

    BTW, Spain is also in on the denouncing of multiculturalism...and should have been all along, as they were infiltrated by Moslems hundreds of years ago.

    The Chicago neighborhood in which I live boasts of its diversity, because there are some 88 languages spoken among some 64,000 people in this paltry 2 and a half square miles. We also have a high crime rate, a number of gangs of various ethnicities and, being Chicago, corruption and laziness everywhere.

    The residents are not all that friendly, except among their own ethnic groups. And, because we have an alderman who has been such for 20 years and has just recived endorsement by the Chicago Tribune...it's going to be the same old, same old for another four years, no matter whom is elected mayor.

    Gee, AOW, I'd better run now, because this particular alderman meets with his consituency in BARS every Friday night (sarc)!

    PS: HELLO to Mr.AOW! And Happy Valentine's Day to you both, if you celebrate that day!

  6. RP Free Speech,
    Thanks for the wishes for Valentine's Day. Mr. AOW and I will indeed celebrate the day. Yesterday, his friend Steve took him shopping, and Mr. AOW came back with a gift bag, candy, and a card.

    This doesn't sound like a big deal -- unless one remembers that a year ago Mr. AOW's only trips outside the house were visits to the doctor or a very occasionally trip to a restaurant; such trips required two attendants. No more! Steve regularly takes Mr. AOW on outings to the VFW.

    Now, Mr. AOW can't yet travel on his own (via handicapped transport carriers, of course). But I'm guessing that he'll be able to do so this summer.

    All this being cooped up for so long has been very hard on Mr. AOW, who was a social butterfly before his stroke in 2009.

  7. Woman Honor Thyself said: He's wrong about Jews..the sacrifice painlessly when they do for kosher meat.

    Pat Condell is an atheist and critical of all religions. But he saves his harshest criticism for Islam.

  8. We have confused being tolerant with being accepting...

    This has lead to compromise which puts us in bed with dictators the World over....

  9. I'm glad that it's being said publicly, but the left in those countries will defend it, or relabel it. After all, they haven't completely destroyed those countries yet.

  10. Condell knocks it out of the park yet again, and that line about Islam being literally shoved down our throats!


  11. The Dems will heed those warnings, sure, just like they heeded the warnings about the dangers of socialized medicine. Their MO regarding the adoption of European failures is to study what went wrong and make it better. It never occurs to them that the main reason it fails is because there's no possible way to make it work. But then again, why let reality stand in your way, there's votes to be bought and contributions to collect.

  12. multculte=islam then 'religion'=christianity. abserd in both cases

  13. I love this guy! He feels the same way I do!

    I don't give a crap about what islam thinks! I'll tell em what I think though!


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