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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Entitlement Mentality

Spew alert!

Set down your beverage before watching the video below the fold (hat tip to TOTUS):

The "majorette" in drama actually said the following:
"They don't have a lot of cuts and stuff for everybody."
"Cuts and stuff"? As in "I want my share of the loot"?

This "majorette" in drama should become the poster girl for Occupy Wall Street.


  1. Gimme your stuff! I want it! I'm entitled to it! Gimme!

    Ahh, we're still raising morons.

    Get healthy, AOW! :)

  2. Is that real, or is it a joke?

    I also keep asking the same question about the Obama administration...

  3. Poor fat, desperately unattractive, clueless thing!

    Please don't blame HER. She's been rigorously CONDITIONED -- as have those who would support and encourage her brand of "thinking," to believe that what she's saying is true.

    Pity her! She's a slave on the Liberal Plantation, and will probably be in mental and spiritual bondage the rest of her worthless life.


    My first job was teaching for the UNCF. That was fifty years ago. Things were very bad then, but nowhere near as terrible as they are today.

    Blacks have been brought up in tradition that perpetuates hopeless ignorance and a misconception of what the role of "education" should be.

    Contrary to popular belief they are not "stupid," but they've been brainwashed into adopting modes of behavior that make them appear that way.

    ~ FreeThinke

  4. Good gawd almighty!

    And THAT idiot was likely GIVEN her college education at taxpayer expense, too!

    But we should all get back to work; yoots like this are entitled to director jobs and someone's got to foot that bill!

  5. I can recall when this attitude came into full bloom---during the second administration of LBJ. Food stamp, welfare, public housing going back to the old 40 acres and a mule of the radical republicans of the mid to late 1860's.
    Thanks for the link back to TOTUS!

  6. I wasn't going to post anything today. Then I saw this video.

    I laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe.

    But, really, it's not funny. Not funny at all when one considers the entitlement mentality expressed.

    Yes, FT, she has been conditioned to think that "cuts and stuff" are her due. Sheesh.

  7. FT said:

    Poor fat, desperately unattractive, clueless thing!

    I say:

    Great turn of phrase! I had to set down my beverage when I read that part of your comment.

  8. Brooke,
    I'm sure that every moment of her education [cough] was footed by the taxpayers. Sheesh. What an indictment of the education system the woman in the video is!

  9. One job requirement for a theater director is poor grammar.

  10. As anonymous said "She's been rigorously CONDITIONED"

    We have half the population that things the responsibility of business and government is to give them jobs, provide them education, provide them benefits...

    The opposite is true. Businesses are created to make money, to make 'widgets' and the employees are hired to serve a purpose in producing both.

    Right Truth

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Liberalmann: The real racism on here is coming from people like yourself who have pandered to the lowest common denominator thinking prevalent among people that those in this video.

    Instead of condemning the system of education which has allowed this poor young woman to be so deluded and who will no doubt have a miserable life as a result, you attack those who point out the problem.

    Will you people EVER take responsiblity for the failures of your liberal agenda? Or will you just go on shouting "RACIST" at anyone who happens to notice the horrible human consequences that result from your failed and flawed policies?

  13. Is this girl like a high school graduate? Like I mean its not right. I mean they got a lot of cuts and stuff.

    Seriously, this is what passes for a high school grad? Forgot the fact that she has been brainwashed into communismm the women could not string a coherent set of wrods into a sentence together.

  14. FYI-riots coming to a town near you just like Europe when the ride comes to an end.

  15. Mike,
    the system of education which has allowed this poor young woman to be so deluded


    And I've seen it happen.

    One young black man whom I taught in private school was doing just fine without any entitlement mentality -- until he spent a few years in the public school system. His mother got sick and tired of his whining and fixed the problem: she shipped him off to Ghana to find out what real poverty and real racial discrimination were. He came back a changed young man and has gone on to be a successful businessman and professional musician.

    Certainly racism exists. But that sad fact of life doesn't provide a good reason to have the entitlement mentality.

    As for the woman in the video, she isn't the only one with such an attitude. Furthermore, her attitude isn't exclusive to blacks. The entitlement mentality crosses so many boundaries: class status, race, income levels, etc.

    Entitlements will absolutely fail when the majority of populace rely upon those entitlements and allow the entitlement mentality pervade their thinking.

  16. Edge of the Sandbox,
    One job requirement for a theater director is poor grammar.


    Can the woman in the video read well enough to be a "die-rector"?

  17. I still remember the Katrina victim complaining right after it happened, "I need me a hot meal", all I gots is these MREs. Of course they are all right for our military.

