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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just In Time For Passover

Moses was a Muslim and led the Muslims out of Egypt! Just as a helicopter rescued the maroons in the novel Treasure Island, I suppose.

With a hat tip to Will:


  1. Man, that silliness is even more at odds with the historic record than the fraudulent Exodus story.

  2. The TONE of VOICE should persuade any sane, civilized individual that the "orator" is worthy only to be despised and rejected.



    Keep influences of this sort AWAY from OUR shores.

    Funny how INFLUENCE and INFLUENZA bear such a close resemblance to one another, isn't it?

    "O, Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason. Fie on it! O Fie! 'Tis an unweeded garden. Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely. ..." ~ Hamlet

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. The great and imminent historian Ducky has spoken! Silence everyone!

    Funny Ducky. You belong on that kook tv show as well.

    Islam has a preternatural twitch that attaches itself to what is sacred in other religions and putting their own perversion on it.

    Judaism predates Mohammedanism by over 1000 years, Jerusalem is a sacred city to Jews, so Muslims invent a story about Muhammad going there on a flying horse, thereby making it a point of dispute between the religions. Belligerence like that is the root of the Middle East crisis.

  4. Careful about talk of inventing stories when we are discussing Exodus, Silverfiddle.

  5. I love the Internet. A chance to see a world that we otherwise would never know about.

  6. Ducky proves once again how very anti-Semitic he is!

    Next, he shows us his 'respect' for women, as he has done so often in the past!

    As for the video; culture, sure. Logic, not so much! What is it with Muslims feeling the need to pervert Biblical teachings?


  7. Totalitarians of every stripe are quick to rewrite history to fit their agenda.

  8. No Brooke, I demonstrate that I am on the side of science and the historic record.

    Not believing every fairy tale that's put on your plate is not sufficient cause to be labeled anti-Semitic.

  9. "Totalitarians of every stripe are quick to rewrite history to fit their agenda."

    YUP! You sure got that right.

    Zealots of every stripe are bigots invariably.

    We should be free to believe what we, as individuals, can accept.

    The very SECOND someone else tries to force his or her beliefs on us, and tell us what we should and should not believe, we should know we are in the presence of a Servant of Satan.

    Many such are skillful at cloaking their evil designs in a aura of righteousness and wreathing them with with convincing counterfeits of piety.

    True faith is an INNER thing. The minute it becomes strident, belligerent or persecutorial you may be sure the trappings of "faith" are being used by a would-be tyrant to further his own ends -- or those of a dangerous, subversive, self-serving "movement."

    Thinking is very hard work, but your only hope for salvation lies in thinking for YOURSELF.

    God is Truth. God is Love. God is Principle. God is Spirit. God is Integrity. God is Beauty. God is Soul. God is Life. God is everything good, creative, wholesome, joyful, constructive, decent, kind, generous, warm-hearted and noble.

    The negative things ––– i.e. Cynicism, Doubt, Despair, Distrust, Falsehood, Manipulative strategies, Poisonous gossip, Destructive impulses, Sadism, Calumny, Disloyalty, Depravity, Uncontrolled Appetites, "Schadenfreude," etc. are attributes of Satan -- God's Polar Opposite.

    ~ FreeThinke

  10. I forgot to add that finger-pointing and name-calling are primary attributes of Satan also.

    Taking on the role of an ACCUSER as well as that of an AGGRESSOR is ungodly in and of itself.

    Jesus told us: "Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

    There is nothing so unrighteous -- so wicked in fact -- as SELF-Righteousness.

    If you believe that God is almighty and that He is the embodiment and perfect expression of Love, you could never succumb to cynicism and despair.

    The world will always be what is has always been -- a battleground, a proving ground and a constant test of courage and faith -- but WE can change the way we DEAL with the world through faith in the power of God's Word as embodied and expressed by His Son, Jesus Christ, who lives in every human being regardless of all appearances to the contrary.

