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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The New World Order At NASA

From Maggie's Notebook:
What is with this government? Every day there is another slur on American Culture, American Values. This time the agency is NASA. Instead of naming a new rocket after an American Hero or a victim of the 9/11 attacks, they have decided to name the rocket after an Egyptian...Woman killed in the riots.
Read the news link HERE. Excerpt:
...[An Egyptian newspaper] quoted Essam Mohamed Haji, a young researcher at NASA as saying on Thursday he had received approval to put the young woman Sally Zahran's name on a spaceship heading for Mars.

Zahran, a 23 English graduated and translator died after she was beaten about the head on 28 January with a truncheons during clashes with security forces in in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Sohag. Anti-government protesters claim her killers were thugs in the pay of police.

“This is the least we could provide to Egyptian youth and revolutionaries. This step represents transferring the dreams of Egyptian youth from a small stretch of earth to the enormous expanse of space,” said Haji was cited as telling Al-Masri Al-Youm by phone from California....
As Maggie points out:
If NASA wants to honor a foreign hero they could honor Ilan Ramon (Israel) who died on the Columbia.

Or NASA could honor the 2,998 victims of 9/11. They could put all the names in a box and pull out one.
See Maggie's entire post HERE.


  1. I am surprised it is not Barry. But then again, nothing surprises any more.This just make my day.

  2. There is plenty of room left on Mt. Rushmore for her and Mohamed Atta !

    Essam Mohamed Haji should be put on that rocket and blown to Mars !

    ... researcher at NASA !... Ha!

    He is a firkin Astronaut !

    Spit !

  3. Hi AOW.
    Yes i was surprised also when i read the story during the week,what i would like to know is who originated the demand for the use of Sally Zahran her name?And who aproved of it,why doesn't congress ask any questions?It's still an American country?Although judging by the number of phone calls a week from Obama to Erdogan you might start to think it's a Turkish enclave.

  4. I'm not surprised considering what was said in July of 2010,

    "When I became the Nasa administrator, he [Mr Obama] charged me with three things. One, he wanted me to help reinspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering… It is a matter of trying to reach out and get the best of all worlds, if you will, and there is much to be gained by drawing in the contributions that are possible from the Muslim [nations]."

    Now, is it a surprise?

  5. Ticker,
    Thank you for that quotation.

    Reaching out to the Islamic world and making them feel good about themselves in part of Obama's new world order.

  6. This is the kind of stupidity on display when we have a democrat administration

  7. When you consider that Obama has made NASA's primary mission NOT space travel, but rather outreach to the Muslim world I suppose this makes sense.


  8. I'm not surprised either, Ticker has it right. When their goal is to reach out to Muslims, why wouldn't they do something like this.

    I too want to know who made this decision. It is shameful.

    Right Truth

  9. See, AOW? I told you Ducky was filth.

  10. Your beef is that a NASA rocket was named after an Egyptian woman instead of an American patriot? Haven't read all the comments but has anyone taken the position to inquire why is there NASA and why do they have a rocket? Who cares what they call it. I wouldn't approve of it if they called it Tillman.

  11. Soapster,
    You question why NASA exists at all. Can you elaborate on your position?

    In any case, it is too early to celebrate the arrival of true freedom in Egypt, IMO.

    So far, the dictator has been ousted, and the army is at the helm. Some in the army are supporters of Mubarak -- or so I've read. And there is also concern that the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power -- covertly if not overtly.

    It also seems to me that NASA would do better to honor some of those mentioned in the body of the post.

  12. I like the name Athena.

    Yep and the left keep kissing ass!

    Shariah here we come! :p

  13. Trying to think of something profound to say but I keep chuckling over Mustang's comment.

    Why don't we just duct tape (pun intended) him to the cone and send him off instead?

  14. Just further proof that anything, even a space agency, can be made politically correct to the point it is impotent.

    I thought Mr. Obama's recent speech about innovation and "inventing stuff" to get us on top comes after neutering the main field where many recent technological innovations came from.

    That's okay though. We can leave space exploration and experimentation to Russia and China and make Muslims feel good about themselves. We're more fair as a country that way.

  15. Hi AOW.
    I'll put a follow up today in my morning post on this Egyptian NASA scientist gets even more interesting.

  16. NASA is a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars. Let me know if I need to elaborate further but James Hansen should give you a good idea.

  17. Soapster,
    I thought the waste of dollars was your meaning, but wanted to be sure.

    Honestly, I'm not sure how I view the validity of NASA. I don't know that much about the agency or the explorations. I'm just not that curious about outer space, I suppose. I'm more interested in earth exploration, so to speak.

  18. mustang, what;s the matter, marine? Ashamed that an unarmed Muslim girl gave more for freedom than you ever did.

    Hurry, you;re late for the White Citizens Council meeting.

  19. Duck,
    Was she a Muslim? Yesterday, when I checked, there was some talk that she was a Copt.

    Maybe there's more information now.

    As for your insult directed at Mustang, you're waaaay off base.

  20. If the young woman gave up her life for freedom, then obviously she gave up more than I did. On the other hand, standing around talking with friends when a grenade goes off, while tragic, isn’t exactly the same thing as throwing yourself on a grenade —a tiny nuance beyond the comprehension of leftist slugs.

  21. NASA isn't about space travel anymore. Under BO, it's all about moslem outreach. Makes me sick to even think about it.

  22. Duck,
    You referred to the young woman as an unarmed Muslim girl. At the time I made my comment about her possibly being a Copt, this information was not yet online. Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see a definitive statement as to her religious affiliation.

    It does seem to me that NASA would honor an American citizen first on a rocket funded by United States taxpayers' dollars.

    Is the naming this rocket after Sally Zahran the first time a rocket has been named for a human individual? I'm discounting naming rockets after Greek gods as they are not human individuals.

  23. BTW, the planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war. Strange symbolism there in that it seems that Sally Zahran wasn't interested in going to war. According to the link I left in my comment above:

    “Zahran was a pacifist who loved life and wanted things to become better in her home country”...

    Just sayin'.

  24. More outreach by Obama: "Obama Urges Cable Companies to Carry Al Jazeera."

  25. I don't know about you but for me, Al Jazeera English has been a great source of keeping up to date with the happenings in Egypt. I've had live footage streaming since day one.


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