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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Black-On-White Crime

Do you remember this 2007 case, the unspeakably brutal murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom?

Perhaps you never heard of the case. According to the Daily Mail in 2009:
...[E]ven though the killings happened in January, 2007, they have attracted very little national and international coverage.

That’s because they do not fit into the conventional contours of an attack in America’s Deep South, where a shameful history of racial intolerance has meant assaults by whites on blacks have historically been regarded in the context of race.

In this case, the races were reversed: the victims were white and the four men and one woman charged in connection with the murders are black.


University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds said the American media has a ‘template’ for covering white-on-black crime but not the reverse.

‘I think it would have gotten a lot of national play faster if it had been a black couple kidnapped and killed by five white people,’ he told the local paper in Knoxville....
The video below the fold was released in 2009 and provides many of the details of the case:

Read more about the case HERE at Knoxnews.com. That site has updates regarding the case.

Appeals and retrials are still in process. Yet, the Christian-Newsom murders are not in our faces on every morning and evening news broadcast as is the case involving George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

And HERE is another case of black-on-white crime, a terrible beating in April 2012 in Mobile, Alabama. Note that this recent crime, "justice for Trayvon," isn't deemed a hate crime. Also note the media's absence in reporting this instance of black-on-white crime.

Ace of Spades cites two more instances and contends that we are seeing a racial crime pattern:
No national coverage of this racial hate crime pattern in the media.

Apparently some victims are unworthy, and some hatred and violence is justified.

Is Obama going to say anything? Call at least one of the victims? Attempt to bring calm? Attempt a "Sister Souljah" moment (which could actually benefit him politically) and call out violent black racists?

Apparently not, and the media has decided that's their preferred political strategy, too.
Additional reading: race statistics for crime in the United States.


  1. Honesty from liberal media hypocrites?

    Youre not likely to see much of THAT!

  2. The MSM want to make race an issue in this election and that only works when it's white-on-black.

  3. Add to this the mob black on white attacks last summer in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, etc.

    This will be a long summer but may be looked at as the good old days if Obama is not re-elected.

    I believe that defeating Obama will be a mixed blessing. It will be good for the country but I believe there are those that will exploit it to cause racial unrest.

    The sad part of this though is that this is still the vast minority of the black community. I still believe the majority of blacks do not buy in to the whole Sharpton/Jackson nonsense.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Silly wingnuts and their childish tit-for-tat games.

  6. Chuck,
    This will be a long summer but may be looked at as the good old days if Obama is not re-elected.

    I think that scenario is very likely.

  7. Unfortunately, these black on white crimes happen a lot more than people realize, thanks to the media. I was living in Kansas City, just 200 miles away from what is now known (but not well known) as the Wichita Massacre. Wichita is my hometown, and at the time, I never knew it happened. The Media did not report it.

    Few media sources covered the event even though it was one of the worst crimes in the history of Kansas. You can rad Michelle Malkin's take on it here.

  8. Liberalmann said: "Silly wingnuts and their childish tit-for-tat games."

    That fit you perfectly.

  9. Good job is reminding us of the racism of wingnuts, BlackSheep. There have been far more white on black crimes committed in this country since the 1800's.

  10. I remember those other cases. Whites don't have race-baiters like Sharpton Jackson, et al. They do harm, not good. We don't look at people as Black, White, Hispanic, whatever. At least I don't and people I know don't.

    We see people first as humans, equals. It is the media and those like Sharpton that cannot forget the past, cannot forgive and move forward.

    Yes there were terrible things done when slavery existed. Personally I cannot imagine the idea of owning another human as merchandise like cattle. But that was the past, that was our ancestors and I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did any more than I can be responsible for what my descendents might do.

    But some Blacks cannot more forward (some Whites can't move forward either, there are racists on both sides).

    The media was quick to call Zimmerman "White", when he was actually of Hispanic, Black, and White heritage.

    Each case should be presented factually no matter what without bias.