    Just remember that God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Ghost are one and the same -- the Three-in-One. The triune God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

    If that is so, everyone who trusts in Him should have no fear -- even as they walk into a hailstorm of machine gun bullets. a PTA meeting -- or the scaffold.

    The length of our lives doesn't matter, and neither do the riches we've acquired -- or failed to acquire. All that matters is how WELL we've chosen to spend whatever time we have in service to each other in the Spirit of Truth, Love and Integrity.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. What the hell was that? Plus coming to a theater near you, "Trolls on parade".

  12. It really doesn't matter whether Ducky believes the Old Testament accounts or not. What is relevant here is that the loud-mouthed idiot in the video claims that which could not be true whether or not the OT accounts are true.

    He is the result of a depraved system that is counter to civilization.

  13. FT,
    I just have to say something about this portion of one of your comments to this thread. As you know, this year my Brit Lit class studied Hamlet in depth. I confess that I've never been as fond of the play as I was this year. It speaks to us now -- all these centuries later!

    "O, Judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason. Fie on it! O Fie! 'Tis an unweeded garden. Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely. ..." ~ Hamlet

    Definitions of "judgment" (emphasis mine):

    1. an act or instance of judging.

    2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion....

    3. the demonstration or exercise of such ability or capacity...

    4. the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind....

    5. the opinion formed...

    In other words, lack of judgment extends so far as to become insanity and perversion of all things good.

    It does seem to me that such is the state of the world today.

  14. Is there evidence of the exodus described in the Bible?


    ...The Pharaoh of the Exodus was Dudimose. Fulton records that the Austrians found evidence both of God’s slaying of the firstborn and the sudden departure of Israel from Goshen:

    ‘The Tenth Plague to be sent on Egypt just before the Exodus was the plague on the first-born, recorded in Exodus 12:29,30. At the end of stratum G/l at Tell ed-Daba or the ancient city of Avaris (p.293), archaeologists found shallow burial pits into which the victims of some terrible disaster had been thrown. These death pits were not carefully organized internments; the bodies were simply thrown in on top of one another. Could these be the burial pits of the first-born Egyptians? What is more, immediately after this disaster, the remaining population left Avaris en masse; this fits perfectly with the Exodus of the Israelites following the final terrible plague.’

    Manetho, the Egyptian historian wrote how Egypt collapsed in the reign of Dudimose:

    ‘Tutimaos: In his reign, for what cause I know not, a blast of God smote us; and unexpectedly, from the regions of the East, invaders of obscure race marched in confidence of victory against our land (Egypt). By main force they easily seized it without striking a blow and having overpowered the rulers of the land, they then burned our cities ruthlessly, razed to the ground the temples of the gods and treated all our natives with cruel hostility, massacring some and leading into slavery the wives and children of others.’

    The invaders were the Amalekites Israel encountered after leaving Egypt. They found Egypt, devastated by Divine judgment an easy prey.

    ‘The continuing archaeological discoveries’ says Fulton, ‘here in the ancient city of Avaris mirror exactly the early Israelites revealed in the Old Testament. For two centuries no evidence was found for the Israelites when looking in the strata of the 19th Dynasty. Now that the chronologies have begun to be amended and the sojourn in Egypt placed in the 12th and 13th Dynasties, we have a wealth of archaeological evidence corroborating the Biblical account.’


    It seems most likely that Joseph rose to power during the time of the Hyksos, or just before in the 12th Dynasty when many Asiatics came into Egypt. It also seems most likely that the Exodus from Egypt should be equated with the expulsion of the Hyksos. Not all the Hyksos were Israelites. It says in Exodus that a great mixed multitude came out of Egypt with Moses (Exodus 12:38).

    I'm not vouching for the above sources but am leaving the information in this comment.


    Of course, the topic of this post is not the veracity of the Biblical account but rather the INSANITY of the screamer in the video. Islam didn't come along until many, many centuries after the Israelites were in the Land of Goshen in Egypt! Surely, it requires less "blind faith" to believe that Moses led the ISRAELITES out of Egypt than to believe that Moses led the MUSLIMS out of Egypt!

