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Monday, January 2, 2012

Today's Recommended Reading

See Your Share of Unfunded Public Pensions is $424,500 over at Maggie's Notebook. Apparently, each of us owes that amount on top of the taxes we already pay! This problem is even more serious than the national debt.


  1. Yes... Look past the looming student loan crash, and there is an unimaginably gargantuan pension fund crash competing for attention with the over $100 trillion in unfunded US federal government liabilities.

    How could the federal government doing nothing have been worse?

  2. AOW, thanks so much for linking. I really appreciate it. A commenter at my place said that Congress forces employees to contribute, but employers can put it off, and then it becomes this huge problem. I'd like to know who wrote that legislation.

    Happy New Year friend. Hope Mr. AOW is doing well.

  3. Maggie does great work, headed over to read.

    Have a great week AOW.

    Right Truth


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