  18. If this girl had been Jewish and had expressed the same absurd notions, should pointing out the idiocy of her pathetic, unrealistic, self-defeating mentality be called "anti-Semitic?"

    What if she'd been Hispanic?

    What if she'd been an American Indian?

    What if she'd been of Irish stock?

    What if she'd been a lisping, mincing, limp-wristed homosexual man?

    What if she'd been a thundering overweight Diesel Dyke sporting a crewcut, greasy jeans, with a thick black stogie clamped between her dark, greenish-brown teeth?

    What if she'd been a dead ringer for Gwyneth Paltrow?

    What if ...?

    Oh well! I'm sure you get the idea. If you don't, quite frankly you're a moron.

    It's time to stop mincing words and call a spade a spade.

    ~ FreeThinke

  19. The anti-Semite Paulbot FreeThinke still spewing his opinions here? How DARE he. Run along Paulbot. Independent thinkers are NOT welcome in the Republican Party.

    At least the infamous Paulbot Supporter Framer John isn't hanging around here anymore. After the going over that Deputy Queenish gave him, he'll likely never show his disgraced racist face around here ever again!

    Good riddance to BAD rubbish!

  20. The surety in her tone is astonishing. We OWE everybody a job and the Obama gov't will find her a DIE-RECTOR'S JOB! WHY NOT? (geesh)
    Where's Ducky? :-)

    AOW, "you're such a racist for showing a video of a black girl being ridiculous"; apparently, the left's so bigoted they can't understand she is A GIRL and A GIRL talking THIS STUPIDLY should be profiled on all the blogs to show her expectance of entitlements...
    but, no...easier to say you're racist.

  21. Well, Z, it would be just as easy to call AOW a bigoted SEXIST, because she showed this unflattering video of a FEMALE mouthing inanity, wouldn't it?

    BTW, don't you love Beamish's new ID (i.e. (InspectorAipac, of course)?

    At least he now won't be able to denigrate our friend, FJ, for using "sock puppets" (a phrase I invented way back when we were all plagued with "Socrates" at FPM -- remember?)

    There are so many remarkable similarities between Beamish and Socrates I can't help but wonder if the former isn't really the latter come back to life?

    I've seen many such types -- in many different internet venues -- in the ten years since I entered Cyberspace for the first time. I guess it's an identifiable "syndrome" that some Psychology Professor has put a name to, but what does that matter? Whatever its official name it's as unmistakeable as the odor of dog dirt that starts to permeate the house after it has entered inadvertently on the sole of one's shoe after a stroll around the block.

    Civilized people strive to ignore such things as they do the unfortunate effects of someone's breaking wind in a crowded elevator.

    ~ FreeThinke

  22. THIS might put an end to sock puppets:

    President Obama is putting plans in motion to give the Commerce Department authority to create an Internet ID for all Americans, a White House official told CNET.com.

    White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt told the website it is "the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government" to centralize efforts toward creating an "identity ecosystem" for the Internet.

    The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace is currently being drafted by the Obama administration and will be released by the president in a few months....

    And perhaps an end to anonymous blogging once and for all.

    Or maybe not according to the last sentence at the above link.

    My head is so muddled by this nasty cold that I can't follow all the details.

    I wasn't around during the FPM days, so I don't have a clue about "Socrates."

  23. The problem is simple, like you all. You're all screeching and pointing fingers of this video as proof of some sore of 'liberal failure.' It's not, it's just a stupid person who probably gets their information from from Celebrity Apprentice.

    But your asinine premise make you all the bigger idiots.

  24. LiberalMann,
    "Bigger idiots"?

    Well, nobody here claims the status of "majorette" in a college subject.

    If the woman in the video is enrolled in any college, I'd love to know which one.

  25. Really Ms. Watch, why do you put up with that insufferable sock puppeteer Framer John at your blog? His antics and apologetics for the Cancer in the the Republican Party known as "Paulism" is beyond the pale. He really NEEDS to be banned, or he'll likely RUIN this fine blog, among others. Just look at the disgraceful 240 something racist anti-Semitic post he left here. Were it not for our brave defender of liberal moral values Deputy beamish, other people might have actually begun to voice a tolerance for the diversity of views WITHIN the Republican Party. And we cannot, no, we WILL NOT tolerate THAT ever happening.

    Romney in 2012! Huntsman in 2016!

  26. The Obama initiative on Internet ID's is a dreadful idea -- just another giant step towards TOTALITARIANISM.

    "Sock Puppets" may irritate some, but I can't see any real harm in them, myself. After all, "What's in a name? A skunk by any other name would still stink. ;-)

    Of course, those who abuse their privileges shamelessly and mercilessly always make it harder for decent people.

