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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meanwhile, In Rochester, New York

(Note to readers: Don't miss Mustang's guest post, the post immediately below this one!)

The story, dated March 30, 2012, can be read in its entirety below the fold:
Sign at Wegmans draws attention

It’s a first for Wegmans in this area. They’ve put up a sign asking customers buying pork or alcohol not to use a particular checkout line when a Muslim teenager is on duty as the cashier.

The sign went up a week ago at their Lyell Avenue store.

Wegmans says they haven’t gotten any in store complaints and Wegmans was very upfront about the cashier. They just wouldn’t allow us in the store to talk with her or customers.

Spokeswoman Jo Natale says the cashier is a teenaged girl who wears a head covering. She told her supervisor she was uncomfortable handling those items because of religious reasons. So the store manager who had experience with this type of situation outside of Rochester decided to put up a small sign whenever the girl was at the checkout counter.

It says, “If your order contains pork or alcohol product, we respectfully ask that you choose another lane.”

Wegmans also says the girl has been coached what to say if customers ask why. People News10NBC spoke with outside the Lyell Avenue Wegmans store said they were okay with it and one even knows Christians who don’t like the idea of serving alcohol.

Bernard Thomas said, “I feel like if they’re going to hire her and she’s got to have the job, why shouldn’t we respect her. Just go to another cashier.”

Darlene Hucko said, “I would respect her beliefs and go to the next line if I had alcohol.
Levato said, “You think that’s okay.”
Hucko said, “I think it is okay.”

Alex Gritsvuta said, “I'm from a Christian background and waiters...the Christian girls that I know have a problem serving alcohol to people in a bar. Not in the bar necessarily, maybe in the restaurant.”

The girl attends school and works part-time. Wegmans characterizes her as happy, someone who likes what she does and a good worker.

Because of her age, Wegmans says state law limits the types of jobs teenagers can do inside a supermarket.
More stories about the Islamification of the workplace HERE at Atlas Shrugs.

Update: Since I queued up this post, Wegmans has done away with restricting what customers can bring to a particular checker's line:
Apparently it was not corporate policy but one dhimmi employee who took it upon himself to give special rights to a Muslim employee.
But can we doubt that the Rochester store manager's policy would have continued if not for the anti-dhimmitude objections sent to Wegmans Food Market Incorporated?

People are so cowed by political correctness that they often do not recognize that they suffering from boiling frog syndrome.


  1. How dare the by considerate to an employee's religious beliefs!

  2. @ Liberalmann: Huh?

    As far as this pic/post goes, it is time to open a Piggly Wiggly across the street!

    Where are the calls for discrimination lawsuits for non-Muslims?

    Oh, right... Nevermind... Dhimmitude rules the day.

  3. I would be in that line with every single haram product in the store I could find!


  4. The idea that any citizen has a right to a job is ludicrous. The way this is supposed to work is that you have an employer who needs a worker to help him conduct a profitable business. In order to obtain a job, the applicant must satisfy the employer’s requirements … age, availability to work when needed, general appearance, certain moral standards, and so forth.

    This is not an issue involving the young store clerk; the issue involves a moron for a boss/store manager who thinks that we must accommodate individual religious beliefs. I wonder if he or she installed a foot bathing station, or a place where Muslim parents can come in to the store and mutilate their daughters’ genitalia. The point is, where do you draw the line on these so-called “religious” mandates?

    But I agree with Silverfiddle’s take on this. The store can do what it wants, and suffer the consequences when patrons decide to spend their money elsewhere. Meanwhile, Brooke for President!

  5. RE; Liberalmann,

    "How dare the(y) by(e) considerate to an employee's religious beliefs!"

    Have you thought of the inconsideration to the other employees of this action putting more of the workload on them?

    Or of the inconsideration put on the customers having to wait in longer lines?

    Other than that I believe Sam Huntington above is spot on.

  6. I would respectfully decline changing lanes... and if they then decline from serving me, respectfully take my business elsewhere.

    It IS, after all, ALL about RESPECT!

