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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All American Muslim Girls

With a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

Note the following words:
You're supposed to talk to people peacefully first.
What, then, comes second?


  1. osama made a mistake? Really, a mistake! And then they go on to wail about how osama was killed! Religion of peace my ass. They're right in that i don't think they're terrorists, but they are a bunch of idiots.

  2. The worst of it is that we invited these people in. Why?

    It is not discrimination and it isn't even cultural arrogance or anti-Muslim to simply say our cultures are incompatible.

    If those girls want to extol the virtues of a religion that bans them looking at boys and driving, and instead cloaks them head to to in curtains and chains them to the kitchen stove, more power to them, back in the culturally benighted lands where Islam reign supreme, not here in America.

    We like our women smart and sassy, not subservient.

  3. This is Christianity's fundamental difference with Islam.

    Christianity preaches that G_d offered man choices, which he voluntarily made, and suffered banishment from Eden for. In other words, G_d does not FORCE mankind to do anything, but he must individually cope with the consequences of his decisions.

    Islam preaches that force CAN be used by those who are elder AND wiser than us to maintain a COLLECTIVE outcome (for the Ummah). Whereas I'd agree that children need this kind of "education" and "guidance", once we hit a certain age they need to make and be responsible for THEIR OWN choices, not buy into a collectivist/ statist outcome.

    Call it a "cultural" prejudice, if you like. But our's is an exogamous culture that encourages the individual to choose wisely and conquer one's self, and their's an endogamous one that encourages society to shape a conforming individual to a wise perfection. Our's is one with a goal of individual liberty and freedom, and their's a socialist/ collective outcome of a united, but comformive people who "submit".

    And ne'r the two shall meet in ONE "ummah" except as one either enslaved or separated from "the other."

  4. Couple of things.

    One, I am, like, glad to see that, like, Caucasian kids are not the only ones that, like, sound like idiots when they speak. We really need to, like, do something with our, like, horrendous education system in this, like, country.

    As to the content. Am I the only one that thinks that something stinks here?

    Watch the video again:

    -There is paper rustling and the girl on the left (from the viewers perspective) occasionally looks down.

    -All three girls look occasionally to the right, off camera. (never seem to look to the left, which seems to indicate there is a reason to look right)

    -At about the 1:26 mark, when they are talking about bin Laden. They fumble with their words, look to the right again, and seem to recover.

    Is this really just three teen aged girls talking or is it simply a propaganda piece? When would three teen aged girls, Muslims strict enough in which they have to wear hijabs, would feel comfortable enough and/or be allowed to make this video?

  5. My younger sister, who a few years ago converted to Islam, moved to Egypt and married an Egyptian Arab, and wears full niqab in public now, is just as mealymouthed, illogical, self-justifying, duplicitous, fork-tongued as the children in this video, is symptomatic of a larger problem.

    I love my sister to death and would hold hands with her in Hell to have the relationship with her we once did, but the fact of the matter is - Islam makes you stupid.

    And stupid often leads to evil. Not necessarily, but often.

  6. And Chuck, you're absolutely right. Debating Islam with my sister on Facebook has led to all sorts of interference by her "handlers."

  7. Stupid is as stupid does. Life is like a box of Muzloons.

  8. Skulls of mush as Rush Limbaugh would say, but even ignorant skulls of mush can be dangerous.

    Right Truth

  9. Sound like typical American teenagers.

    Naive but that comes with the age.

    They simply want basic respect which is something that you can't get from the fringe right in America.

  10. Respect must be EARNED, Ducky.

    Aside from the right not to be murdered, the right to be free to make choices for ourselves that do not involve doing active harm to others, and the unfettered opportunity to make the most of our lives -- as we see fit -- we "owe" each other absolutely NOTHING.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. FJ,

    MEDIAEVAL Christianity bore a stunning resemblance to Islamic Fundamentalism, The temporal organization and hierarchical political structure built by "The Church" was as corrupt, indecent, inhumane, power-mad and self-serving as most of the barbaric heathen cultures were before Christ came to earth.

    It has been The Enlightenment and the emergence of true Science (as opposed to such things as Fortune-Telling, Astrology and Phrenology) that brought us back -- however unintentionally -- to revisiting the Scriptures with sane, humanistic hopes in mind.

