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Monday, November 9, 2015

Not Worthy Of Trust

Hillary's record speaks for itself:

From ABC News:
Former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, have sent $28,000 worth of household goods back to Washington after questions arose over whether the items were intended as personal gifts or donations to the White House.

“We have been informed that it is being shipped back, and the National Park Service is ready to receive it, take possession of it and take custody of it,” Jim McDaniel, the National Park Service’s liaison to the White House, said Wednesday.

“The property is being returned to government custody until such time that the issues can be resolved. It may well turn out that that property is rightly the personal property of the Clintons.”

Giving Back

After they were criticized for taking $190,000 worth of china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts with them when they left, the Clintons announced last week that they would pay for $86,000 worth of gifts, or nearly half the amount.

Their latest decision to send back $28,000 in gifts brings to $114,000 the value of items the Clintons have either decided to pay for or return.....
Read the rest HERE.

Once a thief always a thief.

Nevertheless, many of the electorate want the Clintons to move back into the White House and will support Hillary for President — no matter what.

Recent video filmed in Alexandria, Virginia:


  1. The Democratic Party.
    Having rejected God, they have created their own idol to worship.

    1. EGO Worship might very well be called DEVIL Worship –– or don't you agree?

    2. "If 'Thou shalt not covet,' and 'Thou shalt not steal,' were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free." 

      - John Adams (1735-1826)

      Speaks very well for itself, doesn't it?

    3. Don't Miss Tonight's Republican Debate on FOX's Business Channel 7:00 PM. EST

    4. FT,
      I plan to watch tonight -- at least, the debate with the poll leaders at the podiums.

  2. ___ A BEASTLY NATURE ___


Be aware totalitarians
Spring not just from vain Aryans.

    They can be Ecclesiastical
Or fanatically fantastical ––

    Idealistic –– nihilistic ––
Or just plain barbarians.


A tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant

    Whether coming from the Right or Left.
He'll bite you and afflict you like a fire ant,
And then reduce your store of wealth by theft.

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. Thanks for the memory. Strange isn't it. The media is worried about Carson and a statement he made in his book while this thief gets no vetting.

    1. Not strange at all really. Ceaseless efforts to perform CHARACTER ASSASSINATION on anyone in public life who stands to the right of Karl Marx is what the ENEMEDIA has sworn itself to do. It is their MISSION.

      That's been obvious –– at least to me –– for nearly fifty years, so why would I think it "strange?"

  4. The stubbornness of Hillary worshipers is scary. I have been engaged in battle with on on a Rolling Stone article for days now.

    Political hero worship will be the death of us.

    Hillary is a ham-fisted, greedy, soulless monster whose corruption is especially putrid, even by contemporary political standards.

    1. "The partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions."

      ~ Socrates (470-399 B. C.)

      It has been ever thus, and evermore shall be so.

    2. ___ A STERN WARNING ___

      Arguing with the doctrinaire
Contributes to your loss of hair
Contaminates the brain beneath
And possibly may rot your teeth!

      ~ Anne Animus


    3. "The stubbornness of Hillary worshipers is scary."

      Disheartening certainly, but the incredible TENACITY of Hillawitch, herself, is far MORE frightening.

      "Monster" is not to strong a term to apply to this vampirish creature of the Political Night.

    4. Trust me, I don't use the term "monster" lightly.

      The term should make us recall Shelley's Promethean monster and all that entails. She is a product of a rotten political system of the rich and powerful, by the rich and powerful and for the rich and powerful.

      They corrupt system looks out for its own. The FBI investigation was always designed to exonerate her and bury the issue for good.

      Hillary is too big to jail.

    5. SF; I'd love to see that exchange at Rolling STone.

    6. This captures most of it, but it misses where I cited NY Times and New Republic criticizing the Clintons' shady practices.

      The HillBot was unfazed anyway...


    7. SF,
      The stubbornness of Hillary worshipers is scary.

      No kidding!

      Will check out the link that you posted.

    8. AOW: It's not worth wasting your time on. I only posted it because Z asked.

    9. I'm glad I read it; I left another of my comment rants to your lib buddy there..imagine using KOCH BROS every time they can't really come up with anything valid to respond to you but KOCH BROS? As if they know anything about the Koch Bros other than they're not liberal.

