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Monday, November 2, 2015

Russian Airbus A321

(Two posts today. Please scroll down)

Wreckage from Russian Airbus A321

Terrorism is no longer being ruled out — as first was the case.

According to Russian airline official rules out technical error as cause of crash, a Washington Post article dated November 2, 2015:
MOSCOW— The Russian airliner that broke apart in mid-flight over the Sinai peninsula was not caused by any malfunction or pilot error, the airline said Monday, deepening the mystery over the disaster but leaving open probes into some kind of plot or attack.

The latest statements in Moscow gave no indications of the direction of the investigations into Saturday’s crash that killed all 224 aboard. But Alexander Smirnov, deputy general director of the airline, insisted the tragedy could only be the result of some “mechanical impact on the aircraft.”...
Read the rest HERE.

This morning, the reports now contain the words "external factors."

What external factors?

Is a bomb on board considered to be an external factor?

ISIS has claimed credit for taking down Russian Airbus A321:

Please, God, not a surface-to-air missile that can take out a flight at cruising altitude!


  1. Why would anyone want to go to the ME/North Africa if they didn't have to?

  2. Could a drone have been used to take down this airbus?

    1. Link at Lucianne.com:


  3. I doubt it was shot down. Sabotaged by ground crew perhaps, but the fact that the pilot reported technical difficulties and sought emergency landing doesn't seem like it was hit by a missile.

    1. Beamish,
      This morning, an expert mentioned a drone. He also mentioned a bomb in the luggage hold.

      A report on Bloomberg a few minutes ago mentioned "external impact."

    2. They're saying now that there were no pilot reported technical difficulties.

  4. Lufthansa and Air France don't fly over Sinai.. Think that's for nothing?

  5. Usually, the first 10 things you hear about events like this are not true. So, the last thing I read today was that there was no call from the pilot. There was no evidence of a bomb explosion on the tail of the plane that was 3 miles away from the rest of the aircraft. The black box recording of altitude and ground speed would be consistent with the tail of the aircraft becoming detached from the rest of the aircraft. (An immediate sharp rise in altitude, followed by an immediate fall in altitude, followed by a quick trip to ground level.)

    That story makes a bit of sense.
    I also read where the family of the pilot said he hadn't been paid in 3 months. If they're not paying the flight crews, are they maintaining the aircraft? And the story I read talked about a hard tail landing in this aircraft's past and wondered if the resultant damage had been properly repaired.

    The end story may be entirely different. The Russian airline is no doubt wanting to steer conclusions away from faulty maintenance and repairs because that would make them responsible.

    The most credible stuff I've read so far on it.

    1. Kid,
      How long ago was the hard tail landing in this aircraft's past?

      I find it strange that we didn't hear about that landing earlier on.

      Late last night, I read a new story about how the Russian airlines and the Egyptian government are eager not to let any blame fall on themselves. There is also the matter of the translation of terms used -- including "external force" and "external impact."

      It seems to be clear right now that the tail detached. Why and how that happened remain to be decided.

      I do wonder if there wouldn't have been a warning vibration if the tail detached because of metal stress -- a warning vibration such that the pilot would have sent some sort of communication. Would the black boxes detect and record such a vibration?

      If they're not paying the flight crews, are they maintaining the aircraft?

      Good question!

    2. The Russians will lose prestige and business.
      The Egyptians will lose tourist business....Lose/Lose..
      The pilot also told his daughter before taking off that he felt the plane wasn't it the best shape!

      CNN is basically doing nothing BUT this coverage, like they've done with all the others...they love them a good airplane crash.

      CNN = Crash Notification Network?

    3. Z... that I like... CNN... I am all for good coverage, but after a while all they are doing is retelling for the 40th time the same coverage. They all do it.

      If someone really wants that type of wall to wall coverage, and has to, for some reason, have the latest gossip or details, why can't they get it online or through twitter?

    4. AOW,, 2001 on the tail spank. I'm no expert on the vibration thing. I can see how there could have been a 1 or 2 second vibration and then rip the tail comes off. Big forces at work on these tails I do know. So if that speculation is halfway true, there'd be no radio call. Maybe some voice recording on the black boxes will reveal something. Will they tell us?

    5. Good One Z.

      We got the bubble headed
      Bleached blonde
      Comes on at five
      She can tell you 'bout the plane crash
      With a gleam in her eye
      It's interesting when people die
      Give us dirty laundry

    6. Dave...yes, you'd think people could get 24/7 coverage of that somewhere else!

      Kid; I think news is one of the biggest culprits towards making us all jaded and a little absurd. Those SMILES on the faces just after they've interviewed a grieving mother ..."...and NOW we have a commercial!" :-) :-)

      I long for "News at 5, film at 11"...and NOTHING BEFORE OR IN BETWEEN! :-) We got THE NEWS, not every insipid news reader's opinion.
      I hate to sound bitter but I am, about this subject. I also remember when every writer didn't get a byline.. So there wasn't quite the temptation to make a story biased or played up, you know?

    7. Z, Well as long as you bring it up...
      1) News is a business driven by advertising $, just loke google and a thousand other business models. This is why they are 24/7.
      2) The communists spent way more money on brain washing than they did on military buildup. (youtube - "kgb agent" for those who are virgin to this subject) and think about it. Kids grow up thinking their parents rule, then thinking their teachers rule, then if college their perfessors rule, and if they every make it out of the liberal education process there is a vacuum. The vacuum is filled by the media. The kids latch onto the media like barnacles on the hull of a libtrard ship headed to hell's heart. And they absorb all the libtard media bias like a sponge in the desert with no name.

    8. Ed, So Many Roads. Climax Blues Band, Live version.

  6. On this morning's news, I'm hearing something about a "flash of heat" just before the plane started falling from the sky. See Satellite detected heat flash at time Russian jetliner went down.

    I'm also hearing that "most bodies are intact, with no major burns" (CNN).

    1. AOW, yes, that heat flash detection by one of our satellites it pretty interesting. 1 that we can actually detect such things and 2, that they've definitely ruled out a missile because of it. They say the heat flash could have been caused by a bomb or other things, but no hints on what the other things might be.

  7. Russia is a dictatorship where the government controls the message, so who knows what happened, or what agenda Putin is advancing.

    1. The same could be said for Obama and his handmaidens better known as The Enemedia.

      We've been in a quasi-Soviet "boat" for quite some time, but most haven't a clue –– a sad, sick situation.

      Remember Flight 800? It exploded in mid-air off the south shore of Long Island about twenty years ago. We KNEW it was the work of terrorists, because eyewitnesses on the ground reported seeing a ground-to-air "missile"of some sort take off leaving a fiery trail in mid-air an instant before the plane exploded, but the CLINTON Crowd hushed that up right quick.

      Pierre Salinger, JFK's Press Secretary, publicly supported the terrorist theory, and it was not long afterward that he suddenly died.

      And people still think we live in a FREE Country?



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