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Saturday, April 14, 2012

My New Purse

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

I rarely buy anything for myself. For one thing, I hate to shop! But when I got out my summer purse this year, I noticed that it was frayed and faded.

A few weeks ago, I decided to "commission" Woodersterman's wife to make a purse to my specifications. Click directly on the image above to enlarge it.

Go HERE, "Tails of a Purse for a Friend," to see some of the steps in the creation of the purse I requested.

In case you didn't know, Woodsterman (Odie) does wonderful woodworking. Last Christmas, Mr. AOW and I commissioned him to make the walnut weedpot as our gift for our neighbor who has everything:

Go HERE and HERE to see the steps in the making of the above weedpot.

Whenever possible, I buy products made by my conservative friends!


  1. Odie and weed? Heh...Cool purse, as purses go. Thankfully we men just need pockets.

  2. Mrs. AOW is crazy about her new purse. She's showing it off to everybody!

    Already, a couple of her friends want to know where to get a purse like that.

    Mrs. AOW hates shopping at malls, but she will shop online.

  3. Cool!!!

    My wife also fabricates purses.

  4. Very cool! I have a similar pattern that my mom made into a paperback book cover w/bookmark!

    As far as purses go, I tend to go the man route. I even carry a man's wallet!

  5. You are too kind for all of the linkage. Glad you like. I'll have to get Mrs. Woodsterman to stop by.

    We're baby sitting Pen this weekend. I'll have to post his adventures on his blog.

  6. I am pretty sure my wife would love to have the same or similar, it is much to her style.

    Damien Charles

  7. Tom!

    Thank you so much for stopping by.

    I've updated my blogroll -- now that you're back and have a new site. **smile**

  8. If there's anything better than having one little pink pussy with you all day evert day, it's having a whole bagful of them. ;-)

    Sorry! I just HAD to say it. The bag is terrific, AOW.

    (Psssst! I liked the green and blue ones too.)

    Did you design it, AOW, or was that done by Mrs. Odie?

    MAGNIFICENT workmanship on those QUILTS! That one with the red border and all the roosters should be hung in a Museum of American Arts and Crafts. just great!

    Thank God for Arts and Crafts! They help keep us sane in a world that's otherwise completely gone Nutsy Fagin.

    ~ FreeThinke

  9. If misplaced, it's not going to be hard to find.

  10. every girl needs a summer purse! you've got a nice looking one there, aow!

  11. Nothing like "home made"... same with good jams and jellies.

  12. Very nice. Woodsterman and his wife have some awesome skills. They will be able to sustain themselves after the crash.

  13. Great. Now you can get catty with the best of them.
    Ha ha har har har, I'm so humerus, it tickles my funny bone.


  14. Security!

    Open your bag Mam!
    I want to see what's in it!
    Why two lipsticks? Huh?


  15. Very nice work on the purse and the woodwork. You need to treat yourself now and then. I don't think getting a new purse is all treat, mostly it is necessary (that's what I tell myself). ha Enjoy

    Right Truth

  16. One thing's for sure, AOW: That handbag should make your uniqueness as an individual readily apparent wherever you go.

    It might be fun to keep a record of the comments it attracts. ;-)

    You will really look like THE CAT'S MEOW!!!

    ~ FT

  17. Sorry for my initial reaction... I suppose that if you're seeking attention, that purse will certainly draw it.

    I need to get a new Ghille suit. ;)

  18. For some years now, having a bright pink summer purse has been my trademark.

    My first pink purse was a gift, BTW. I typically carry very subdued purses.

  19. I suspected that there must have been some reason driving the color selection. A celebration of summer. I guess school teachers deserve some color in their lives, too!

  20. A bit of whimsy -- and individuality -- are desperately needed in this deadly serious world we find ourselves inhabiting.

    We need to get in touch with and celebrate our uniqueness.

    That purse is a big step in that right direction.

    ~ FreeThinke


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