  7. I have no comment about the news media selectively interviewing customers.

  8. I agree with Silverfiddle. It was, IMO, a dumb thing for the store manager to do; but people have a right to be dumb.

  9. FT,
    Last night, Arab, Muslim or not, delivered pizza to our house from our local Pizza Hut. The same fellow also took my order: sausage and double green-peppers.

    Guess what? No sausage was on that pizza!

    An oversight? Deliberate? I have no idea.

    In this area, I'd be hard pressed to actually find a store in which one or more Muslims are not working. One of my younger cousins, a woman, was actually refused getting waited on in an Office Depot by a Muslim! I kid you not! Her mother, my age, happened to be with her daughter and let the store manager have it! All the while, the bearded Muslim clerk stood there smiling slyly.

    So far, I haven't had a confirmed case of a Muslim clerk in any store not waiting on me, being courteous, etc. But if I ever DO have that experience, I'm going to make a scene. I just know it.

    For many reasons, not the least of which is the disastrous political scene we read about and deal with every day, my fuse is getting shorter lately -- and not only with regard to Muslims, either.

  10. Brooke,
    I would be in that line with every single haram product in the store I could find!

    I'd do the same. You know it!

  11. More proof that religion in the workplace is a pain in the butt. Stores are public places and if a store sells pig parts to the public, the public should not have to be steered into special lanes to buy them.

    Tell you what, let's see if we can get all the cashiers in that store to become muslims, then watch as the place goes out of business from lack of sales. Pork and alcohol are top dollar earners, and how many customers go there only to buy pork chops or a bottle of vodka?

    Perhaps the customers they interviewed said they didn't mind, Ahhh Buttt, How about all the customers who quit going there and those who refuse to after hearing about it? Methinks the natural ability of the marketplace to regulate itself still works and will work here. We don't need a new law to deal with this, simple outrage should suffice.

  12. Somewhat on topic....Note how the media jump all over this story and have a fit about a private business owner's decision as if that decision is the horror of all horrors. Excerpt:

    A Kentucky printing/embroidery shop (who identify themselves as Christian) is under fire for declining to print a gay pride T-shirt.

    As BZ said in his post linked above in this comment:

    Let's swap the shop owners' religion of Christianity with that of Islam.

    They are now Muslim business owners.

    Do you think the City of Lexington and gay advocates would have a bit of a go with that business?

    You and I both know the answer...

  13. Black Sheep,
    We don't need a new law to deal with this, simple outrage should suffice.

    I won't argue with that. Not at all.

  14. Boycott all stores that hire Muslims.

    By as much pork and booze as you can and inconvenience other shoppers.

    Yup,the adults are posting today, AOW.

  15. Brooke above has got it right. Take every Haram product in the bloody store!

  16. "the cashier is a teenaged girl who wears a head covering."

    They don't need to post the sign for my sake. I won't be in that line anyway, probably not in that store either after the first sighting.

    Until a person PROVES to me that they really are "moderate muslims", I will assume that they are not. That would require assimilating into our society, including dress code, doing the ENTIRE job held, and completely denouncing most of their religion. Call me racist, bigot, or whatever you like, it's MY opinion and I'm sticking to it!!

  17. My suggestions:

    1. Give her another job, or fire her
    2. Patrons of the store should shop elsewhere.

    Right Truth

  18. I would have found it irritating if the line at this cashiers till was shorter than the others but I would have to stand in a different line because of what I was buying. If she doesn't like handling pork and alcohol, then go work at the DMV, sweet shop or a clothing store for example.

    And even though we heard the piffle about - even Christians are uncomfortable...... - show me the evidence that they would do the same for Christians. Until then I'm with you calling dhimmitude.

    Speaking of dhimmis, what happened to Damien, when the topic is Islam, he usually hurries in with a couple dozen pages berating all us stupid, hateful bigots who just don't know how islam saved the universe back in 20 AD and ever since. :)

  19. I'd like to mosey up to her line with a 12-pack of Bud Light and a bag of pork rinds....

  20. For a so called Christian oriented site , all I see here is nastiness and intolerance.

  21. Oh yeah, lol! Is that what Jesus teaches? You're a cafeteria christian.

  22. Liberalmann,
    No, I am not a cafeteria Christian.

    From the Sermon on the Mount:

    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. - Matthew 7:15

    There is no doubt in my mind that Islam is the delusions of a false prophet, namely, Mohammed.

