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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Flashback: Iraqi Refugees In 2011

Likely, Obama will unilaterally open the floodgates to the Syrian "refugees" — never mind that in 2011 he significantly curtailed the flow of Iraqi refugees because of national security concerns.

From the Navy Times back then:
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has dramatically slowed the resettlement of Iraqi refugees — including former U.S. military translators and embassy workers — in the midst of growing concerns about al-Qaida's potential ties with some asylum seekers, an administration official says.
More information at the Federalist.

So why is Obama so determined to bring in the Syrian refugees even after the recent jihad attack on Paris?  So detemined that he Tweeted this on November 18:
Slamming the door in the face of refugees would betray our deepest values. That's not who we are. And it's not what we're going to do.
An executive order even if Congress passes a refugee bill over Obama's veto?

If so, checkmate.


  1. Even after seven years, President Obama is lost on a sea of confusion, bobbling on a raft of ignorance and arrogance, swinging his one remaining oar at anyone who approaches him...

  2. He's determined to destroy this country. THAT is the only answer I can come up with...

  3. This nightmare will be over in a year or so; thank God. Now, will the same fools that elected this fraud TWICE make sure that we have a brand new nightmare as soon as our present one ends?

    1. Time left until Obama leaves office

  4. There's a survey of Syrian refugees that found that only 13% of them support ISIS.

    They were all like "Let us move to America where it's safer to wage jihad on the infidels!"

    1. I think that one surgery I saw indicated 33%.

    2. Actually, an expert who studies this says there are approximately 50,000 around the world who are ISIS supporters in one way or the other... Thi is Wm McCants, Ph.D., who's written THE ISIS APOCALYPSE, who studies this for a living....

  5. Another Liberal Hatchet job? You bet it was!
    Donald Trump's latest media and political firestorm stems from ambiguous answers to a reporter's question: Whether he would support making Muslims register in a national database.
    But his comments are not quite as cut-and-dry as the headlines would make them seem.
    The headlines started after Yahoo News published an article Thursday based on an interview with the Republican presidential candidate. The reporter apparently asked Trump whether new security measures might involve a database to register Muslims in the U.S.
    When he replied, "We're going to have to — we're going to have to look at a lot of things very closely" including mosques, Yahoo News reported that Trump did not "rule [the database] out."
    He was then asked by CNN whether he would rule out such a database, to which Trump said he "never responded to that question" during the Yahoo News interview.
    But a separate exchange with NBC News muddied the picture of his position further.
    The reporter initially asked Trump whether there should be a database to track Muslims.
    "We should have a lot of systems," Trump responded, but then went on to tout the importance of a strong border and a border wall. Asked whether he would like to implement that, Trump responded:
    "I would certainly implement that. Absolutely."
    That single line was swiftly interpreted in several news stories as Trump's endorsement of a database for Muslims, in turn prompting a widespread backlash. Some stories even stated that Trump had proposed a "plan" to register Muslims in a database.
    However, in the NBC News exchange, Trump appeared to be referring in that single line to border and immigration security measures, because he then said the effect would be, "It would stop people from coming in illegally."
    Yet the reporter went on to ask Trump directly, once again, about a database for Muslims, and Trump did not dismiss the idea.
    Instead, when asked how to do it, Trump said: "It would be just good management."
    Asked if those running it would have to go to mosques, he said: "Different places. You sign them up … but it's all about management."
    FoxNews.com has asked the campaign for clarification on Trump's position.
    Trump has meanwhile been the subject of heated criticism since the remarks were published.
    Hillary Clinton tweeted a link to a New York Times story reporting that Trump said he "absolutely" would require Muslim registration.
    "This is shocking rhetoric. It should be denounced by all seeking to lead this country," she tweeted.
    The notion of a Muslim database is facing bipartisan rejection.
    "There are unconstitutional ideas, and then there are ideas that are so patently unconstitutional that they really ought not to even merit a response," Stephen I. Vladeck, law professor with the American University Washington College of Law, told FoxNews.com.
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations also issued a statement condemning Trump for "Islamophobic and unconstitutional" comments.

  6. Obama promised to fundamentally transform our nation and now, as a lame duck, he feels he can let in all manner of riff raff, something he didn't think he could get away with in 2011. A higher number of refugees raises the percentage of terrorists entering the country, but all it takes is a handful to wreak havoc. Obama wants havoc for America and the faster the better.

  7. Beamish,
    I well recall that cheering on the part of the Dems.

  8. Well Anita, you may not like it, but the Supreme Court disagrees with you on rights for people here illegally.

    And I would agree, we should do more to take care of our veterans. Sadly, I don't think either party is willing to consider that as it would mean confronting years of neglect and bad decisions by Democrats and Republicans.

  9. I think the figure for Syrian refugees already here is over 2,000. And the 10,000 figure currently cited is for 2016 alone but could go even higher. No telling how many total.

    I've said before that there is a danger from admitting terrorists posing as refugees, but there is also a long term danger of admitting refugees that radicalize once here. Remember the Palestinian who killed four Marines in Chattanooga earlier this year? People forget about that as it was considered only a minor attack and of course Obama did his best to sweep the ties to radical Islam under the rug.

    Even when the refugee is assimilated into this country, learns English, makes friends etc. he's still a potential target for radicalization.

    A bipartisan vote in the U.S. House of Representatives went for a bill to slow down this crazy train but Democrats in the Senate vow to block it.

    The question is, after the next major attack, will Obama and the Dems take the blame they deserve or will they try and blame it on Republicans who Obama claims are afraid of all the widows and orphans that are created as a result of his failed ISIS strategy?

    1. Mike,
      I read that the FBI is searching for a missing Syrian refugee -- one who just recently arrived to Louisiana. I haven't verified.

    2. I read that this refugee was supposedly on his way to D.C, but never checked in in D.C.


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