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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Judge Napolitano On Obama's Power Grab

Hat tip to Maggie's Notebook for the short video below the fold:

America sleeps on:

Important reading at the Washington Post's Fact Checker: Obama's selective memory of Supreme Court history.


  1. Six years ago, Judge Napolitano was a scary figure to most people. Times have changed, so I see that as a good sign.

  2. Judge Napolitano isn’t the Lone Ranger. Many of us have been saying this exact same thing for a few years. By now, we are used to the rolling eyeballs and clucking tongues. I have actually hoped I was wrong, but I don’t think I am. Obama poses a clear and present danger to the American republic and we must remain vigilant lest we lose that precious gift of freedom.

    Let me also say I am offended by Obama’s lack of leadership at a time when hustlers and brown-shirt thugs threaten us with race riots. When Al Sharpton stepped to the podium to regurgitate his vile racism over the Treyvon Martin shooting, he was rewarded with an invitation to the White House. When the New Black Panther Party promised us rivers of blood, Obama and his racist Attorney General remained absolutely silent.

    The result of this is that Obama encourages race riots and racism. This is very odd behavior from a black president overwhelmingly elected by white people. His silence encourages more of the same … and I wonder why America isn’t offended.

  3. Obama was elected on a platform of unity, hope, and change. He is now running under his true colors of a Marxist populist. His strtegy is an old one: divide and conquer.

  4. Gad, who can add more than those excellent comments?
    Except, Man, AOW, that image you chose is so sad and says SO MUCH.

  5. Whoever was SCARED of Judge Andrew Napolitano, SilverFiddle? Certainly not I! I recognized the Judge as a true friend of Liberty and our Constitution right away?

    He may look like a peasant -- typical overexcitable WOP out-of-control -- but he's a PRINCETON man with more brains in his little finger than all the politicians in Dee Cee put together.

    I've never known the Judge to be wrong frankly, except back in the days when he advocated the strictest adherence to "The Law," even when "The Law" did not serve the interests of Liberty, and bent over backwards to try to appear "fair" to the "enemy."

    Apparently though, the Judge scared the living tar out of Rupert Murdoch, because after giving us a wonder-filled no-holds-barred show called Freedom Watch, Judge Napolitano was suddenly and unceremoniously DUMPED by FOX. Glenn Beck of course, received the SAME treatment not long before, but in Beck's case his clownish, quasi0hysterical manner of delivery was so outré as to irritate and offend even a dyed-in-the-wool old Tory like me.

    Of course this started long ago with O'Reilly's mad, blatantly hypocritical dash toward the "center" -- a move calculated to aggrandize his ratings -- or to appease The Establishment -- maybe both?

    From then on I realized that FOX NEWS had become FUX NEWS and could no longer be trusted anymore than any other news "service."

    I stopped watching FOX years ago, but admit I became enchanted with Freedom Watch, after I discovered it by accident while channel surfing, and mourn its loss.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. Unfortunately, I think my computer is being difficult and the video will not stream in. Must be time to defrag and check for system updates...

    I do agree wholly with that last graphic and your comment, AOW:

    America sleeps on!

  7. "I Think the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism "

    Lol, Oh Boy! W-A-C-K-O!

  8. Any by the way, Bush had far stronger works for the Supreme Court.

  9. AOW, where do you find these Liberals?

    Liberallman, I don't know why you say he's a wacko... He plainly explained why he says so. Obama has announced to America that the Congress and the Supreme Court don't matter, and, that he will do whatever he can to overrule them, which would leave him the sole authority effectively ruling our country.

    The only one who is a wacko here is you if you continue to deny what your own eyes and ears clearly show you.

  10. Judge Napolitano is full of crap.

    The key here is that Obama was referring to the court overturning the entire bill not simply the mandate. And it fact that would be an unusual level of activism.

    By the way, how many here know that under the mandate you can purchase catastrophic coverage? Now I still don't advocate forcing people to purchase a product from an industry with an antitrust exemption which will not allow competitive pricing but the mandate is hardly the burden that ass racks like Napolitano would have you believe.

