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Monday, April 2, 2012

More Absurdity

(With a hat tip to The Further Adventures of Indigo Red)

Continuing with the theme of the post below (A must read!), more absurdity of a type differing from the post immediately below this one:


  1. She's clearly lying, a pernicious liberal trait.

  2. In an attempt at damage control, later Rep. Corinne Brown had quite a rant about how the interviewer sandbagged her.

    Fact: Corinne Brown brought up that other case, then couldn't recall the name.

    Then she segued to a red herring, that is, speaking about other matters, even to the point of declaring the Congressional Black Caucus "the conscience of the Congress."

    The conscience? Really?

    Well, Corinne Brown, member of the Congressional Black Caucus, has selective amnesia. Worse, she is more concerned about the death of one black male -- the latest media harping -- than she is about the deaths of numerous other people in her district.

    In my view, she dashed out in front of the cameras to try to exploit the death of Trayvon Martin.

  3. If it doesn't fit her agenda it isn't memorable.

  4. I also posted this video on one of my sites. There is a simple truth hear---those on the american left are blind to black on white crime or even black on black crime. It just doesn't fit into their agenda. But when it comes to white on black crime they waive the bloody flag of pass racism and scream bloody murder along with their fellow travelers in the MSM. This is the only way they have short of food stamps and welfare to keep minorities coming to the polls in the overwhelming numbers they need to maintain power. Without the inner city voters the democrats would be sent packing, so there battle cry is RACISM NOW AND FOREVER!

  5. Ah, we all know who the real racists are---like ol' whatsis-name...you know...that guy in the Oval Office (at least, he's there sometimes)... What was his name again?

  6. She couldn't remember the name of the white girl that died, but went on and one about this and that.

    And just had to bring in the race card, as usual.

    Sad situation.

  7. The hairdo and the accent say it all.


    It's BAD!


    Not many!

    You BET!

    That said, I still hate the way the enemedia sees its primary role as exploiting every opportunity to embarrass and distress public figures. It does nothing to HELP anyone.

    ~ FreeThinke

  8. The CBC often refers to itself as the "Conscience of the Congress"... especially in to moments right before it begins to advocate for the unconscionable...

  9. The CBC often refers to itself as the "Conscience of the Congress"... especially in to moments right before it begins to advocate for the unconscionable...

  10. BFD, so she doesn't remember her name. It's irreverent and a stupid line of questioning.

  11. Corinne Brown introduced the topic herself. If she didn't know the name, why did she bring up the topic in the first place?

  12. Edge,
    She has a reputation for inserting her foot into her mouth.

    BTW, she has been in the House of Representatives since 1993.

    She has also been a college professor.

    Go figure!

  13. A COLLITCH Perfesser, you say?


    CHEESE! No WUNDA Merkin eddacayshun's gawn down de toobs!


    ~ FreeThinke

  14. FT,
    If I weren't a teacher, I couldn't have figured out that comment. **wink**

  15. BFD, so she doesn't remember her name.

    You're missing the Point lib. Corinne Brown never protested that woman's murder....she LIED.
    She is an embarassment to every resident in Florida.


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