    Yes I must be dreaming.

    Right Truth

  11. Debbie,
    But that was the past, that was our ancestors and I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did any more than I can be responsible for what my descendents might do.

    Hear, hear!

    Some years ago, a 4th grader said to me, "I failed my spelling test because your ancestors held my ancestors as slaves."

    This -- from a child who lived more luxuriously than I ever have or ever will!

    Besides, he was wrong in his statement about my family. On my father's side, nobody held slaves as my father's family had moral objections to slavery. On my mothers' side, my ancestors were so poor that the land they owned was so infertile that it wouldn't even sprout black-eyed peas.

    All of us have some kind of oppression in our family background, I think. But any past oppression of our ancestors should never excuse our present behavior and attitudes. Furthermore, the present generation of whatever ethnic group cannot make up for past wrongs. The best that we can do is to do the right thing now; otherwise, we perpetuate grudges and promote lack of accountability.

  12. Stogie,
    Just yesterday in either the Washington Post or Time Magazine (I can't recall which liberal rag), there was an article that flat-out lied about crime statistics related to race. The article further stated that one could still be a racist even though one had black friends and black family members. In sum, the article said that racism was a part of human nature and could never be remedied or overcome.

    After I read the article, I said to myself, "What is the point of this article?" I decided that the point of the article must have been to promote white guilt.

  13. Black Sheep,
    I'm not sure that the matter is as simple as you stated.

    Clearly, many blacks don't behave in such a manner.

    On the other hand, we don't hear much from blacks strongly condemned bad actions by members of their own race.

  14. Conservatives on Fire,
    The MSM want to make race an issue in this election...

    It's all about promoting (1) white guilt and (2) excusing bad actions.

    I used to think that America had pretty well "solved" the matter of race relations. That doesn't seem to be so, however!

  15. The media has an agenda, and it isn't about reporting news fairly. Rather, they see themselves as an agent of social change for promoting Liberal ideas. This is a far cry for the original intent of the press.

  16. “Keep a race of people enslaved, then keep them down for a century afterwards to live in despair and poverty and see what happens.”

    This is exactly the behavior of the Democratic Party since the end of the civil war: first, enslaving blacks through Jim Crow legislation, and then later by relegating them to handouts from white Democrats in government. History reflects that the Democrat’s vile pogrom against black Americans began in earnest under the administration of Woodrow Wilson. This was when the darling of the progressive movement, Margaret Sanger, proposed killing black babies as a means of controlling “an inferior race” of human beings. The effects of Jim Crow never abated until the election of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, and even John Kennedy was weak-kneed in his response to racial tensions in southern states.

    I am honestly amazed any progressive can comment about racism in America. It was, after all, an invention of the Democratic Party. No group of people has done a more thorough job of dividing Americans according to race than white liberals and race-baiting blacks, who predicates their business model on racial discord.

    One further observation: I know there are more unintelligent people than Liberalmann, but I don’t think I’ve seen any in this country during the current century.

  17. Lol, as opposed to your silly spin, twisted logic and revisionist history, Mustang! Nice try.

  18. "University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds said the American media has a ‘template’ for covering white-on-black crime but not the reverse."

    Indeed it has, it's a shameful, racist and destructive template that serves no one and keeps your nation from moving in the right direction.

    I hope that template will be scrapped in my lifetime and people are treated on the basis of their character, not the color of their skin.

  19. Yet another horrific attack ignored by the mainstream media:

    There’s outrage in Norfolk, Va., today after a white couple was attacked by dozens of black teenagers, and the local newspaper did not report on the incident for two weeks, despite the victims being reporters for the paper....

    More at the above link.

  20. To address Liberalmann:

    Fact- Democrats formed, operated & continue the KKK.

    To all others:

    The liberals will do 3 things in ANY argument; 1- change the subject. 2- name call. 3- ignore the question.

    You can't argue with them. It is useless. Voting will be all we need to do to finish the argument.


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