    And MTP's followers are deceived by a false prophet and their worship of a false god.

  23. I wonder if I said I was uncomfortable serving Muslims if they would put up a sign to redirect them?

  24. *gasp*

    Good lawrd, no! That would be discrimination! Are you an Islamophobe?!?


  25. Mike and Brooke,
    The narrative, being actively promoted in most venues, is that we must be converted to Islamophiliacs and that society must immediately Islamify and become subject to shari'a law.

    Well, forget that! Allah is not my God, and Mohammed the Pedophile is not my prophet.

  26. AOW,

    Silverfiddle said it correctly, you can go all around the world including in Muslim countries and find Muslims handling pork and alcohol. I go to Tangier regularly (14 miles away and I can see it from my patio) and the largest supermarket chain sells both.

    Therefore the item is mute, it has to do with the local shop owner and the inability of America to stop the local Muslims milking your country. If I read your story say to the average Muslim in a Muslim country they would laugh at how foolish your country is for accepting people that simply were not tolerated in the real Muslims world.

    The second point I wish to make is how ugly many of the comments are and assuming your all serious in your words, I see Brooke as being a born-again-ignorant who obviously has no idea what she is talking about and AOW comming out of the closet (so to speak) in showing that she is in fact a bigot.

    AOW, I do not believe in Islam and thus Mohammed is a false prophet but that does not mean I have to assume that the Robert Spencer is correct and go down the track of the paedophile and chose not to even attempt to get my fact right before opening my mind. Your almost as bad WRT who is just simply a fool in this respect.

    Damien Charles

  27. Damien,
    My, my! You're up on your high horse today, aren't you?

    Call me a bigot if it makes you feel better or superior.

  28. Brooke,

    and your expertise to judge is .... ?

    Do you have over 30 years of experience travelling in the Muslim world and working with Muslims? Do you represent many Muslims in legal actions? Do you have a degree in Islamic studies? Do you speak Arabic?

    There is nothing more pathetic than a basic nobody couch-potatoe who sits on the web who assumes that they know everything. I talk about the subjects that I know and that is all.

    As for the paedophile argument. The age of Aisha was disputed and remains disputed within the Muslim world itself and of course it is the Spencers of this world that like to chose the side of the salafis as being the only Islam.

    I suggest, with all respect due Brooke, that you learn a bit before you open your mouth? It is the only way you may earn a bit of respect....

    Damien Charles

  29. AOW,

    you do what you believe is important that must be respected. I only have chosen to actually tell it as it is and you can ignore my post as you see fit.

    I was travelling for work and Easter up in Chincon (near to Madrid) for Easter and I realized what a waste of effort it is to attempt to point out social bigotry to people who simply will not bother to recognise it in themselves.

    It was my oldest daughter, a high school teacher now living in Madrid, who watched me read your and other blogs and looked at them and laughed at me. "Why do you bother dad?" she said, telling me that I am wasting my precious time. She pointed out that a teacher who has self-respect would practice their craft in their own life and not only in the classroom. That if you cannot look at the big picture and reflect context then your simply "not getting it" and a hopeless case feeding your own ignorance.

    I liked you because you allow freedom to comment and also some aspects that I call commen values in regards to life in the street of your environment. You even showed me how some people, in your unique world, do think - though I still wonder why.

    Having said that, as my daughter quickly identified as well, your comments on such a simple subject as what is Islam has absolutely no reflection to the reality that exists. Your comments about the behaviour of Muslims in America are interesting and can learn from them but but they only reflect just that and no more.

    Just as a clarification. My daughter is married to a Moroccan-born Spaniard, a Jew who converted to Catholicism and also a lawyer. When he looked at your posts he simply turned his head and correctly said, if she is a teacher we can only hope that she does not create another generation of ignorants. He believes, and perhaps there is some value to his judgement, that most Americans know nothing outside their own miopic world.