    10. Z: What I like about DISQUS is you can go look at someone's comment stream.

      It is clear from the comments that that person is a HillBot activist, paid or unpaid. I know it's a waste of time, but Disqus sending responses to your inbox with a link make it easy to respond, and in cases like this, I continue to, never letting them get the last word.

      This morning his comment was to the effect that after all this time, I still have provided no proof.

      The indoctrinated progs in the video AOW provided are especially scary. Such uncritical, unthinking fanbois and fangurls are a danger to our liberal democracy, regardless of what side they are on.

    11. SF,
      The indoctrinated progs in the video AOW provided are especially scary.

      Wanna take bets as to how many of these progs have high-level college degrees? What, exactly, did they learn at the universities?

    12. Indoctrinated is a better word.

      Seriously, this is how a country ends up with a dictator, or a dictatorial regime hiding behind the facade of democratic elections, and it can happen from any side, not just leftwing empty heads as in this case.

  5. unending corruption!!! hope u had a great weekend its beautiful in NYC!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. That VIDEO is one of the most depressing, discouraging things I've seen in a long series of disheartening items.

    "O, Judgment, thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason ..."

    ~ Shakespeare - Julius Caesar

    1. "Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country."

      ~ Karl Kraus (1874–1936), Austrian satirist. First published in Die Fackel (1902). Morality and Criminal Justice, title essay (1908).

    2. FT,
      That VIDEO is one of the most depressing, discouraging things I've seen in a long series of disheartening items.

      Ain't it, though?

  8. While this issue is indicative of the lack of class demonstrated by these high profile/low life imposters, it pales by comparison to their long record of deceit. The mere fact that [they] still seem to have support certainly calls into question both the [level] of information held by or, worse, the rectitude of a significant portion of the electorate. Perhaps we will hear from some of them as this thread grows.

  9. I'm not worried. When the Obama's move out, there won't be anything left for her to steal. Just ask Martin O'Malley about the You Use it, You Own it Program for Democrat politicians!

  10. Let me just say that the CLintons don't really care what they do because they never think they'll be found out.
    Nothing's changed, has it.They'll deny to their deaths.

    1. SpeedyG,
      Nah. The Clintons will merely requisition more, then take it with them again the second time around.

    2. But the Clintons are ALWAYS found out, Z.

      The problem is that NOBODY CARES –– or not ENOUGH people care, I should say.

  11. The Clintons: Not only do they practice deceit with impunity but they seem to gain sustenance from it! This makes them no less culpable than their adoring fans.

    1. Jon,
      The Clintons: Not only do they practice deceit with impunity but they seem to gain sustenance from it!

      Just like the alien in Star Trek's Day of the Dove.

      Except that curbing the Clintons in the manner used on Star Trek won't have the least bit of effect on the Clintons.

  12. This shouldn't come as any surprise, the Clinton's are political elitists.....they believe themselves to be above scrutiny and above the law. As they have little regard for the People's rights....it goes without saying that they have even less for the People's House.

    1. CI,
      Yes, they are political elitists. Furthermore, they consider themselves laws unto themselves and rarely are called to account.

  13. That video reminds me of something out of Watters' World.

    1. Jon,
      Actually, Alexandria, Virginia, is loaded with liberals. They'll always vote for the Dem candidate -- no matter who that candidate is.

      In fact, they don't even bother to check out any of the GOP candidates.

      For all their education, these liberals (high incomes, BTW) are mindless sheeple.

      And did you notice the ages represented?

      Unlike Watter's World, most of the people on the video in this blog post are old enough to know better. Or should be, anyway.

    2. just like what happened at U of Missouri today; mindless sheeple who say they're liberals but can't apparently afford to have any other viewpoint on any subject but the liberal agenda. Nobody's ALLOWED to think differently than they are, or their football team will strike, young girls will scream at quaking white authority figures scared to death of being unPC...etc etc. Come see the article at Z....it's awful

    3. "Alexandria has been shaped by its proximity to the U.S. capital. It is largely populated by professionals working in the federal civil service"

      I get it!

    4. Z,
      I heard that the president of the U of Missoui was forced out because he wouldn't admit to his "male white privilege." Is that what happened?