    Remember the days when a teacher would be hit in the fanny with an eraser as she wa writing on the blackboard?

    She'd turn around and say, "Who did that?"

    No one would "tattle" of course, that was considered worse than murder, so the entire class would have to stay after school because of one silly little prankster.


    ~ FT

  27. FT,
    As long as sock puppets don't hijack every thread, I can live with them.

    Of course, it's not only sock puppets that can hijack a blog. Some years ago, I lost several commenters because I have allowed Duck to comment here.

  28. It's @#$%wits and other such useless parasites like that who'll make sure the west never recovers. Just listening to that moron pissed me off, so full of entitlement, so short on any brains. And no shame as well, a shameless sponger.

    Perfect democrat.

  29. Ducky intentionally acts as an irritant, AOW, but he has good mind, and has had a good education in his field. While I don't enjoy his condescending, insolent manner [you know how he always sounds as though he knew a great deal more than anyone else in the room could possibly hope to learn], but he's not always wrong, and occasionally has something of value to offer.

    Ducky can be annoying, yes, but he's not malevolent. I think it very important that we not lose the distinction between irksomeness and malignancy.

    I applaud you for letting Ducky speak his mind. I'm not sure we ought to tolerate out-and-out trolls -- i.e. those who are here only to nurse grudges, draw attention to themselves, and stir up trouble with personal attacks comprised of outrageous lies, unwarranted accusations, half-truths, etc.

    But censorship is censorship, I suppose, and frankly I'm against it on principle.

    ~ FreeThinke

  30. FT,
    I don't generally have problems with Duck. However, early on, when I first started blogging, in a thread at Big Bubba's site, Duck "accused" me of being a pedophile; I didn't have an avatar back then and hadn't yet revealed my gender. So, Duck and I clearly didn't get off to a good start. Nevertheless, I haven't banned him from commenting at my site, and I will likely continue that policy.

  31. Hi, AOW,

    I'm sorry you had to suffer hat particular indignity a Duck's hands. I can't imagine what would have prompted him to make such an absurd accusation -- nor do I need to know.

    Communication via these chat rooms takes some getting used to. Most don't follow the rules of etiquette civilized people expect in normal face-to-face society on the net. As a consequence we too often see the moral equivalent of road rage expressed in key strokes.

    I hate it, but have to admit I've allowed myself to be goaded into doing my share -- a practice I'm trying harder and harder to avoid.

    For purely "electronic" reasons and because I am a tech moron it's impossible for me to obtain an "avatar," which is why I post as "Anonymous."

    I didn't know you could actually single out and ban a particular poster. I am, of course, excluded from all blogs that do not permit Anonymous remarks to be posted.

    Wouldn't it be much simpler to get rid of "trolls" by excluding them electronically than to get into extended pubic feuds that despoil various blogs?

    I don't believe in censorship, BUT I can spot troublemakers within seconds after they appear, and would -- had I the power to balk them -- just as soon avoid the hassle of repeated confrontations that have no purpose other than to raise hackles and create a kerfuffle.

    ~ FreeThine.

  32. P-U-B-L-I-C feuds, of course.

    I'm sorry. Bad eyesight and arthritis are taking their toll.

    ~ FT

  33. FT,
    pubic feuds

    LOL! LOL! Particularly in light of the insult that Duck had hurled my way all those years ago.

    I didn't know you could actually single out and ban a particular poster.

    Blogger doesn't allow for banning any commenters -- except those not registered with Blogger, as you already know. Wordpress has that capability as do certain comments systems that one can add to Blogger; those systems include Disqus and JS-Kit. But configuring those systems are a pain. I used JS-Kit at my previous site, to which I moved from first site when the loathsome troll John Brown was making my life a misery.

    BTW, one doesn't have to have an avatar -- even in Blogger. Nor does one need to have an actual blog to be registered with Blogger.

    As for blogging "etiquette," the "rules" are very strange. Road rage, indeed.

    Back when I first started blogging, I asked Beakerkin what the rules of etiquette were at his blog. Beamish and Warren must have been rolling in the aisles at that question from "the upstart," as I was referred to back then when I seemingly came out of nowhere. My path to blogging came via commenting at Jihad Watch and discovering Northern Virginiastan via Jihad Watch. Over time, the blog owner of Northern Virginiastan invited me to team blog; I began as a lark as, at the time, I was laid up for months because of a car accident. Well, I've stayed. Obviously.


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