    Damien Charles

  30. Not that anyone here on this blog actually bothers to read/study/put effort into Islamic studies, I thought a bit of help may be of value.

    AOW through the typically mindless line - that the Muslim Prophet Mohammed was a paedophile. Such a line I think is classic automated bigotry (similar to anti-semiticm and references to say black-Americans often pushed) that unfortunately you lot in America suffer badly from.

    Anyone who actually bothered to study Islamics and watch or read what occurs in the Muslim world will know that the age of Aisha is debated and disputed and is a regular discussion. Simply because one of the Haddiths quoted Aisha herself giving her age which implies that she was a child. That quote was quickly questioned by Muslim scholars as far back as the 12th century because the time-line did not match and other quotes from Aisha herself who - like most people in the 7th century - did not actually know their age and were illiterate.

    One obvious problem within the Muslim worlds is that it is dominated by puritanicals that are very vocal and quickly pronounce that there is no right to question. Yet questioning does exist and professional scholars since the 12th century recognized errors in timelines. The bottom line is that any calculation of events proves that the age is incorrect and that the logical age - which is also common practice and thus understandable was that Aisha was probably promissed into marriage at around 12 years and consumated around the age of 16. http://www.muslim.org/islam/aisha-age.htm or http://www.wahabs.com/members/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=218 and http://www.tolueislam.org/Parwez/tkn/TK_III_n.htm. There is also examples of discussion such as in the Muslim Times at http://www.themuslimtimes.org/2011/12/religion/islam/hadhrat-ayesha%E2%80%99s-r-a-age-at-the-time-of-her-marriage as well as in very popular websites and blogs such as http://www.siratemustaqeem.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=765 .

    Yet somehow, over in blogs like here, the only source material is that of well known puritanicals and profiteers like Spencer whom has no qualification on the subject at all.

    D Charles

  31. D Charles,
    I only have chosen to actually tell it as it is and you can ignore my post as you see fit.




    You come here and tell us what dumbasses we are, what haters we are, etc.

    You have appointed yourself as judge, jury, and hangman because folks here at this site have DARED not to agree with you.

    You brag as to how you know it all about Islam and have thus condemned us as troglodytes.

    You have now declared: Americans know nothing outside their own miopic world.

    Obviously, we are at an impasse.

    In time, in our lifetimes or not, we are going to find out exactly who was right about certain matters that we've disputed over.

    And I think that I know EXACTLY why you're so irate. I "dared" to link to Spencer and Geller recently. You yourself hate those individuals. I'm pretty sure that you're even spitting onto your iPad or monitor while you type in your comments.

    So be it.

    Think what you wish about me. You'll do so anyway -- no matter what I say or don't say.

  32. AOW,

    My son-in-law said made the reference to Americans, I questioned if it is in fact the case.

    You post in the public domain and thus you have chosen to allow the public to draw judgement.

    That you post low-life profiteers like Spencer and Geller as some form of source and reference reflects exactly what I have said. If you wish to consider them of value then ultimately you must be judged as them. Remembering that neither are 'experts' nor are they accepted academically or even publically - it speaks mountains.

    As I have said, you have proven to be like the others, just mouthing the same old disproven hate, I find that dissapointing.

    On the point of my own knowledge, I only reflect what I have gained, earned and experienced and frankly speaking it represents the reality as a whole. Sure, we all know about the efforts of radicals in your country, that you cannot see past that is frankly your disadvantage.

    Damien Charles

  33. Damien Charles,
    that you cannot see past that is frankly your disadvantage

    Or, possibly, YOUR disadvantage.

    I recall a line from The Miracle Worker: "Have you never considered that, for once in your life, you might be consummately wrong?"

    This discussion is closed.

  34. If you have an allergy to pollen, don't go and work in a floristry. If the sight of blood makes you squeamish, don't go and work in a butchery. If the stink of fish turns your stomach, don't go and work in a fihmongery. Logical conclusion: If you're a Muslim and can't stand handling alcohol or pork, and the shop sells those products, don't go and work there. It's that simple.


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