    5. Like Hellery the equally nefarious Al Capone gained celebrity. Unlike Hellery [he] was prosecuted.

    6. "How is publishing his college syllabus making Obama look bad? Please explain.

      Because Obama doesn't have the courage to do what Dr. Carson is doing, publishing his syllabus so everyone can see his been honest and truthful as opposed to Obama who has hidden his syllabus from the public.

    7. I think you picked the wrong one, Z.

      What went on at Missouri seems to have a good deal of substance.

      More disturbing is the clownish SJW's at Yale recently.

    8. Duck,
      Please provide details about both Missouri and Yale.

      Because of grading compositions, I'm a bit behind on keeping up with a lot of news stories

    9. The events are up at Z's blog, AOW.

      In the case of the University of Missouri the evidence is that there
      has been a number of issues of racial vulgarities on campus that were ignored.

      At Yale there isn't any corroboration and it appears to be Social Justice Warriors acting up.

    10. Ducky, you are right about that, but I still think we can't have football teams threatening not to play in order to get attention....
      Wolfe should have been more responsive, and I wonder why he wasn't..
      I don't think it's healthy for our campuses to start threatening people; but I think it's equally unhealthy for the admin types not to have paid attention to the grievances. Thanks.

    11. Apparently, the football team at the U of Missouri has a great deal of leverage.

      It seems that Wolfe was hired about three years ago -- expressly for the purpose of addressing the university's financial woes.

    12. Ducky,

      The Big Business of College Football is what swung the issue at Mizzou.

      Of course punish racism where you find it, but the stuff they cited was pretty nebulous.

      A swastika in a bathroom of the sexual ambiguity dorm? Probably a false flag, given the history.

      Rednecks driving by in a pickup shouting racial slurs? What's the school supposed to do about that? Were they crackers in the truck even students?

      The one actionable incident was a drunk student interrupting some rehearsal by mounting a stage and insulting people.

      This was one more clear example of neo-commie agitators infesting a legitimate social issue and rotting it from the inside.

      The vulgar shrieking, the finger-snapping, pulling in gender, LGBTQ and "muslim women in hijab..."

      I started noticing this after 9/11. If you watched the Soros-sponsored DC protests, very little was about the war. All kinds of activists got to mount the organization's corporate stage for their five minute rant.

      My favorite was a college-age woman in hijab screaming how she had no rights whatsoever in the United States... while standing on a stage... screeching and preaching to all of America... on national tv...
      While here sisters in muslim lands are chained to the stove, forbidden to drive or go to school, subject to rapes, beating and stonings...

      It's leftwing idiocy.

    13. Well, Silverfiddle, I agree with you (and you, Z. Mark it down if you like). None of this at Missouri or Yale is passing the smell test.

      However, unlike you I was able to change my mind.
      Today's Democracy Now! featured a couple of students from Missouri and it was pure crap.
      One said that she had never experienced hate speech directly but even claims of hate speech made her feel unsafe in her black body.
      Now when they start using qualifiers my radar goes up and I look a little closer for some evidence.
      There just wasn't any here.
      Never was in the Yale case.

      One interesting video from Missouri involved a senior photojournalism student on assignment from ESPN trying to cover a rally involving the football team being threatened. He was prevented from covering the rally and the person heading the charge was reported to be a professor.
      Now I've a dog in that fight to a certain extent since I'm concerned with photographic self expression.

      This isn't a culture that listens well (let alone thinks).
      Point out that the lead of this thread is a smear on Hillary and your accused of being a Hillary lover.
      I have no idea what happens when you point out that accepting a shill like Andrew Napolitano as an intelligence expert lacks even a basic level of critical thought.

      There's a beam in your eye, Silverfiddle. I'm trying to work on mine but you seem not to be aware of yours.

    14. Ducky,


      I wish I could take back those mean things I said about you below. I am genuinely heartened by this comment of yours.

      Are we actually agreeing that agents from all corners peddle "pure crap" to all sides, because that is what too many partisans want to hear?

      In fairness to AOW, and the ABC News story she links to, the Clintons did accede to the demands and send stuff back and write a check for other stuff. As I said below...