    Listening to these Randoids will not help you become informed.

  11. I'm skeptical that Obamacare could remain intact if the individual mandate is severed from it. This is an all-or-nothing proposition.

    On the other hand, Napolitano's warnings that Obama is dangerous for America give me hope and comfort. Nobody has adequately explained to me how Obama destroying a nation that has convinced itself that Mitt Romney is a conservative would necessarily be an undesirable thing.

  12. I believe we should champion Obama's efforts to destroy America. He claims the Congress doesn't matter, and by God, he's right, especially after the extreme far left Tea Party took the House.

    Devout Communists like Michelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan are complicit in Obama's expansion of the Welfare State. They're sure as #@$% not opposed to it. Congress doesn't matter to Obama because Congress has not made itself matter to him. Gone are the days of shutting down government over budget debates. Now we'll just run the country without a budget.

    I'm coming to grips with the fact that Obama is a Godsend, a holy messenger sent to destroy a nation illucid enough to mistake Mitt Romney for a conservative.

    Food riots, race wars, violence in the streets as society breaks down, these are all just the fringe benefits of keeping Mitt Romney out of the White House.

  13. Enabling Act 1933.....

    Hitler thundering away during a pseech about how glorious it was that democracy brought him to power so that he could destroy democracy....

    And the people cheered

  14. Beamish,
    At Blogger's whim, your first comment in this thread got swept up by Blogger's spam folder.

    The ways of Blogger are beyond mysterious!

  15. Duck,
    By the way, how many here know that under the mandate you can purchase catastrophic coverage?

    [AOW raises hand]

    So, Duck, what are the parameters and requirements of those policies?

    Prove to me that you know.

    The soaring costs of those high-risk plans do not bode well for the future premiums for health insurance, particularly after 2014.

  16. FT,
    ...this started long ago with O'Reilly's mad, blatantly hypocritical dash toward the "center"...

    IMO, O'Reilly was making sure to keep his job. He likes that platform so that he can sell his books.

  17. Beamish,
    I believe we should champion Obama's efforts to destroy America....Obama is a Godsend, a holy messenger sent to destroy a nation illucid enough to mistake Mitt Romney for a conservative.

    I understand your position.

    Do I believe that Romney is a conservative? No, not really. He may be more conservative than some others. I emphasize the word "more."

    However, I don't think that the scenario you paint is the way it's going to work out -- not immediately, anyway. America is in uncharted territory, and I find no precedent in American history as to where we're going from here -- no matter who gets elected in 2012. In my view, we have the most ignorant electorate in America's history. By "ignorant," I do not exactly mean uneducated. But what does "educated" mean nowadays?

    As a nation, we seem to have "lost the plot." That loss has been a long time in coming to fruition, but it's here now.

  18. Mark,
    AOW, where do you find these Liberals?

    'Tis the season of trolls. It's a National Election Year!

  19. Sam,
    Will we have race riots? If certain "leadership" elements have their way.

    I wonder why America isn’t offended.

    Actually, I think that America IS offended. But the media are ignoring what's happening on the ground.

    I've heard from several friends about conversations they are hearing "on the street." Those Americans who are muttering, "What do Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson want? Race wars?" are really questioning the motives behind the narrative that these people see presented all over the place. And, believe it or not, some of these mutterings are coming from people who voted for Obama in 2008.

    IMO, if serious racial unrest develops, a lot of folks who otherwise would have voted for Obama in 2012 are going to vote against Obama.

  20. The level of twisted words and outright lies in this thread is just laughable. It's no wonder the extreme right is going the way of the Do-Do bird, lol!

  21. I agree with Judge Andrew Napolitano 99% of the time. He is a real Libertarian and sound on Constitutional matters.

    Right Truth

  22. Myself, I'm skeptical of the race war scenario.

    Energy prices, soil degradation, burning corn as ethanol gasoline, natural disasters destroying agricultural land, depletion of phosphorus (for fertilizers) - all of these little things are adding up to food becoming more expensive, and more scarce.

    We'll be fighting over food, not skin color.


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