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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reminder For Today

Today marks the return to Standard Time for most time zones in the United States. Did you remember to set your clocks back an hour?

Another reminder:


  1. My Cable TV company informed this Saturday morning at 4:00 AM (my usual wake-up time, Alas!) that it was, indeed, 3:00 AM.

    My telephone, however, informed it was 4:00 AM

    The computer sided with the TV. ;-)

    Most peculiar since all three services operate under the umbrella of ONE "access provider."

    Not to worry! I'm long retired, and unless I have a doctor's appointment, or a ticket for a performance, time means nothing to me anymore. I sleep when I can, and try to be as active as possible when awake no matter what the hour.

    Do I have any other choice?

    1. ______ Surrender to Insomnia ______

      Instead of cursing as we toss and turn,
      Arise –– surrender –– celebrate –– rejoice!
      Sleeplessness is nothing we should spurn.
      Night Consciousness allows us to give voice
      In precious solitude to every thought ––
      Assess our every action –– analyze
      The worth of everything that we've been taught ––
      A chance to look at life with open eyes.
      In ways impossible amidst the Crush
      Quotidian concerns impose. The Grind
      Gives no Repose, and so along we rush,
      Thus rendering ourselves to Wonders blind.
      So, Sleeplessness, sweet Angel of the Night,
      May bless us with the Gift of keen Insight.

      ~ FreeThinke

    2. FT,
      Most peculiar since all three services operate under the umbrella of ONE "access provider."

      Must have been an error in the computer code for the phone access.

      I love the fact that the time change magically appears on my computer. Back in the day, I had to wrestle with forcing my machine to update the time.

      We have several battery clocks here, and I have to remember to update them every time we have a time change. The same goes for the car clocks. I can manage those just fine.

      But the coffee maker? Damn! I struggle every time with getting that time change made. **sigh**

  2. It's still Sunday, right?

    Church attendance is always weird when we change the clocks.

  3. Do we have to set the scales forward again in the Spring to get ready for "swimsuit season"? I think I'll just put on another Hawaiian shirt, instead...

  4. I wish that we didn't have to do this. I have about 25 to change and usually forget a few on the first go-around.

  5. There are certain clock radios here that demand me, twice a year, to try to remember HOW to change it :-) "Oh ya, the radio has to be ON!" "WHY?" I finally mastered my car clock but that used to give me a fit, too!
    I love daylight savings except, for me, the thing I like would better be called "darker evenings" as I love lighting a candle with dinner, etc........I like it getting dark earlier. But THOSE CLOCKS! ARGH!

    1. Z, My Sony clock radio automatically changes itself. I wish we'd do away with the whole concept. But then I'd have to change my clock radio after it adjusted for a non-existent function. Arg....

  6. Let's stay on this time and never change again. I appreciated no daylight savings time in Arizona when I lived there but then you had to remember whether the East was 2 or 3 hours ahead and if California was in synch or an hour behind.,

  7. @Kid,

    "Let's stay on this time and never change again."


  8. Jonberg, I've never talked to Anyone who was a fan of this process. Dang.

  9. I actually like Daylight Savings Time because of those "extra" hours before dark falls in the evening. Because of my vision problems, I try not to drive after dark.

    But this switching back and forth? Hate it!

  10. Great graphic!! If only we could -- and our pants would comply!

    You have a clock in your coffee maker??

    I so love to see daylight savings time end. I LOVE, LOVE the light in the morning hours - get out in the sunshine when it counts the most. It wakes me up. And the cool of the day starts earlier. I wish they'd reverse it for summer. But I'm very sympathetic to your driving issue, AOL. I'm not a happy night driver.

    One of my favorite books: Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Savings Time

    1. Baysider,
      The coffee maker has a clock so that one can set a time for automatic making of coffee -- not that I've ever been able to set the timer so that coffee is ready when I first crawl out of bed in the morning.


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