      That particular incident was just one landmark on a long trail of lies, deceptions, blame-shifting, rapes, murders, multi-billion dollar catastrophes, scapegoating and corruption left behind by the Clinton Corruption Caravan.

      I think Bill Clinton was a pretty good president, but I also believe the Clintons represent the very worst of our corrupt political class that increasingly doing the bidding of global elites to the detriment of our nation.

      I have not cited Jude Napolitano for years. I don't gratuitously go after conservative fonts (other that deriding Whirled Nutz Daily). To each his own, but please, since you seem to be spilling out candor, can't you admit I rarely cite the usual suspects? I tired of Hannity, Rush, (never liked O'Reilly), and the rest of the blathering shows long ago. I don't run them down, they do a public service, I just got tired of listening to them.

      I also used to be a big msnbc fan back when I was plugged into that. I loved Chris Matthews, and he used to have a fairly balanced panels, even if it did sag leftward...

      But I came to the conclusion years ago that its all crap. Not all lies, but 99% spun and blow-dried crap, shaped and molded into fake plastic totems and shibboleths designed to reinforce preconceived notions of the partisans its peddled to.

    15. @ Ducky: "However, unlike you I was able to change my mind."

      I don't want to throw water on our sudden warm comity, and I accept and appreciate that you have changed your mind.

      Can't you see that I have changed as well?

      * I used to be pro-invade everything, but now am against it except for existential threats (and I do support efforts like in the Philippines, where we advised and the Filipinos did the fighting and dying). Granted, it took me actually being in a war to turn against it, but here I am (and I didn't throw my medals of the White House fence).

      * I was pro-NAFTA, but am now very anti-TPP

      * Although I think Ta-Nahesi went over the edge with his latest salvo, reading people like him has made me a believer in institutional racism and that many structures are still firmly in place, even as I ridicule crap like "check your white privilege."

      * I used to support government enforcing my religious beliefs, but no more. What I do want is a government enforcing the rights of all, including high school football coaches who pray on the field and have never taken unfavorable action against any student who did not join him.

      So, maybe there are two old dogs on this thread who have learned some new tricks...

    16. Duck,
      The dean of the University of Missouri was forced out without evidence?

      Since you're following this matter quite well, perhaps you can answer this question:

      Did Obama come out in support of the ouster of the dean? I saw something to that effect on the web, but I didn't have time to research whether what I heard was rumor or fact.

    17. For the record, I do not accept Andrew Napolitano as an intelligence expert (Duck's words).

      I cited a link about -- but put in my own question mark after it.

      That said, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    18. SF,
      Is there institutional racism? I sure that there is.

      But many of the remedies being advocated now are making the situation worse, IMO.

      I am one of those people who recognizes just how far this nation has come with regard to race relations. I'm worried now that we're regressing at an alarming pace.

      More injustice does not remedy injustice.

    19. I'm not trashing Judge Napolitano, but he is not an independent source.

      He has an agenda, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you're going to get a certain viewpoint from him, just as you will from Rachel Maddow and her playpen of kids.

    20. AOW,

      When you read the history of Baltimore, the housing and the neighborhoods, and that although laws have changed, the inequities set in place are still there, it is a very common thing here in America.

      That's no excuse for anything, but it is a very real factor in people's lives, and yes, race relations have gotten much better.

      I believe that the activists that we see at Mizzou and Yale are not this generation's MLKs. They do not want racial harmony. They have other agendas.

    21. SF,
      But how, exactly, to solve the problems in Baltimore? It's been aroil with problems for well over a century.

    22. AOW,

      I don't know. I do know that coddling people and telling them its all whitey's fault is not the answer. We need more successful minorities preaching a positive message. "I did it; you can to. Here's how..."

      But that would just be a start. It's a complex issue.

    23. Well, there are no grand unification theories and there are no plenary solutions.

      There are many paths to success in this country for people who are being trod upon. Many have found them and now enjoy success.

      I am not qualified to offer solutions, but minorities and other disadvantaged who have lived it and escaped it are.

  14. "After they were criticized for taking $190,000 worth of china, flatware, rugs, televisions, sofas and other gifts with them when they left"
    This was when, if you remember, Hillary claimed they were "dead broke".

