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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Your Weekend Funny

With a hat tip to Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead:

Pretty much sums up all the GOP division and divisiveness that we're seeing these days.

Americans are indeed a contentious bunch!


  1. Nobody certainly beats the status quo!

  2. We're so reasonably certain Obama is a one-termer (due to His dismal popularity, if there be any to measure) that we're hamstrung by the decision of WHO to replace him with.

    I like the contentiousness of this crucible.

    Obama is going to face one hell of a refined candidate.

  3. I am starting to think maybe it is time to have a good discussion on our economic system.Perhaps this is a good thing to have now. How many have a clue? This has brought it to the forefront. Maybe it was time.

  4. I agree that none of the GOP candidates stands out. Newt is erratic and temperamental, Romney is not a reliable conservative, Paul is a nut, Perry can't speak, and Santorum never met an earmark he didn't like.


    That said, I could live with Romney or Santorum, which means I'll be motivated to campaign hard for either of them.

  5. You know how it will be. We will be forced to shut up, accept Romney because we sure don't want Obama again. But the big question is: Can Romney REALLY beat Obama? I'm not so sure.

    I'm betting that a real Conservative could beat Obama by a landslide. Too bad we will never know

    Right Truth

  6. I'm with Debbie.
    But, the more I hear from Romney, the more I do think he can win.
    I think he'll change mightily once he's got the nomination. He needs to get the slickness off his persona.

    I've been thinking about how liberal he leaned during his candidacy and governorship of Mass. and figure he was that bent on becoming governor that he had to in a lib state like that......
    I think he'll lean farther right, as he's doing now, more to what seems his stronger convictions, when he's got half the country on his side and pushing him farther Right. I hope so.
    They say he's got a book and "If you don't think he's COnservative, read that.." I might get it..

  7. At least we managed to get Romney to quote conservative talking points. Maybe one or two will actually stick.

    I was in the anybody but Romney camp. However, I do not see Santorum or Newt generating the widespread appeal.

    I agree many of tactics Obama planned to use on Romney have already been played. Consider that the general public isnt really upset about Solydra GE and the long list of others so it is little wonder no one gives a damn about Bain...

  8. I'm thinking that Romney will be the candidate. He's better than obama, and i hope enough Americans realize that if they don't get behind the Republican candidate, they'll get another 4 years of obama.


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