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Friday, April 6, 2012

On Television On Saturday, April 7, On CBS (With Addendum)

Information about Sneak Peak: A Family's Honor below the fold:

Reading from CBS News: "Honor killing" under growing scrutiny in the U.S.

Also see, at Atlas Shrugs: Mainstream Media Discovers "Honor Killings"

Addendum: Full-length video of the above 48 Hours episode HERE.


  1. Honor Killings have not gotten the attention they deserve in Western nations, especially here in the US. Pam Geller, Phyllis Chesler, etc. are doing a great service. Will set my DVR for this one.

    Right Truth

  2. Any "God" that would smile on such a thing is certainly not MY one true God.
    Another horrible example of why we cannot expect to ever live at peace with these extremists. I will be watching this. Thanks for the heads-up, Always.

  3. Honor killings and female genital mutilation are happening on American soil. There was the Somali immigrant who took a pair of scissors to his baby daughter's clitoris.

    I have cared for an Egyptian woman who had labia majora, labia minora and clitoris removed. Sorry for the graphic words, but they are nothing compared to what I viewed with my own eyes.

    Two honor killings come to mind from my state, Texas. *The cabbie who killed his two teenage daughters and fled. *The man who dressed up like Santa Claus and slaughtered his family after his wife sought a divorce.

    As opposed to hushing these things up, civil authorities and media need to highlight these things and we need to tackle the issues.

    This is American soil. We have no such practice and have never had such traditions; and we punish acts of inhumanity against women.

    Where is NOW when we need them? They are strangely silent regarding a truly important women's health issue.


  4. Tammy,
    I was hoping that you'd stop by and comment to this post.

    I wondered if you had ever cared for any victims of FGM.

    I have cared for an Egyptian woman who had labia majora, labia minora and clitoris removed. Sorry for the graphic words, but they are nothing compared to what I viewed with my own eyes.

    This woman was mutilated here in the United States?










    There's really nothing else we need to say or do.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. Sorry Tammy, NOW is far too busy trying to make the Catholic Church pay for birth control and abortion. Women's lives mean nothing to them.

  7. What a STUPID COP!! "The mystery is, why, why did it happen?" Where has that moron been? Hey copper, IT'S AN HONOR KILLING!!!! Don't be afraid, you can say it. Repeat after me, "It's an honor killing." See, that wasn't so hard, was it?

  8. AA,
    Ever since 9/11, the whitewash of Islam has ramped up to unbelievable proportions. I'm sure that the cop you mentioned has had some kind of sensitivity training -- perhaps courtesy of CAIR.

  9. AOW,

    normally I do not pass by your blog anymore frankly because your just another hate-blog. I appreciate your allowing comments and giving others a fair go in comments but nevertheless your just anti-Islam and follow/paste/propogate the usual agendas. In other words you like to show all the negatives, rumours and assumptions and never bother to put context - thus never reflecting the actual reality.

    This post's subject is one of them.

    It does not take much effort to actually go to the very large number of high quality, independant and dedicated websites of associations, authorities and experts on abuse of women, FMG, honor killings, modern day slavery and even female infanticide.

    The first thing you realise when you read such material is that honor killing happens all over the world and it is a part of a cultural-based issue and not religious. If you read quality sources you will find that a number of cultures in the Muslim world most certainly have these horrid cultural practices, but by the fact that the same practices happen outside the Muslim/Islamic sphere, that your constant reference to "Islamic" as some form of cause or excuse is not based on fact. By sheer quantity, India has more abusers and "honor-based" killings and punishment than the entire Muslim world's total. Why is that AOW?

    As a supposive teacher you should know better. Interestingly you just posted an item on quality of education in your country and discuss the unwarrented removal of information. If you are incapable of basically reflecting simple context on the subject of Islam (your main subject of your blog) then I suggest you take a good look at yourself first in regards to education.

    It takes my five minutes from trust.org to get some easy realiable and clear information. Below I have copied some details. The source is http://www.trust.org/trustlaw/womens-rights/dangerpoll/

    1152 women in the Congo are raped every day - American Journal of Public Health

    100 Million people, mostly women and girls are subject to forced labour and slavery in India - Home Secretary of India

    50 Million girls are "missing" in India over the last century because of Female Infanticide and Foeticide.

    ..... continued

  10. ..... continued

    HRW on India: "The government adopted long overdue measures to compensate rape victims and revised its medico-legal protocols to exclude the humiliating "finger" test to investigate rape cases, Human Rights Watch said. Yet the government did little to address the widespread problems of "honor killings," dowry deaths, and sexual violence. Afurther decline in India's sex ratio because of sex selective abortion and other abuses against girls and womenpoints to the economic and social disparities that lead families to prefer sons over daughters, and the government's need to expand educational and economic opportunities for women. "

    AOW, your blog is exactly why I actuallly bother to take the side from the Islamic perspective. I should not have to, if you bothered to put context it would not be necessary. Note I use the word Islamic, not "Muslim", I do not defend the actions of Muslims, as I do not defend the actions of Christians or even particularly "Catholics". Yes the facts is that Arab and Turkish societies have cultural honor killings and are the kings of "sexism", but simply put they are neither the only nor the major players and your blog has never (as far as I have seen) bothered to even point that out. I do not defend Muslims at all, but I defend basic logic, why? It all comes down to one simple and very important factor that we should all follow. If you cannot bother to get facts right about others, then we do not "deserve" to have respect from others and thus the following is a response to a comment in your blog:
    "Yes, there is a whitewash on the abuses by Islamists in the west, but you do not deserve to point that out if you cannot even get your basic facts right."

    I will time to time bump into your blog and may even comment (with respect and decorum), but at present if anyone asks me to give an example of "just another ignorant/baised hate blog from America", frankly speaking, I am inclined to add yours.

    D Charles

  11. first part in your spam folder...

  12. D Charles,
    Suit yourself.

    I have matters to attend to other than your pronouncing judgment on me and my blog.


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