  15. I just watched the video. Those voters present a grave danger to our democratic republic.

  16. This reminds me of the ginned up claims by the Bush Boy administration after Clinton left the White House.

    Is there something worth attending to here? Actually could be but the right wing has been Breitfarting for so long that people remember you crying wolf.

    As far as the video is concerned, I have a few reactions:
    Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina ...

    You get the point. Time to be a little circumspect.

    1. Please spare us sneezing advice.

      Advice is one thing, sneering advice another,

    2. Um, sneering.

      Ipad autocorrect struck again!

    3. This is why I will no longer tolerate DUCKTROLL at my blog, UNLESS he behaves himself properly as he usually does while talking about music and art, etc.

    4. Ducky, like most of his ilk, has a mind like a steel trap: Slammed shut, and impervious to information that would pierce his hopium bubble fantasy world.

  17. Everyone knows the Dimmocrats are cowards and they're afraid of how popular Dr. Carson is and will probably be our next president.

  18. Nothing sticks to Clinton; she is PERFECT...WHEN are Conservatives EVER going to wake up and realize it? She never DID say she was shot at in Bosnia...right? She never did have a personal server with important State information on it, right? She did supply Stevens with all he needed so he didn't have to go to Britain for barricades, right?
    Oh, wait..........SHE DID LIE. oops.

  19. @z,

    "WHEN are Conservatives EVER going to wake up and realize it?"

    OK, but when, if ever, will the Liberals realize their exercise in futility or worse by continuing to support this POS?

    1. Jon,

      Supporting Hillary is not an exercise in futility. Z is right. Nothing sticks to her. She could murder a big-eyed immigrant child on national tv and apologists like Ducky and Jersey (and they are Legion) would say it was Bush's fault, the little urchin was really Louie Gohmert in costume, the child started it and got what he deserved...

      Z is right. Hillary is unassailable.

      She like an old battleship, rusted at the waterline, stern sagging, hull riddled with scars from past battles, but somehow she stays afloat...

    2. The Clintons MADE right wing media. It would never have existed, there would be no Matt Drudge, had the liberal MSM played the game straight.

    3. Someone posted a link to a pretty complete discrediting of the suppose theft. AOW saw fit to delete it.

      It's old news, a continuation of the nonsense spread about the Clintons trashing the White House when they left.
      But if it's on the web and it supports your position it's true, right?

      Any half assed jackie can throw up (almost literally) an article and it becomes truth.

    4. Once again, Ducky flaps in to make my point. His hero Hillary can do no wrong.

      The Clintons had to settle with the government over the issue. Did you miss that?

      That particular incident was just one landmark on a long trail of lies, deceptions, blame-shifting, rapes, murders, multi-billion dollar catastrophes, scapegoating and corruption left behind by the Clinton Corruption Caravan.

    5. Duck,
      Ahem. It wasn't the link that I wanted to delete, but rather that particular commenter, who is banned from this blog.

  20. Replies
    1. Leftwing red-ass baboons screamed when Ollie North sold arms to keep two enemies fighting each other while using the proceeds to fight communism is Central America...

      ...but when Hillary traffics in shady international arms deals to terrorists, not a peep.

      ...I'm beginning to believe those progressives may have a hidden agenda...

    2. Was Ollie North involved in the deal that sold chemical capability to Saddam?

      I'm surprised Hillary was directly involved in the Libyan deal. Usually we get the Israelis to handle this sort of thing.

      Anyway, if you recall, I posted that the right wingers wasted everyone's damn time bollocksing the Benghazi hearings.
      Trey Gowdy couldn't find his ass with both hands.

      It's long past the time that the whole Libyan fiasco should be analyzed but no, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi .

    3. "Was Ollie North involved in the deal that sold chemical capability to Saddam?"

      It was official US policy.

      Jimmy Carter's weak-kneed mishandling of Iran and ushering the "saintly" Ayatollah into power is what created Saddam Hussein.

      As we're seeing now, when the US goes weak and ball-less, a counter-weight will spring up, and the bitter realities of realpolitik rear their heads. When this happens during GOP administrations the lefties scream and sling crap. When it's a Democrat administration, it's all cool...

      Now stop pestering the adults with your tired propaganda you heard the cool kids over at MSNBC reciting, ad nauseum


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