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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Elizabeth Bierenday's Mural

With a hat tip to Maggie's Notebook:

Bierenday has decided to keep the original design.


  1. Can't wait till they start to forbid thoughts.....oh yes they're working on this.The drone will 'know' if you have 'hostile intent'.

  2. We have indeed lost the wheels of our great nation.

  3. This is the kind of "progress" the left encourages. Turn the belief system of the majority of our population upside down for a tiny, but very vocal, minority.

  4. I, being a vengeful SOB, would walk away from painting it.

  5. I am glad the young lady had the courage to stay with her original concept. Sadly, tolerance, as defind by the liberals, is a one-way street.

  6. Wait! What about MY feelings? I would be offended if the mural depicted a homosexual relationship. Why don't they seem to care about how I feel?

  7. It is unfortunate. The mural is attractive, she has talent and I'm sure she put a lot of work into the final sketch.

    Then someone comes along who is "offended". I wish the administration would stand up for the artist in this case.

    Just as I wish people would stand up in situations like the recent Tennessee law that requires teaching intelligent design rather than offend the evangelicals.

    That's our condition. All depends on whose ox is gored these days.

  8. From the comments on the video, it's a delight to see people are standing up to the leftie loons and their thought police. GOod for the interviewees..maybe there's hope.

  9. If ever there was an appropriate time to say "SHIT!" like a trumpet call -- loud and clear, ti would be at those who issued a complaint against anything that makes such an attractive-if-mildly-innocuous presentation of a perfectly normal progression.

    It's time to organize protest marches and rude, graphic demonstrations against PROTESTORS.

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: Good for you, Ducky! For once you said the right thing -- even if you did have to spoil it by bringing in the irrelevant issue of Darwinism v. Creationism just to uphold your unsavory reputation as our Bad-Boy-in-Residence. - FT

  10. FT,
    I can't even watch the news any more without shouting several expletives.


    Glad that this story had the update about the girl keeping her original version of the mural. Good for her!

  11. Well FT, that has to be done. The purpose here is to demonstrate how nasty the liberals are rather than concentrate on the fact that most of us are far to thin skinned these days.

    On all sides.

  12. Duck,
    The purpose here is to demonstrate how nasty the liberals are rather than concentrate on the fact that most of us are far to [sic] thin skinned these days.

    On all sides.

    I have never claimed that this site is neutral and objective. This is a BLOG, after all. A blog is all about slant and opinion. So what?

    As for thin skins, yes, they are to be found on all sides of the political and moral spectrum.

    I do think that reasoned discourse is getting lost in all the noise.

    Then again, reasoned discourse is impossible when barbs are hurled. Eventually, those at whom the barbs are hurled do strike back.

    BTW, you could have omitted or stated differently that intelligent design barb you hurled -- a very restrained and small barb. I'll give you credit for that restraint.

    Your reticence in even minimally agreeing with a conservative does further damage to your credibility. It does appear that you really do hate conservatives -- not just our ideology but the very fact that we breathe "your" oxygen.

  13. FT,
    an attractive-if-mildly-innocuous presentation of a perfectly normal progression

    We are living in the Age of Inversionism!

    Just a few short years ago, if plot elements in a novel had been included along the lines of the story in this blog post, those plots would have been laughed at and derided, "Implausible! Too far-fetched!" Now look at where we are as a society. Sheesh.

  14. I don't know about " few short years ago," AOW.

    Cole Porter made note of it about eighty years ago in Anything Goes:

    "In olden days a glimpse of stocking
    Was looked in a something shocking
    Now Heaven knows
    Anything goes.

    "Good authors too, who once knew better words
    Now only use four-letter words
    Writing prose.
    Anything goes.

    The world's gone mad today
    Good's bad today
    Black's white today
    Day's night today
    Most guys today
    That women prize today
    Are just silly gigolos ..."

    I saw it, myself, in the early Sick-sties:

    All of sudden -- or so it seemed -- Up was down. Light was dark. Truth was a lie. Virtue was evil. Vice was virtuous. Beautiful was ugly. Modesty was obscene. Neatness was out. Sloth was in, etc.

    This occurred, of course, because of the machinations of the Cultural Marxists who remain the most potently destructive force ever to hit our shores. They quickly infiltrated, permeated and took over every means of mass communication imaginable and busily set about "reinventing" the culture, a term that now should be spelled with a capital-K.

    I stated that normal American culture has become deracinated over at Western Hero yesterday, and was told I didn't know what I was talking about by a very smart individual who always talks as though he already knew everything there is to know, and has, therefore, the authority to straighten all the rest of us out.

    Sorry, but it was HE who hadn't a clue. I'll wager, no one under fifty-five and few even at sixty, begins to know what has been done to us by these demonically clever schemers and manipulators. What's perfectly "normal" and more-than-acceptable to my opponent remains abnormal and frankly repugnant to me, because for good or for ill I still remember how things were, and still know who I am and how I got there.

    The success of Cultural Marxism has been so spectacular that its victims do not begin to realize they are victims.

    The deception only becomes more powerful and all-pervasive with each succeeding generation.

    ~ FreeThinke