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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guest Post From Mustang Sends

My dear friend Mustang, one of the most politically astute people I know, has graciously sent me the guest post below. Worth your time:

Politicians are no solution to the problem: they are the problem.

When Jefferson wrote, “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” he was writing at a different time, in a pre-communist Era. Who could have imagined back then that any reasonably intelligent person could argue in favor of taxing productivity as a means of supporting the obsessive/compulsive spending habits of politicians who care more about themselves than they do about America?

For President Obama to accuse Congressman Paul Ryan of “social Darwinism” is much like the pot calling the kettle black; it should prompt thinking Americans to wonder how socialism isn’t the worst form of “Social Darwinism.”? Enslaving people to the “good graces” of a totalitarian government is not Democracy. Forcing states to comply with unconstitutional federal mandates is not federalism.

If we examine what Thomas Jefferson believed, then we must conclude that there is nothing “democratic” about the neo-communists currently in power. Jefferson supported a legislature with limited power, an executive with limited power, and a people who were, for the most part, free to disassociate themselves with so-called federal mandates. In Jefferson’s time, the people were first of all, citizens of states. Perhaps this is why there is no mention in the United States Constitution of a Department of Health and Human Services, or a Department of Education, or a Department of Agriculture, of a Department of Indian Affairs, or any number of other large, inefficient, incompetent departments whose purpose —we are told— is to help the American people.

The only help these departments provide to the American people is that they help us spend our money. I honestly don’t think the American people —not even the dumb ones— can take much more of this illegal (unconstitutional) help from the federal government.


  1. Well said! I don't think I have ever been more disgusted with politics (politicians) than I am now.

    Right Truth

  2. Great minds think alike. I posted on the Communist takeover effort of Obama this morning. Now if everyone else would just look at it and get at least - a little- excited.

  3. Mustang & AOW, how come we're smart enough to make the money but aren't smart enough to know how to spend it? I have never understood that.

  4. Mustang did a fantastic job on this post and I completely agree 100%.

    Not sure why the Left have a hard time understanding this simple concept?

  5. The distribution of power is the problem. All government power has found itself corrupted and it should be clear to anyone paying attention that democracy is incompatible with laissez-faire capitalism.

    Let Kapital own you, that's working out, right?

    Trying to move toward democratic socialism and a more level distribution of power and wealth is such a revolting idea to the fringe right who don't have power or a pot to pee in. It never fails to perplex me.

  6. Ducky, what do you expect when they get their information from Fox News?

  7. How any American can suggest that socialism is an appropriate ideology in America perplexes me. Socialism demands more government, less freedom. Socialism has but one purpose: to fool people into giving up their liberty to the state. Socialism is, therefore, a foreign ideology and singularly un-American.

    It is sheer idiocy to think that we require government to “level the field” of power and wealth; our founding fathers sought to instill equal opportunity —not equal result. It does not take a village to raise a child; it takes concerned, dedicated parents. Equal opportunity suggests having choices, and making choices that have consequences: even bad ones.

    People access power and wealth by preparing themselves for adulthood while in school. Instead, public school has become little more than a wretched drain on the American taxpayer. People access power and wealth by working hard for most of their lifetime —not by standing around feeling sorry about the fact that they had crap for parents, and waiting for government checks to arrive.

  8. The funny thing is that ducky knows that kapital owns Obama too, but he can tolerate that...

  9. FJ, I must remind you that I do not support President Wall St. except when he's seen in contrast to the likes of L'il Ricky Retardo or Governor Olympics.

  10. Hey Sam, equal opportunity is impossible in a laissez-faire Kapitalist system and is therefore incompatible with any egalitarianism the founding oligarchical mediocrities had in mind.

  11. ... I'd also like to point out to Sam that he doesn't know the difference between a political and economic system. That renders his regurgitated aphorisms less useful than usual.

    Now when the economic system clashed with the political on the matter of slavery which won? Sam's homilies or Kapital?

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Communist clichés don’t work with me, Ducky. They, like you, are dishonest and inconsequential.

  14. Sam,
    our founding fathers sought to instill equal opportunity —not equal result

    How is it that so many Americans have confused equal opportunity and equal result? In my view, that confusion is directly promoted by the public education system.

    Every attempt to force the two ideas to be one and the same has been a consummate failure and has resulted in even more inequality of both!

  15. "Perhaps this is why there is no mention in the United States Constitution of a Department of Health and Human Services...."

    common sense appears to elude even the most sensible individuals. can i also second the comment by sh? then, i do! great post, mustang! i miss your eloquence and subtle snark! :)

  16. Mustang says it well.

    If people from back in the day were told about the department of health and other such bureaucracies, I'm betting they'd give you a confused look.

    And if you tried to explain it to them, they'd rightly start reaching for their weapons.

  17. Pienso que el pato es un comunista. Sólo una persona estúpida puede estar orgullosa de esa etiqueta. Cuando fui joven, disparamos a esas personas; pienso que debemos haber perdido unos pocos.

  18. I love Thomas Jefferson. I would say out of all the founding fathers he understood better than anyone what it meant to be an American. That may sound cliché, but even some of the founders didn’t fully comprehend how different America could be and should be when compared to other societies of the past. Good post!


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