    The Mediaeval Church had strayed so far from the teachings of Christ as to function like an ANTI-Christ.

    ~ FreeThinke

  12. FT,
    Often, the Middle Ages is referred to as the Dark Ages.

    Would Islam return us there?

  13. Chuck,
    LOL to the "like...like" portions of your comment.

    I've been known to punish students for speaking in that manner. My method of punishment is typically quite effective, too.

  14. Chuck, she literally stops talking and then looks to the Left and says "oh..ya..." and brings up Bin Laden.

    "hold one person accountable"...not all muslims.
    Odd, some people, even in your comments section, disdain all Christians when one molests a child, but they'll stand up for these "typical American teenagers" ..

    The reactions to Osama's death are "barbaric"..I wonder what they feel about what muslims did to Daniel Pearl? Muslims cheered for 9/11, but, that's okay? ..........hmmm

    Sorry, I just got home from a high school of intelligent Christian and Jewish kids......to listen to these dopes is , like, like...um, like...too , like, much for me, AOW. :-)

  15. Okaaaaay-
    proof that if you indoctrinate those of a young age they will believe what ever is told to them-
    Hitler-Stalin- and many other totalitarians followed and now follow that 'rule'-

  16. Wow, Ive seen unintelligent teenagers before but these three take the cake. Ignoring their cringe worthy verbal tick, what they were saying was stupidity. For one, osama did kill others, or at the very least was involved with untold amount if deaths, and therefore was no innocent old man. For another, the no death thing- one, have you read your holy book, for another, ever heard of capital punishment? You know, the first law ever made? And... the warmonger remark. Whatever you three may think, many Americans hold that man responsible for the deaths of many Americas, and thus, have reason to be glad of hus rightful death. Whatever can be said about osama, given the views of the people the reaction is understandable, even more so because it seemed the war was drawing to an end- the opposite of warmongering. As for the way he was killed and buried, I will only say he was an enemy, it was a war, and what else do you expect, and if it was, say, Hitler or any other major enemy would you be complaining?

    As for the staged part, that seems to be the case, but if adults were helping them that is just sad, seeing how flawed their logic and speaking manner is, as well as the fact that it goes against their faith in parts at least. Maybe I'm expecting to much, but I'm near that age writing at 1am, so i see their age as no excuse in the slightest.

    AOW, what do you do? I need tips for curing my sister- though she isn't as bad as the three, thank God. I really cant fathom how people can ever stand that speech pattern....


  17. Wildstar,
    I'm not sure that YOU can cure your sister. Breaking speech patterns requires a joint effort: peer group, school, parents, siblings, etc. have to participate.

    And when the day comes to "to go out into the world," such speech patterns lead to failures of all sorts.

    Your words in the first paragraph of your comment are insightful and well beyond your chronological years.

    BTW, my parents broke me of similar patterns of speech by refusing to respond when I used too much slang. The school did the same, so I was cured in short order.

  18. Sorry, I just got home from a high school of intelligent Christian and Jewish kids...


    Q.E.D. Prove it you bigot.

  19. Duck,
    Please refrain from calling my friend Z a bigot.

  20. UBL was a mistake and the day he targeted innocent Americans he crossed the line. These young girls have been brain-washed by their parents or minders.

  21. AOW, you really ought to consider banning Ducky, the leftist who was named after his favorite bathtub toy. Ducky has nothing to add to the discussions but insults and generalizations.

    There is no rule that says you must allow your bandwidth to be used against you by fools.

  22. Stogie,
    Duck doesn't plague this blog as much as he plagues other blogs. He has found other habitats. He also likes to leave "hit and run" comments -- such as the one he made here about Z.

    I typically ban no one as idiotic statements are excellent examples for my students so that they can see what fools are. However, I will delete comments or close comments altogether if things get too nasty. By "nasty," I referring to foul language and continued invectives. In my view, foul language and continued invectives are symptoms of a small mind.

    You have (or did have) a certain Ema at your blog. He or she was hanging around here for a while, but got slapped so hard and deleted so often that he or she departed.

  23. If those young females ditched the bandanas, plucked their eyebrows, depilated their nascent mustaches, and learned how to smile, they might start to look worthy of walking on the streets of an American city without a zookeeper to protect the public from the terrifying impact of their feral presence.

    ~ FreeThinke


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