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Friday, November 20, 2015

Andrew Neil's Rant

Andrew Ferguson Neil lets fly and calls the Islamic State "Islamist Scumbags":


  1. If that made him feel better, great, but the islamofascists are not losing. They are winning. Syria and many other regions of the Levant used to be Christian. Just 60 years ago Lebanon was majority Christian.

    Any pockets of Christians left in that region are living precariously.

    Meanwhile, here in the west, clots of islamonazis sprout and grow among a law-abiding Muslim population like the poisonous pustules and toadstools they are.

    Paris may still be around in 1000 years, but it will be a muslim city. Simple demographic extrapolation tells us that.

    It was a nice rant, but Obama is "leading" from the rear, and we are losing.

    1. SF,
      Well, at least he's angry and not singing John Lennon's "Imagine."

    2. I didn't mean to dump on your post. It heartens me to hear such talk on BBC of all places.

      Western nations need to wake up, and do it smartly. We can be smart without violating the civil rights of citizens.

      Yes we can say no to refugees. Yes we can impose any damned test we want on immigrants coming in, and yes we can stop all immigration and put stringent border protections in place if the situation calls for it. And while we're at it, can we finally flush down all the idiotic verbal tics about religion of peace and Germany's nazi past?

      We're all adults, we understand the facts. Lets stop reciting known facts and vapid inanities as if they were some kind of incantation.

    3. SF,
      I didn't mean to dump on your post.

      I didn't take your comment that way!

    4. The anger is justified but it's also good to remember that this is a dangerous time for major decisions.

      Better done when we can see something other than red.

    5. I agree with Ducky. Our government needs to have a coordinated plan with other nations before busting a major move.

      I do think a temporary pause in any immigrant reception is in order, until government can assure us of what they are doing.

      It's also worth noting what a big money-maker immigrant importation is for "religious charities." I think the number is something around $60K per refugee.

      There are always other forces swirling beneath the surface...

    6. SF, Government couldn't assure me of a damn thing. You probably agree, I'm just taking the op to say so.

  2. "You will lose." Don't be so quick there. This is an emotional reflex, not a Charles Martel gearing up for battle. Europe (and here) is too embroiled in soft-hearted multiculturalism based more on utopian fancies than likely human behavior.

  3. Also, did you notice everything he mentions about 'good' Europe is out of the past? Nothing stout worth protecting now - culture, religion, etc.? I find it significant that he didn't mention anything like that. It's hard to rally people around nostalgia and nothing else.

    1. Upvote for both Baysider comments.

      Europe has built a great liberal society, but it is unfortunate they cannot see that the rest of the world is not like them. We are not one world, and there is no such thing as 'shared global values.'

      If you build something wonderful, you had better be able to protect it.

      Anywhere some good exists, bad people, jealous people, hateful and mean people lurk at the fringes, itching to invade it, destroy it or take it for themselves.

    2. It is probably worth mentioning that the EU was built on the premise that individual failure countries could somehow be successful if they bonded into a union of failures. It is obvious what the outcome of that is now, and now they are coming for Us. The USA. One of the few (and struggling) healthy economic host bodies for a parasite to attach to.

      PS - and until the Federal Reserve (FOMC) raises rates above zero, there ain't no economic recovery. They they probably will raise to 1/4 point in December. Woweee, what an economic recovery....

    3. He mentioned Daft Punk, but there last album only had one listenable track.

  4. Thanks for posting that clip. It reminded me of a great clip by a Muslim man telling the jihadis to "f off" and get out if they don't like the West. I put it up: http://mikesamerica.blogspot.com/


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