  15. Duck,
    I demonstrate that I am on the side of science and the historic record.

    Then, you have no faith in Christ, either. Much of what the Bible says about Him cannot be proven scientifically.

    Don't you consider yourself to be a Roman Catholic? If so, I frankly don't see the point of your believing in any religion as faith cannot be scientifically proven.

  16. Joe,
    the loud-mouthed idiot in the video claims that which could not be true whether or not the OT accounts are true


  17. Crazy and scary. I saw the headline yesterday, but got sidetracked and never got back to it, thanks for posting AOW.

    I will not be surprised at the large number of people who give some credence to this insanity.

    Right Truth

  18. I like to think the interviewer who kept trying to stop the guy who was mouthing off that utterly ridiculous stuff was trying to say "ARE YOU NUTS?"

    naaa... but we can dream!?

    I, for one, would love to hear your explanation of Exodus, Ducky..let's have HISTORY ACCORDING TO DUCKY :-)

  19. ...This is insanity. Beside the timing being impossible, did you catch the part where Saul ruled RIGHT AFTER the Exodus? Uh, no. Besides what the Bible says, how can a great king like Saul rule when a nation is in disarray after leaving their land and most of their possessions? I'm sorry, but this guy is utterly unbelievable and sounds like a raving maniac?

    And sheesh, what is it with Islam stealing other religions? They have Moses, David Saul and Solomon (all not the same as the Bible's apparently, they just ruled around the same time, nope we aren't copying). Can't they at least try to be original or make sense? And how can anyone try and defend Islam... the whole thing is riddled with holes in logic as well as many things which betray "common" sense!

    As for ducky, I know a guy online- goes by the name Mordred- who is Catholic as well and is a liberal and evolutionist. I dunno if its a coincidence or not... but Ducky isn't alone. PS, how much you want to bet he's trying to distract us?


  20. No, really, all that is true. I know because I was there, I supplied the technical support to keep the Manna flowing from Heaven to sustain Moses and all those other Muslims. Allah has kept me alive all these years to verify this great truth. Really. Sincerely. Would I lie?

  21. mmm... Is he implying that the G-d in the Bible is not the Allah of the Koran?

  22. I suppose with a record of so few good deeds and anything worth remembering, they have to simply make stuff up.

  23. Wildstar,
    Sorry to my late response to your comment. Lots going on here on the home front.

    And sheesh, what is it with Islam stealing other religions?


    You know, various people have no problem asserting that Judaism borrowed from ancient pagan religions (Not that I believe so. Just sayin'.) But these same people will not admit just how much Mohammed plagiarized from Judaism and Christianity.

    Besides the obvious plagiarism, I see this appropriating of information as proof that, in his heart, Mohammed knew that the religion he was trying to design was false.

    BTW, Robert Spencer has a new book coming out: Did Muhammad Exist?: An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins. See THIS. Should be an interesting read and definitely will bring down onto Mr. Spencer's head another fatwa.

  24. Wildstar,
    Typo alert! "Sorry to my late response" should read "Sorry for my late response."

    Something is wrong with the Blogger interface. It won't let me preview my comments now. **sigh**

  25. AOW,

    more Robert Spencer hate-for-profit support? I thought your a teacher?

    A great deal of the problem, confusion, ignornace here is that this is lost in translation and bad interpetations. If you want to try and comment on Islam then you have to do a bit more study then just reading Spencer's profiteering excercises. In fact Spencer is the last person you should bother to try and find anything about Islam on.

    Try for a start the word "Muslim". It is both a noun and an adjective, thus a follower of Islam is a Muslim but by definition any follower of the Abrahamic God is also a Muslim.

    Thus, if you understand this basic Islam 101, try looking back at all the comments above and they look rather silly - rather like the much of the list on this blog.

    D Charles

  26. Wow. If you had even cursory knowledge of this blog you would know the endless amount of research AOW and readers have put into Islam.

