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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Refusal Map

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The list of 24:


Obama has said that refusing to accept the Syrian refugees is "shameful" and "not American."

White House executive order pending?

In any case, once immigrants are allowed into the country, there may be little that governors can do to prevent those immigrants from settling in particular states.


  1. The TRUTH is always deeply offensive to committed Marxists, Parlor Pinks, Assachusettsians, and their Fellow Travelers, isn't it?

    I stand my my remarks, because they are a statement of absolute, irrefutable truth, but at the same time recommend that AOW delete all of this, because it is both unsavory and decidedly OFF-TOPIC –– something I refuse to permit at my place.

    AOW, of course, will do as she wishes.

    I am not the least bit concerned about what anyone I do not respect thinks of me.

  2. Oh! And I forgot in the melee to mention that Barack, our Bastard President, was a member for twenty years of a vile pseudo-Christian "church" where the vicious racist "pastor," Jeremiah Wright, preached hatred, subversion, sedition, rebellion, treason and contempt.

    How could we possibly forget the video of Pastor Wright hurling "GOD DAMN, AMERICA!" from his putrid pulpit?

    And WHY was that ALONE not enough to STOP us from electing The Black Knight?

    Another unpalatable, deeply unpleasant truth is that it is entirely OUR fault as a PEOPLE that we have allowed ourselves to be brought so low as not only to ACCEPT –– but to EMBRACE –– the totally, irremediably, irredeemably UNACCEPTABLE.

  3. "I stand my my remarks, because they are a statement of absolute, irrefutable truth,"

    “Cherish those who seek the truth but beware of those who find it.”

  4. All well and good that these states are refusing anymore refugees, but 1) will it stand? and 2) what about the ones here already? A terrorist can easily move to any state in the Union.

    This whole refugee denial movement is like closing the well after the child has fallen in and died.

  5. Send them all to Minnesota.

    Unfortunately, Washington is taking them in. Some will, no doubt, end up in Spokane. My little town of Post Fall is the first stop over the border from Spokane. Hopefully, the greater monetary benefits in Washington will keep them there.

  6. Send them ALL to CHAPPAQUA, N.Y

  7. There is a logic and purpose behind every savage act, perhaps instead of spending so much time, effort, and money in degrading these people, we should spend a little time and try to understand why they are doing these things.

  8. Yeah, sure! You are the type of pseudo-intellectual irritant who would feel obliged express doubt that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, or that human beings don't have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot. You would also question an assertion that poisonous snakes are dangerous, or that fire will burn you and water will make you wet.


  9. Go your "Fact Findet"
    And find that YOU are WRONG.. AGAIN

  10. This is how the migrant issue should be treated:

    Syrian refugees arriving in Europe should form an army which can be sent back to 'liberate' their home country, instead of 'drinking coffee in the cafes of Berlin' while western soldiers face ISIS, the Polish foreign minister has said. - Daily Mail article

    Did not the Poles have the Home Army and the Polish Armed Forces in the West? Did not the French have the Free French Forces? The 1st Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group? The Jewish Brigade?

    If their homeland is worth us fighting for....its worth them.

    1. edit: If their homeland is worth us fighting for....its worth them fighting for it.

    2. Exactly right. It's sad and telling that about 75% of the refugees are able bodied young men running from their fight. As my German stepdaughter reminded me, they'll be calling for their families soon, too.

    3. When Chris Matthews agrees, it's scary.

    4. Ed - Agreed. There's clearly a flaw somewhere in my idea.

      Noting the airtime of his show, and the time I posted this, there's a distinct possibility that Chris Matthews reads Always On Watch!

    5. I'd say there's hope for him, but we know who else reads here :)

    6. I saw the Chris Matthews thing...

      Go read the NY Times comment section. Smart liberals are waking up to what a threat bad immigration policy is to our Western liberal values.

  11. The so called refugees are being located frequently in small red towns, rural. Just setting everyone up an insurrection. Why send them to Idaho??

  12. The Boston Bombers's family were refugees here, abusers of the system, it turned out.

    Sadly, I must say we should ban all Muslim immigration. Our government has no way of vetting them. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    Also, the generational recidivism is disturbing. Good parents, thankful to be here, end up spawning western jihadis.

    It's a sad fact, but it's not one world. If we want to protect what we have, our way of life and our liberties, we need to stop importing people from dissimilar cultures.

  13. I wonder that leftwingers can't argue without name calling ... and not even a shred of an attempt to remember that half the people in this country have every right to their own opinions, and that facts will show many of them are right.
    Scary...so typical of the left, sadly.

  14. I agree with duckie. The very best place that we could ever possibly send all these Syrian refugees, is Boston, or as I like to call it, a little piece of Shari'a on the Charles.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Listening to Chris Christie tonight say that as governor of New Jersey, refugees were settled in NJ without his knowledge, I wonder how "my" governor Snyder will keep them out.

  17. Coming soon to your neighborhood:


  18. Ed.
    See the web site Refugee Resettlement Watch.

  19. Send them here to Missouri. Our governor has the power to issue extermination orders ;)

  20. It's nice to know Ducky finally admits Boston isn't American soil.

  21. Z... what a great question about leftwingers and name calling... As Ducky and I are about the only lefties who comment here, and myself rarely, who are you talking about?

    Maybe it is Silverfiddle... "Meanwhile, here in the west, clots of islamonazis sprout and grow among a law-abiding Muslim population like the poisonous pustules and toadstools they are."

    Maybe it is Freethink... "Oh! And I forgot in the melee to mention that Barack, our Bastard President..."

    Both of these are posted directly above your question.

    Here's one from Anita... "People like RN and Ducky are Idiots..."

    Here's one from Bunkerville... "The only question in my mind is who is the bigger jackass. Kerry or Obama."

    Here's one from Jon Berg... "Even LARDBALL Mathews seems to get it."

    And here's one more... "Our horrible little president …. classless, naive and an egomaniac..."

    You'll recognize the last one, because you wrote it, on your own blog! The others are from right here on this blog.

    I'm with you, I wish both sides would converse, and even write passionately without calling each other names, but the idea that is solely the behavior of the left, belies the evidence, and even your own words.

    You may, or may not choose to answer this. And that's fine, but I addressed you here and not at your blog, where you do not allow dissenting opinions, many of which if your point above is to be believed, the facts will show are right.


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