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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meanwhile, At The White House

Dated April 2, 2012:
White House To Welcome Former Terror Group Leader And Accused Human Organ Trafficker

Joe Biden will welcome Hashim Thaçi to the White House this week. Thaçi is accused of operating a human organ trafficking crime ring that murdered Serbs and then harvested and sold their organs in the years leading up to the Kosovo War.

Thaçi was also the leader of the KLA - the Kosovo Liberation Army. The KLA (also known as UÇK) was a radical Islamic terrorist group accused of inhumane cruelty, rapes, torture, murders, and human rights violations. The media, at the time, opted to ignore these reports and instead focus on Serbian "concentration camps" that later turned out to be false.

The KLA was officially disbanded in 1999, but the group's leadership is still very active in Kosovar politics....
More, including photos at The Jawa Report.

Prime Minister Tony Blair, President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also met with Hashim Thaçi.

Apparently, Secretary of State Clinton with Thaçi on October 13, 2010:

Secretary of State Clinton's April 4, 2012, remarks HERE.


  1. I wonder what Biden's gaffe will be like this time.

    We should be used to this WH snuggling up to our enemies by now I guess. I don't see an end to it until January 2013.

  2. Compare this greeting to the one Israel's Netanyahu got.

    Right Truth

  3. And liberals wonder why people think obama has some sort of closet affection and/or inclination for islam.

  4. Would you buy a used Wurlitzer from him?

  5. Average American said: "I wonder what Biden's gaffe will be like this time."

    As soon as Biden hears about an organ trafficker, he will go into a riff about all the good campaign donors from Eugene, Portland, and Corvallis.

  6. Though it looks pretty clear that the Kosovan President has a very mirky past, the motives for the article itself is equally so.

    We can look at this in three ways.

    The first is the questionable leadership of heads of states/governments versus the political rules of international relations. The fact is that all the accussations against Hashim Thaçi are just that and he is a foriegn President and to disrespect him is to disrespect that country. Also, as mentioned, other leaders give him that respect as well. If he is charged or a warrent is given then you will see a different response.

    The second is the Jawa report itself and some of the links. There is a very sad lack of context such as pointing out that this is still being investigated rather the reports simply imply he is guilty.

    The third is the question for the motive for this item. The Paul Mitchell item used as a fact (rather than a single source) for the socialist website though well written is almost all hearsay. The use of "Prophet of Doom" as a source (big mistake) only makes the item even more questionable. The website is correct that the KLA was designated a terror group (because they targetted the general public not just military targets) but then it claims it is an Islamist terrorist "mujahadine" organisation. That is, obviously false, like the accussation that it filled its ranks with jihadists from Iraq, Saudi, Yemen etc. It had foreign volunteers, almost all Albanian Muslims from Europe. I am not defending them, I am questioning the sourcing of this article and questioning why?

    Simply put the item is just another anti-Islam bag because of course anything Islamic must be linked to terror, torture, jihad and some mythical world domination. Oh, and another "it has to be Obama's fault" logic.

    What else can one assume when you have yet another badly sourced, questionably motivated and contextless item that of course uses the following links (only):

    dhimmitude, Europe, foreign policy, Islamification, Islamomaniacs, politics, the Obama administration

    Damien Charles

  7. Damien Charles,
    My blog, my choice of labels.

    My blog, my choice of what or whom to link to.

    The Jawa Report may be a questionable choice, but similar if not identical material is found elsewhere.

    While you're ranting and raving and pronouncing judgment on me, I'm busy with something of much greater importance. A private and pressing matter that I don't care to discuss in a public forum.


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