    Your comment is a stunning example of ignorance.

    And to put the cheese on the cracker, you just mocked AOW as a teacher and then misused the pronoun 'your'.

    You meant YOU'RE.


  27. Hi Brooke,

    1. If AOW has done so study and research, why is it then that her comments and information is so baised, out of context and often wrong?

    2. I have fat fingers on a horrible iPad and I have poor and diminishing eyesight.

    3. Considering that I do not know you, you do not know me and my eyesight problem, what is your excuse for being so stupid for responding to a subject you obviously have no knowledge of?


    Damien Charles

  28. Brooke,
    Never mind Damien Charles. He's in a mood today. He's calling everyone a bigot and a hater.

    Frankly, I don't have any inclination to let him get under my skin. A much more pressing matter has arisen. I've spent the afternoon crying over a matter that has just reared its ugly head -- in real life.

    No, I'm not ill, and neither is Mr. AOW.

    It's something else, and I'm very distressed over it. Too distressed to discuss the matter, in fact.

    It just figures that Damien Charles would come along at this moment. Sheesh.

  29. AOW: I'm sorry. I hope everything works out for you. If you should need anything or I can do anything, please call or email.

    DC can call me whatever he wants. Sticks and stones, and all...

    He does seem to be in a furor over any insult to Islam, something he claims not to believe in. Why care at all then?

  30. Brooke,
    I'm going to be distracted for a while.

    Life is so complicated sometimes.

  31. AOW,

    I do regret the timing and my posts here are in no way important to your own issues in real life. I can only hope and pray that God protects you in trying times.

    My comments are in regards to the blog and topics within it.

    Because I will only less frequently and that I have chosen to simply avoid blogs such as yours most of the time, I have chosen to now just tell it as it is.

    People like this Brooke, whom love to assume that they have some form of value and expertise in a matter that they obviously do not, are what makes the matter worse, it simplly kills logical discussion.

    My "beef" so to speak, is with reality and facts and most of all context. Simply put, AOW, I will continue to point out remarks that are not based on facts or that avoid context. Your blog is simply riddled with it.

    I care not about your views on American politics and as I am neither American nor living there my views are from an outsider. Having said that, it is obvous that anything with the word Obama automatically gets anything and everything thrown at it and equally so your view even from the Conservative side represents a noisy minority that ultimately will have no say (or part?) in America's future.

    We all have our rights to a view point and that is not questioned at all, but you put it in a forum then you deserve to suffer being exposed.

    Damien Charles

  32. Damien Charles,
    you put it in a forum then you deserve to suffer being exposed



    Oh, brother.

    Well, I don't give a hoot about your obsession with "exposing" me.

    And, FYI, I've never been "in the closet," as you put it.

    Furthermore, you have "exposed" yourself with your ad hominem attacks on me and on some of those who comment here. I need say no more, nor do I have time to do so right now.

  33. AOW,

    Ah, so you have always been an openly xenophobic islamophobe, addicted to questionable sources and a servere allergic reaction to context?

    Sorry, I must have missed that, for a while I have incorrectly assumed that you were just reflecting the lack of knowledge and understanding of the world that many suffer from.

    Additionally, it was assumed as a professional educator that you understood that throwing endless ad hominems about a quarter of the world population is unnaceptable behaviour.

    My error, obviously.

    Damien Charles

  34. Damien Charles,
    I do not accept your condemnation as truth. It is your opinion, and you are, of course, entitled to it.

    As I said in a different thread:

    "In time, in our lifetimes or not, we are going to find out exactly who was right about certain matters that we've disputed over."

    And you know what? I hope with all my heart that Islam is an innocuous as you claim it is, that Islam has been hijacked by radicals. At this point, I do not believe that such is the case. That does not mean that I treat Muslims horribly in any way.

    Discussion closed now.

  35. That poor SOB in the video needs to take something for his hypertension! Come to think of it, I need to take something for my hypertension after listening to the fool.


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